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  • Aries

    Don’t be impulsive in a matter that seems pressing, but bide your time. Complete recovery from an ailment is foreseen for those unwell. Some of you may resolve to come back in shape. A fun time is foreseen for those planning to visit an out of town friend or relation. Strengthening of romantic bonds is indicated. Some changes envisaged on the home front will be initiated. You may find yourself underemployed at work, but keep it to yourself!


    Lucky No.: 22

    Lucky Colour: Dark Slate Grey

  • Taurus


    You may not be able to progress much in a task without a key personnel in your team at work, so do take him or her on board. Some good investment opportunities come your way. Those looking for a loan will face little problem as far as paperwork is concerned. You will manage to remain trim and slim by adhering to your exercise regimen. Be meticulous in whatever you are entrusted with on the professional front.


    Lucky No.: 11

    Lucky Colour: Lavender  


  • Gemini

    You will need to be absolutely clear regarding your career options. Getting more focused on the academic front will not be difficult. Someone at work may have a pleasant surprise waiting for you. Don’t be impulsive in spending money or you may regret your actions later. Not adhering to doctor’s advice may have its repercussions. You manage to bring peace and tranquility on the home front. A short journey will help in refreshing and unburdening your mind.


    Lucky No.: 17

    Lucky Colour: Forest Green  


  • Cancer

    Don’t trust anyone blindly, who promises you the moon. You will financially be in a position to upgrade an expensive gadget. A good advice will let you seize an investment opportunity. An outing with lover is indicated. Loving bonds are likely to get strengthened for newly married couples. Children are likely to brighten the domestic atmosphere. Shifting to a new house is indicated for some. Health remains perfect by being regular in your daily exercises. 


    Lucky No.: 8

    Lucky Colour: Violet  


  • Leo

    You may have to get a pressing matter sorted out quickly, before it becomes an albatross round your neck. Those suffering from some medical problem will be able to make full recovery. Resuming an exercise routine is indicated for some. You will be able to add to your wealth as profits accrue. Money is not likely to pose any problems for those thinking of a new venture. Salaried persons can expect additional perks on the professional front.


    Lucky No.: 7

    Lucky Colour: Chocolate  


  • Virgo

    Helping others is in your nature and you will get your due soon. You are likely to take long strides in achieving something important on the professional front. Professionals will be able to add to their client’s list. An exciting on the family front is foreseen with the arrival of someone close. A drive with family will be most refreshing and help bring the members closer. No difficulty is foreseen in securing a loan. 


    Lucky No.: 4

    Lucky Colour: Light Blue  


  • Libra

    Keep emotions under check to keep from spilling the beans in a confidential matter. Spending time with lover is foreseen and will help you in letting your hair down. Someone may motivate you to accompany him or her for a short journey to someplace interesting. You may become extra careful of what you eat and drink for retaining good health. Something not completed at work may make you spend extra time in office. Sale of property is likely.


    Lucky No.: 22

    Lucky Colour: Blue  


  • Scorpio

    An excellent opportunity awaits some on the academic front. You are likely to plan something exciting with family and friends. Lover responds positively to your romantic aspirations, so brace yourself for an electrifying evening. You may be in a mood for a vacation and may drive off to someplace exotic. Something committed to you on the professional front will be fulfilled. Keeping fit and healthy will not be too difficult, as you make all the right moves. 


    Lucky No.: 4

    Lucky Colour: Sky Blue  


  • Sagittarius

    You may not want to involve yourself in a situation that may damage your reputation. Mental clarity about a particular problem at work will help you find the solution. Professionals will find the month exceptionally rewarding. An outing with family may be planned and will help strengthen the family ties. You are likely to add to your wealth substantially. Someone from the opposite camp is likely to fall prey to your charms! Shifting to a better residence is indicated. 


    Lucky No.: 4

    Lucky Colour: Sky Blue  


  • Capricorn

    There is a bright chance of performing beyond your expectations on the academic front. You are likely to feel more fit and energetic month. Things that are weighing heavy on your mind are set to disappear soon. A suitable match for the eligible is likely to be found. Some celebration or ritual may be performed at home. Spending time with lover is foreseen. An adventure trip undertaken will prove most exhilarating. Taking up a hobby seriously is possible. 


    Lucky No.: 18

    Lucky Colour: Saffron


  • Aquarius

    You may not have it easy on the academic front. Running petty errands for seniors may become your lot in this month. Some restrictions are likely to be imposed on the work front, which may not be to your liking. Don’t bother much, as you will get used to them. You may plan for a family gathering for a particular month, but may not find everyone available. Lover may demand a sympathetic ear for his or her woes.


    Lucky No.: 15

    Lucky Colour: Grey  


  • Pisces

    Luck shines on those hunting the job market. Cordial relations with everyone may become an asset on the professional front. Higher studies may beckon and make you enroll in a prestigious institute. Lover may make the month special for you by doing something you enjoy the most. A vacation is in the offing, so pack your bags for somewhere exotic. You will be able to overcome a cash crunch by preempting the situation. Health remains excellent. 


    Lucky No.: 6

    Lucky Colour: Sea Green  


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