About Libra

This is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, which is governed by the planet Venus. People born in this sign are generally tall, athletic and strong. They possess charming personality, sweet smile and attractive eyes. Venus the ruler makes Libran highly reserved, docile, sensitive and possessive. Being an airy sign a Libran will tend to be highly imaginative, pleasant, courteous, creative and elegant individual. They are cool-headed people who do not get into hot discussions easily. Incase they get angry there anger is short-lived and they get calm very soon. They are fashionable and trendy people, who like to spend lavishly on new clothes, jewelry and perfumes.


The outstanding characteristics of Librans are their willingness to help those in need. They voluntarily provide financial, moral and psychological support to the ones they care. They are also very social and like to spend time and resources with loved ones. Venus also makes Librans highly creative. They will try traditional methods first but if desired results fail, they will try new methods to achieve success. As Librans are simple, noble and benevolent people they tend to be fooled very easily. They need to choose their associates very carefully. Librans enjoy excellent convincing power. They are good at expressing themselves about all aspects of life, and people around them must generously endorse their statements.


A favorite complaint of a Libran is: 'It's not fair that he should treat me like that after all I've done so much for him!' Of course, the other person may simply be incapable of expressing his gratitude in the manner in which the Libran would like, but the Libran would find that hard to accept. A permanent emotional relationship has to be on a reciprocal basis. It has to be a give and take relationship if the Libran has to be kept happy.


A Libran avoids quarrels and confrontations. Indecisiveness marks their personality and is their worst fault. 'One must wait and see what happens' they say and they will wait, putting off decisions for as long as possible. They have a reputation for being lazy. Often Librans are not as soft as they appear to be. They are fairly eager to achieve what they want, but they may appear lazy due to indecisiveness. They may adopt a pose of charming inactivity. This may be simply a pause between one activity and the next or may be a well thought out decision.

The Libran may be indecisive, but when they do decide that they want something, they generally get it, somehow or the other. They make excellent host. Their homes are comfortable and guests find the atmosphere relaxing.


Although Librans enjoy good financial position, they tend to be highly spendthrifts. Librans are good companions as they are sincere, honest and highly caring.

If the ruling planet Venus is afflicted in any manner in ones birth chart then it would give altogether negative results.

Libra in Love

Wondering how are Librans in Love? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares a complete guide about a Libra Lover or how is actually a Libra in Love?

All set? Let’s Explore!

Libra in love is a highly desirable personality who can make best of themselves by balancing straight amidst of ups and downs. You are a charming beauty even without a perfect figure/ physique and features. You always have someone with whom you can share your feelings to lessen your pain.

You are zodiac perfectionist who keeps on shifting your preferences until you find your match. The main thing that you should know is that no person is perfect in this world. Also give some time for your lover to realize the relationship and bring the hold of it together. You are the only person who can pair with any of the 12 zodiac signs. 

Libra in Love is likely to spoil and be spoiled in love.

Libra in Love knows the ability to appreciate and imbibe the concepts of balance and beauty.

Libra in Love is quite romantic.

Libra in Love believes in peace-making.

Libra in Love believes in building a harmonious relationship.


Your best partners are Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

You and Capricorn can develop mutual admiration as he is interested in your classiness and you will attract towards his strength and drive, but in long run he may turn out to be uncommunicative, leaden, stingy and control-freak.

Cancerian with great dependability, mystery and sensitivity may become your amazing partner but care should be taken during long term relationships.

Aries may be dashing, colourful, disarming, and passionate towards you. He takes the decision, and you are the driving force.

Libra to Libra is also another perfect relationship with good reflection of each other.

Leo and Sagittarius are the others who can give them their best.


The best lessons that Libra in Romance share are:

Libra in Romance teach us to know our self-worth.

Libra in Romance teach us to be independent.

Libra in Romance teach us to stand and speak for ourself wherever required.

Libra in Romance teach us to open up about our inner feelings.


Lessons to be learnt for Libra in Romance:

Libra in Romance should learn to appreciate the aspect that love is offering, that it is surrender.

Libra in Romance should learn to acknowledge that fulfilment in love has to be reciprocal.


This page is all about Libra in love. How is a Libra Lover? What can you expect from Libra in Romance? How is a Libra Love life? Askmanisha.com caters to authentic information about all these concerns. Hope you enjoyed reading!



Libra Weekly Horoscope 

Weekly Horoscope: July 21 - July 27,2024

LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23) 

Love: Six of Swords

Mood: Five of Coins

Career: The Moon


Seize the opportunities that cross your path and maximize their potential. Maintaining a routine that prioritizes exercise and healthy eating can uplift your mood. Your expertise offers a reasonable chance of success in your professional initiatives. Some may be contemplating extravagant gestures with their partners. However, tensions may arise within the household. Implementing discipline for a misbehaving child can strain familial relationships. Traditional investment avenues may yield handsome profits. The destination chosen for a getaway with your partner may surpass expectations. Exercise caution when considering real estate investments at this time. Committed students may receive commendations from their instructors.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

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Libra Monthly Horoscope 

Monthly Horoscope for July 2024


(September 24-October 23)

You may get ignored on the social front and feel depressed about it. Much is achieved by those who take fitness seriously. An investment that seems tempting needs to be touched with caution. Don’t support someone at work who you think is undeserving, as this can reflect upon your own reputation. An important family issue will require inputs from everyone involved. Those in a steady relationship may give a thought to cementing their relationship permanently. 

Lucky No.: 4

Lucky Colour: Grey

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Yearly Horoscope 2024 : Libra

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2024 by Astrologer Manisha Koushik

Libra  (Sep 24-Oct 23)

Through this entire year, your financial and personal life depends on your three qualities - diligence, skill, and integrity. The more dedicatedly you uphold them the more robust your relationships and financial matters will become. You may do well in business and may make some useful contacts. You might experience good rise in earning after May. Try avoiding unnecessary expenses. The entire year seems promising on the romantic front. Initial few months are in favour of those who are in love and want to get married. Mid of the year is kind of average but again the remainder of the year will be filled with romantic prospects, and even the consideration of marriage during the final months. The year may bring good news for those looking for jobs.Those who are already working may experience gradual progress within the current job. Need to be a bit cautious in the month of March and April. Those who are into business, may have a good time during first half of the year. For students, this year demands more dedication and diligence. Your chances of success in competitive exams are directly proportional to the dedication you invest. At family front, no challenges are foreseen in this year. Stay humble, calm, and help your family members as when they need. You need to be more careful on the health front.


Lucky number:4

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Month: February, April, May


Libra Man


Libra Man is known for his justice, equality and partnership. He is strongly against conflicts and love to maintain quiet and peace. He is in constant search for balance and harmony. Libra men are extraordinary debaters and love to do this with a deep fairness by weighing things perfectly. He makes decisions that are well balanced considering all possible aspects.

Love, Sex, and Relationships with Libra Men

Libra Man love to be in live and never play games in relationships. Sex according to Libra Men is giving and receiving. Relationship makes him complete and strive his best to keep it long.

Understanding Libra Men

Libra Men need a perfect balance of order and fairness in his life. He is well balanced in arguments. He is charming and handsome making heads turn wherever he is present.

Money & the Libra Man

Libra Man is more attracted towards finer things even if it is not needed for him. He plans for a secure future by altering both short term and long term investments.

Fashion & the Libra Man

Libra Man is highly attracted towards grey and blue. He is very good in wearing trendy clothes. Libra men love gold cufflinks, diamond rings and stylish watches even without sufficient money.

Relationships & the Libra Man

Libra Men are extremely sensitive to the feelings and needs of his partners. He is an optimistic personality and see good in every person. His is very famous for his outgoing and charm personality.

Romance & the Libra Man

Libra Men are dedicated to please their partners. He always keeps the pleasure of his partner well before his. All together, he is a great person to go with.

Health & the Libra Man

Libra Men loves to have healthy lifestyle. He may come across back pain issues during later part of his life. He can take utmost care to minimize his back injury.

Career & the Libra Man

Libra Man can play excellent role as team player by boosting the morale of his fellow players. But he may not be a great leader. He is also suitable as interior decorators, counselor, landscaper, mediator, social worker, banker and lawyer.


This page caters to all the information about Aries Man. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares insights about all the various shades of Aries Men. Whether it is Money, Love, health or anything else - this page shares the relevant details for the Aries Man. Askmanisha.com is an authentic source of information for everything that you wanted to know about Aries Man. Hope you enjoyed reading it!


Libra Woman

The Libra Woman

The Libra woman naturally and easily draws people to herself due to her charismatic and captivating nature. She thinks logically at times but at other times she is filled with erratic emotions. She never hesitates to discuss anything and uses her common sense in a natural way.

Libra Women and Love

Libra women like to have a harmonizing partnership. They like to have a balance and want someone who can shower fresh flowers and paper hearts.

Libra and Relationships

Libra women like to analyse and interpret all the views and make a rational decision.

Libra and Friendships

Libra women have the ability to consider all the possibilities and options and this may lead to indecision at times.

Libra and Sex

For Libra women, sex is like a mental exercise. She likes to consider her own needs when she is in bedroom.

Libra and Fashion

Libra women have a keen eye and superb taste and she always makes a fashion statement.


This page caters to all the information about Aries Woman. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares insights about all the various shades of Aries women. Whether it is Money, Love, health or anything else - this page shares the relevant details for the Aries woman. Askmanisha.com is an authentic source of information for everything that you wanted to know about Aries woman. Hope you enjoyed reading it!


Libra Child

Children born with Libra Zodiac sign are very neat in their habits and bear an excellent temperament. Librans are basically very sociable and grab the limelight  at social occasions. Libra children always take the side of justice and believe in living a harmonious life.


Highly sociable beings
The Librans are an excellent socializing people. They can easily make friends and acquaintances. This socializing nature helps them to easily get on.

Desire to connect verbally
Librans have the natural ability to get connected with people very easily. They share their experiences and thoughts very easily.

A balanced temperament
Children born with Libra Zodiac Sign exhibit a balanced temperament from an early stage in their life. They are neither remorse nor exuberant.

Acute sense of fair play
Librans are always fair in their approach and can be believed as they would not do any harm to others.

A love of harmony
Children born in Libra Zodiac sign are lovers of peace. They believe in solving their problems amicably in a peaceful manner.

A curious detachment
The Libran at times does not prefer to talk on issues which they are not comfortable with.  Such issues often make them uncomfortable and irritating.

Libra Career Horoscope

Good opportunity always will knock at their door. They should be alert and grab

them before others. They will do well in business and have excellent advisory skills. Librans are very

creative by nature and they make excellent painters, musicians and writers. They can be highly

successful in the marketing or trading fields as they have a remarkable convincing power. People

born under this sign are found good salesmen, marketing managers or receptionists. They will also

do well in law, medicine, engineering and transport. They have a keen interest in creative work like

playing music and painting. The power of persuasion is quite good and they therefore do well in

dealing with public. They should be very careful in striking up business partnerships.

Libra Health Horoscope

Librans enjoy a good physical structure, but definitely need to take precautions and

care. They need to stay away from thoughtless actions that could bring stress and tensions. They

have a tendency to work under extreme conditions, which along with poor dietary habit could also

make them feel weak and tired at times. They are likely to suffer from problems relating to kidneys,

spine or sexual organs. Librans should know that prevention is better than cure. They should avoid

self-medication and always seek professional advice whenever necessary on matters relating to



Generally, Librans gain through the goodwill and generosity of people. Therefore

they need to have a strict control over their emotions, as small issues could make opportunities slip

out of their hands. They are highly liberal in their spending as they like to live a life of comfort and

luxuries, but they need to take care as they may lose finances easily due to impulsive purchases or

rash investments. Librans rarely like to make any financial budget. They are generous by nature;

hence they will spend money for welfare of others.

Love Compatibility

Libra Love Aries

A Libra understands a problem thoroughly before making any decision on the other hand Aries do not take such pains. Libra likes to discuss things with others and looks at both sides of a situation. A very good compatibility is found in zodiac match of a Libra and an Aries. An Aries will get the love and affection as he learns to respect the Libra. There is a touching appeal in this relationship which binds them together. The Libran has a calm character which is complemented perfectly by the energetic characteristics of the Aries, who is always on the lookout for fresh exploration and excitement. Aries will learn the value of serenity through Libra. In return, Aries can provide the value of taking a stand for himself. Even though they have different nature, the can turn out to be a perfect couple, provided small adjustments are made.

Libra Love Taurus

A Taurus and a Libra keep themselves away from any kind of dispute. They both work towards living a peaceful life. They are kind, mild and sociable by nature. However, certain problems do occur every now and then. Taurus has a friendly and extrovert nature, Libra, on the other hand, is more of a homely person. Taurus is persistent and Libra is hesitant, which creates confusion between them. This relationship can become enjoyable provided they are willing to adjust with each other. Taurus can be influenced with a little love by ambassadorial Libra.

Libra Love Gemini

Gemini likes to make relation with Libran. A Libran person is quite considerate about their loved ones and can make a lot of compromise in love relationship. They are comfortable in communicating with others and give importance to finer things in life. They are aware of each other’s habits, and never feel bored with each-other. The Libran person has profound passion and Gemini have wonderful humor to keep a lively environment.

Libra Love Cancer

There are many things in common between a Cancer and a Libra person and there can be an equal number of differences too. Both the partners find harmony in each other’s company. They are responsive to each other’s desires and are thoughtful to feelings. Cancer and Libra both love to live a quiet life. Cancerian person is open to discussion, but to a lesser extent as compared to Libran.

Libra Love Leo

Many personal characters of Leo and Libra are common. Both of them want to fall in love and they are able to this with little effort. There is no shortage of realistic sign like receipt of gift and charitable, and they are able to overcome fiction between them. They are able to make their partner feel special. Both are fond of people and parties. For instance, the obstinacy of the Lion balances smoothly with the flexibility of a Libran. A Libran is able to get things done from a Lion easily and is able to handle it with mediation and discretion. Both of them live in the present and love their belongings.

Libra Love Virgo

There is no compatibility between a Virgo and a Libra relation due to difference in nature. A Libra likes to meet people and have conversation. A Libra person never forms perception about people and readily accepts difference in opinions. A Virgo is on the opposite side of the corner, being of an introvert nature, and does not like meeting people or talking with them.


A Virgo may find a Libra a coward and a vacillating person. Their different nature can neutralize each other provided they are ready to make attentive efforts. Both are in search for excellence as far as common characteristics goes between them. A Libran may break the dangerous stare of a Virgo as he wants to achieve stability.

Libra Love Libra

Two Libra people have the same positive character. The drawback in this relation is that the negative traits in both of them are also the same. Due to this reasons this relation can turn both ways, it can turn out to be highly fruitful or completely mismatched. A Libra person is in lookout of a partner as he does like to live alone. He likes to be with someone to whom he can tell his doubts, grief and contentment. In case he is not in a relationship, he is continuously searching for someone.

Libra Love Scorpio

Scorpio has a dominating nature over Libra. His feelings are very obsessive and deeper. Whenever a Libra gets into a love relation, he always remains a little reserve and detached. The Scorpio are in search of independence, on the other hand, Libra wants the company of his partner. The radicalism of Scorpio is balanced by the unbiased feelings of a Libra. Both of them pay attention to each other and are passionate to the core. There is sufficient amount of attraction between them and there is harmony in this relation. They have similar composition of weak positions and form a wonderful match.

Libra Love Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius will have a good compatible relation as they have many common traits between each other. Both of them love to explore new things, like to cooperate with group and loves liberty. Among the two, Sagittarius is more audacious and this may pose some threat at times. Both of them have sociable nature. There is no limitation in their love relation and this is the main reason for the success of this relation.

Leo and Capricorn

This may be exciting and challenging relationship. They both engage with equal sexuality, friendship and passion in their relationship. There remains vibration in their relationship forever. Their bond will get stimulated by various events and social groups. They possess common creative abilities and require independence. They will have interesting sexual life and love affair. Either one of them may break out in future. Leo should take it easily. The laughter and effort of Leo should get acknowledged by Aquarius. Leo should get immersed in Aquarius spirituality. They make a great pair together.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Leo and Aquarius

There will be sensual and mystical relationship between them. They themselves get surprised by their initial intensity and chemistry right from very first meet. Pisces may take this serious. The seductive nature and social charm of Pisces attracts Leo. Leo will get seduced by Pisces immediately. There will be passionate sexual relationship between fire and water. When they are involved, no one can get space between them. Both of them should express their love very strongly and in turn may have an intoxicating and erotic sexual relationship. Over days, Leo may conclude Pisces to be a single night fun. A very good brief relationship is always good for them. Pisces can very well swim in sea made from tears.

Their compatibility rating is 2 / 5

Leo and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility

Libra and Aries

Venus ruled Libra appears attractive exceptionally to Aries. Aries secretly admires the social grace and beauty of Libra. They share good laughter and attend hot parties together. They party very hard and continuous. Libra gets intensity and substance from Aries. Their attraction may lead to marriage. The aggressiveness of Aries may seem to be bit extra for Libra. They stand strong even against rough waters only in they get their own space. Their relationship becomes stronger over time. There is a chance for promising sexual relationship. Aries will get their home through Libra. Their marriage life will face family issues over time.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Libra and Taurus

Both of them are ruled by Planet of beauty, Venus. The social grace and effortless beauty of Libra attracts Taurus. They think similarly and appreciate each other’s prestige and beauty. They beautifully balance their relationship. Libra will get intensity and substance from Taurus. Taurus will get out of his darkness and enter into great optimism because of Libra. The dark moods of Taurus may appear extreme to Libra. Taurus expects devotion and deep understanding from Libra. Their relationship gets stronger over time. Their goal will decide their long term commitment. There is someone to dress up Taurus and take them out at times. There may arouse family issues over long run. The role of family is very important in their relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

Libra and Gemini

A romantic relationship starts when they both meet. These two air signs can spend all their nights together. The social charm and beauty of Libra attracts Gemini. Gemini will consider Libra as highly competent and wish to make them as his life partner. Libra experience great conversation and sex with their partner. They make a great pair and roam around places. Sexy Libra needs more romance from Gemini. Libra should keep up their social nature and beauty in order to hold on with Gemini. They feel highly secure when they enter into long term commitments.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Libra and Cancer

They fall for each other anytime anywhere and may end up in marriage the very next day. There exists a true but strange relationship between them. The sensitive nature of Cancer is appreciated by Libra. They will have plenty of romance, gifts and baby talks. Cancer has got the potential to energize Libra sexually. This is a worth and memorable relationship that has got the power to get married and have children. Cancer should maintain their social skills whereas Libra should manage their tolerance and patience in order to hold on their relationship. They can balance perfectly. Libra’s eyes sparkle in the presence of Cancer.

Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

Libra and Leo

Venus ruled Libra is amazingly attracted towards Leo. The social nature and beauty of Libra mesmerize Leo. Libra’s life is filled with romance and music by Leo. The sexual appeal and drama of Leo is appreciated by Libra. Their attraction may lead to marriage. The possessiveness of Leo may seem to be little bit extra for Libra. This relation may either get strong or may collapse in long run. Their sexual potential is very good. They may get dominated by marriage issue later.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Libra and Virgo

They can understand and communicate each other amazingly. They stand together in all good and bad times. Sexy Libra keeps Virgo with them always. They will have intoxicating romantic and sexual compatibility. They are good for both long term and sexual relationship. They stay together because of family matters. Virgo should keep up the secrets of Libra. Libra should maintain balance for happy relationship. They may go for long lasting relationship only if they are open towards each other. There arise problems because of secrets and relatives. But truth may help them to overcome the same.

Their compatibility rating is 2 / 5

Libra and Libra

This is a wonderful combination with lot of potential and beauty. Venus ruled Libra will appear to be sexually irresistible. This is extremely compatible, classy and sexy relationship. They may feel that they have met their ideal partner. Libra always remains outgoing, social and romantic. They may have powerful sex. They may get stolen by true love.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Libra and Scorpio

Venus ruled Libra is attracted towards Scorpio. The social charm and beauty of Libra attracts Scorpio. They become good friends and share lot of laughter very soon. Scorpio delivers lot of intensity and substance to Libra. There is also a chance for sexual compatibility. The dark side of Scorpio may appear little bit extreme to Libra. Scorpio expects more devotion and understanding from Libra. A strong relationship may survive even stormy situation. Libra will turn Scorpio to be stylish and go out with them. If they get married, there is a chance for financial pressure in their family.

Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

Libra and Sagittarius

Venus ruled Libra appears classy and seductive. Sagittarius is taken up by the positive outlook and charming beauty of Libra. They share home filled with laughter. Sagittarius delivers intensity and substance to Libra. Their initial attraction may lead to love, sex and eventually marriage. Their bond will grow stronger and sexier over time. They travel together. Friends are the source of jealousy and or gossip. A powerful attraction can overcome all showdown and emotional dramas. Sagittarius should put up their loyalty if they need Libra with them.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Libra and Capricorn

There exist amazing understanding and communication among them. They stand together in both good and bad times. Initially they may be romantic and sexually competent which may get stronger over time. They stay together with the sense of loyalty and balance. Libra should get balance from Capricorn for healthy relationship. There is a chance for long term relationship only if they keep aside secrets. There may be problems from relatives. But truth can save them. If they settle, they may experience an unorthodox life.

Their compatibility rating is 2 / 5

Libra and Aquarius

Libra will get their love from Aquarius. Charming and beautiful Libra will give excitement and adventure in the boring life of Aquarius. They can make a strong sexual relationship that gets warmer over years. They get attracted towards each other right from very first contact. This may stay forever. They feel that they are made for each other. They may end up in long term relationship. There is a good chance for marriage.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Libra and Pisces

Together they dance, drink and enjoy music. They both are social, talented and appreciate their life. There is chance for attraction, variety and fun. Libra can sense security and future with Pisces. Pisces will look for style and class in Libra. This may be a memorable and long lasting relationship. If both are committed then there is a chance for long term love. Pisces like to go for a legal sex. They should avoid secrets. They may end up with children.

Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

Marriage Compatibility

Libra Weds Aries

This is opposite or 1 – 7 relation.


This alliance will have considerable amount of physical attraction.


However, this relation cannot be long durable and everlasting one.

Libra is creative and beauty admirer and strong Arian finds it difficult to get along together.

Libra Weds Taurus

This relation is 1 – 6.


There is less chance for it to be lucky.

Both of them re ruled by planet Venus.

Libra will not make any effort to compromise with uncomplaining Taurus.

Therefore, this relation will be unwelcoming. This relation is not suggested at all.

Libra Weds Gemini

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relation.


This is a fine relation. The two of you are happy going with one another and are being fluky.


This will be a secure, long lasting, dependable, and a strong association.


Move ahead with any uncertainty or problem.

Libra Weds Cancer

This is a square or 1 – 4 relation. There is a significant amount of communication and understanding of problems at all times. They have sturdy dislikes and likes.Libra does not find it easy to get about self-assures Cancer. However, they both care for one another very much.There is strong doubt whether this relation can go on like this, as Libra feels fearful until the end of time.

Libra Weds Leo

This relation is 1 – 3.


This relation is always considered to be permanent and pure.

Misunderstanding can crop up at times but it can be sorted out easily.

Emotional and social support will be provided by Leo to extremely enduring Libra.

Libra Weds Virgo

This relation is 1 – 2.


The liberated and fun loving personality of imaginative Libra will not get along with receptive and perfect Virgo.


There is not chance that this relation can go together.


There will be no pleasure and charm in this relation.


Things will not run smoothly and for without any reason life will become bothersome. Only physical enjoyment will be of no use and Virgo learns this soon.

Libra Weds Libra

This relation is 1 – 1.


Both of them are ruled by Venus.


The two of you will be favorable and propitious for each other together.


Life at family will move ahead at a smooth pace.


There is no harm in saying yes to this relation.

Libra Weds Scorpio

This relation is 1 – 2.


This match is not an ideal one.


Most of the times unlikable situations will be formed and there will be grief.


Many times they will misunderstand each other and this will result in arguments.


This relation cannot be relied upon. There can be disputes as Libra will not make any effort to get along with Scorpio.


There will be disputes in this relation. It is better to stay away from this relation.

Libra Weds Sagittarius

This relation is 1 – 11.

 Libra is governed by Venus and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and they both are foes.

This is considered a good relation but ego clashes will always be there.

Life will be ruined as there in gap in understanding.

There is no doubt that both of them are lucky for each other.

It is a reasonable match even though they can pull on together.

Libra Weds Capricorn

This relation is 1 – 4.


This is not a very beautiful relation.

Libra and Capricorn do not find it easy to understand each other.

Capricorn may not understand the affection shown by Libra.

There will be lot of trouble due to miscommunication and misunderstanding. The magic of life will fade away.

Libra Weds Aquarius

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relation.


This relation will have complete satisfaction.

There is no second though that they are good for each other.

There will be excitement and delight in this relation and will get chance to enjoy the treasured moments in life.

Ambience of the family will be hale and hearty because of identical and improved perception of the life.

Libra Weds Pisces

This relation is 1 – 6.

It is advised to do some search before getting in this relation.

To some extent life can be a torture and there is doubt whether it will run smooth or not.

There will be loss of harmony and you will be harassed psychologically.

You may forget when you were happy last time.

This is not a recommended relation and it is better to say no.


Ruling Planet



The Scales




Blue, Jade Green

Lucky Stones

Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald & Turquoise

Unlucky Stones

Yellow sapphire

Lucky Numbers

5, 6 & 9

Lucky Days

Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

G, S, K, and Chh

Best Profession

Chemists, Painters, Salesmen, Writers, Engineers, Transportation, and Receptionist.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

5, 14, 23 and so on, and 6, 15, 24 and so on.
(Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts

Kidneys, Loins an spines

Good Points

Diplomacy, Social Grace, Charm, Just and Tact.

Bad Points

Materialistic, Indecisive, Fickle-minded, Insincere, Easy going and Selfish.

Soul Mates

Gemini, Aquarius

Just Say No

Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Pisces

Librans believe in long lasting relationships, therefore they are always committed to

their partners. An expert in love, they know what attracts the person of the opposite sex. Their

sense of dress, fashion and above all their personality is simply remarkable. Librans marry early in

life. Their nature to live an extravagant life might not go well with their partner. Libran girls are

adjusting, cheerful and wise, while Libran men are passionate, intelligent and accommodating.

Librans click extremely well with Gemini and Aquarius, but have problems with Pisces, Capricorn,

Cancer and Taurus.

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Manisha Koushik : Best Astrologer in Delhi, India
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Best tarot Card Reader
Poulomi Ray

The whole experience is professional . The whole discussion was thorough and was done as per the time dedicated to me .

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Pratibha Aphale

Had a great experience working with Manishaji. Her analogies and examples to explain a situation are phenomenal. I can listen for hours and the discuss inspiring and motivating . Thankyou

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Paramjeet Kaur
Utkarsh Bhatnagar

I have taken Manisha Ji's consultation multiple times and every single time I have found her reading for me more than appropriate and accurate. Her suggestions and precautions have proved to be true this far. She is very welcoming and easy to talk to. Even her staff members are very cordial.
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Kam Hayre

Manisha was very helpful with her insights. Explained in a very caring mannerism. I found her very thoughtful considerate and attention to detail. Not to mention a compassionate caring being. She made sure all the remedies given to me were understood by me. I loved the PDF sheet too. Thank you Manisha for your wonderful knowledge.

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Richa Arora

It was very nice speaking to Manisha. Good discussion on both numerology as well as astrology.

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Geetanjali Bahr
Era Nagpal

Thank you Manisha Ma’am for your incredible insights and guidance. Your accurate predictions and thoughtful advice have truly made a positive impact on my life. Your expertise in astrology has provided me with valuable clarity and helped me navigate important decisions with confidence. You're truly exceptional at what you do!

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Gaurav Sharma
Had an amazing consultation with Manisha Mam – her humility and soft-spoken nature create an instant familial connection. Every observation she made was spot-on. Highly recommend her insightful guidance. Grateful for Mam's attentive listening and mentorship. Thank you for being a guiding light. Read More

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