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Priyanka Chopra dropping Jonas from her name by as...

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Manisha Koushik : Best Astrologer in Delhi, India
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Vastu Expert in Bangalore
Manas Behera

Most of your analysis are coming out very accurate for my zodiac sign. Thank you so much Manisha Ma'am.

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Niiki Shokeen

Manisha mam is an unparallel reader. Thankyou mam for being a light in my life and helping me whenever i got stuck in my life.

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Suyash Sharma

Being and ardent follower of science and astrology,

I wonder how she was so accurate about me,

She called me a mini google, as I am,

And as I research a lot, not for any degrees, but my own awareness of all worldly and godly matters,

I will surely be willing to interact with her again, in furtherance of my personal study between science and astrology.

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Ekagra Kumar

Consulted for my Child Name Numerology, thanks for the suggestions . They were really impactful. Thanks Jyoti and Mansi for seamless co ordination.

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Tina Singh

Every time I speak to Manisha ma’am, time flies. It feels like I met my sister from another mother. As she talks, I feel someone has lifted a heavy weight from my head. Her remedies are beneficial, and her smile makes me feel safe and cared for. Thank you, Manisha Ma’am, for your kindness❤️

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Saumya Manglik

The best astrological guide that there can be!!

Manisha is absolutely amazing. She is the epitome of astrology, numerology, taro reading and vastu.

With knowledge of these as as corner stones, she is able to deep-dive into solutions that are best for you.

She is very good with her predictions and interpreting our individual charts. She also very upfront about what we may expect in the near future (both good and not so good)

She has been a guide for me, and I have deep respect of how she had helped me navigate through tough times in my life.

One of the things that we often look for in an astrologer is trust, because we open our lives to them. She is the most trustworthy, well-intentioned, and talented person and a professional.

I am blessed, that I am able to receive guidance from her!!

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God is the ultimate Benefactor , the Master of our destiny.

Having said that , some people are blessed with the art , skill , kindness , warmth & expertise to guide others with their God gifted abilities.

Manisha Mam & her highly dedicated team of extremely professional associates are one of those people.

Truly , Manisha Mam is a blessing to mankind. Her valuable advices , remedies have worked really well & have brought drastic changes in my life.

Rita Ji is very courteous. Extremely polite & helpful . She is always there for us & guides us about the availability of Manisha Mam.

I will always be willing to get valuable consultation from Manisha Mam with the help of Rita Ji , who is always supportive and eager to help me.

Thank you for all your great services.

With profound regards


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Harsimran Rangar

Had a good one with Manisha. Quite helpful. Her assistant Rita too is very nice and helpful. Overall a great experience Read More

Lakshmana Kumar
Manisha ji is an excellent astrologer. In tough situations her guidance helped me a lot. We don’t have exact birth time but by using the date, she can predict and guide us. I like to meet her in-person once . Rita and Reshmi was coordinating with me nicely and supporting. Thank you. Read More

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