About Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is influenced by the planet Saturn. People born in this sign generally are slender, tall, with long nose and coarse hair. Their face and eyes are quite captivating and impressive. They love to be appreciated all the times. They are practical, sensible, prudent, ambitious, energetic and optimistic. They are capable of handling complicated and risky jobs with complete determination, provided they are certain about the results. They have an analytical, sharp, broad, philosophical but a suspicious mind. They are reserved but friendly and sincere by nature and enjoy enormous respect in their circle.


Capricorn men and women are shrewd and possess remarkable business sense. They are likely to achieve success with their own efforts and dedication. They are quite sincere and dedicated to their job. They are careless about their health. They may suffer because of their carelessness towards the health and family affairs.


They are highly calculative and business like. A Capricorn wife will always stand behind her husband and help him rise high in the social and financial ladder. Capricorn born have great sense of humor, they can liven up a party with their witty talks. Basically they are people of few words, but their brief statements can be very funny.


Capricorn born is friendly, trustworthy and reliable. They do have some close friends, but at heart they usually feel lonely. Broadly speaking, a Capricorn born is a self-contained and a satisfied person. As most of their energy is geared towards their career and prestige, they may tend to miss some of the finer aspects of life, but only in extreme cases.


They are self-dependent and earn handsome wealth, though after a lot of struggle. If the planet Saturn is well placed or the sign is free from afflictions then Capricornians enjoy authority, command, respect and rewarding positions.

If the sign or the planet Saturn were afflicted in the birth chart, the results would be opposite to the above-mentioned qualities. They tend to be pessimistic, suspicious, resentful, stubborn and self centered. Gloominess, loneliness, desperation, disappointments and feeling of insecurity and depressions also mark their personality and these things could cause sleeplessness, digestive disorders, blood pressure, diabetes and melancholy at times.

Capricorn in Love

Wondering how are Capricorn in Love? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares a complete guide about a Capricorn Lover or how is actually a Capricorn in Love?

All set? Let’s Explore!

Love is something serious to you as you believe that nothing in this world comes easily to hands. You have an outstanding patience coupled with persistence in earning rewards in life. With solidity and stability, you built a strong edifice for a long-lasting partnership.

Though you commit mistakes in relationship, you got the power to learn lesson from them. You are more towards your duties and related responsibilities when compared to self-fulfilment.

Your career comes first before marriage as you are slightly afraid to take the risk of commitment. Your rational behaviour may give you a good name in your profession but in case of relationship, you have to take decisions from your heart. Never hesitate to express your needs to your partner who can give you love and affection.

Capricorn in Love wants to talk and express things more fluently.

Capricorn in Love wants to make their lover happy.

Capricorn in Love wants to retain their identity and never lose themselves in love.

Capricorn in Love crave for long term relationships.


Your best partners are Cancer, Libra, and Aries.

Libra will stand top in your list as he is more sophisticated and stylish who can smooth you and get you out of all your barriers. You can have a long and satisfying relationship with him.

Aries may be daring and dashing towards you but does not necessarily enter marriage.

A cancer man will be your perfect match who can dig into your sentimental soft corner and maintain a great sexual life with you. With him, life will be good with many miserable and happy incidences. Capricorn also works fine with safe relationships.

Pisces and Scorpio are the signs where you can find passion, stability, and happiness.


The best lessons that Capricorn in Romance share are:

Capricorn in Romance teach us that love is a steady puzzle.

Capricorn in Romance teach us to have a stable relationship.

Capricorn in Romance teach us that loyalty is the most important thing in a relationship.


Lessons to be learnt for Capricorn in Romance:

Capricorn in Romance should learn to nurture the feelings of the one they love.

Capricorn in Romance should learn take on responsibilities and provide for worldly comforts.

Capricorn in Romance should learn to welcome the wisdom and concerns from their lover.

Capricorn in Romance should learn to be selfless in love.


This page is all about Capricorn in love. How is a Capricorn Lover? What can you expect from Capricorn in Romance? How is a Capricorn Love life? Askmanisha.com caters to authentic information about all these concerns. Hope you enjoyed reading!




CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Love: Four of Swords
Mood: World
Career: Eight of Wands

You may find great joy in reconnecting with your family during a week-long gathering. When it comes to financial planning, consider all important factors to ensure nothing is overlooked. Your efforts in the realm of romance are likely to yield
positive outcomes. It will be a week of good health and high spirits, boosting your confidence. Putting in the work to excel professionally is likely to pay off. This is a favourable time to consider investing in property or immovable assets. You may be able to purchase your dream house in a prestigious location. Your academic progress is satisfactory, with room for improvement. Making minor preparations before your overseas trip will create a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Maroon

(December 22-January 21)

A deal negotiated by you may turn into a golden goose that lays the golden eggs! Your resolve to think only happy thoughts will have a positive effect on your mental health. You get to achieve your aim on the academic front. A new
beginning is likely to be made on the professional front. Those planning something big on the social front may have to surmount some problems en route. An excellent marriage proposal for you or someone eligible in the family is likely to be received.

Lucky No.: 22
Lucky Colour: Saffron

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)


For Capricorns, 2023 seems like quite a favourable year. It may be a year to learn and experience new things. Gains in financial stability and income are indicated for some. During the second quarter, you'll be able to move up the corporate ladder. The money you have available could be a stepping stone to success. You could see profitable returns from your investments. There will be opportunities to grow one's income and amass wealth in the New Year. In the third quarter of the year, there will be an opportunity for professional advancement. Career-wise, you may be on the cusp of something big, and taking chances could pay off. One of the most important factors in your success could be your communication ability. The year's final three months are prime time for real estate purchases and investments. Taking things to the next level in your relationship could be the right choice for Capricorns. Make a thoughtful and prioritising love decision. It's important to watch your words in the second quarter because misunderstandings are possible. Intimacy and wedlock are both possible outcomes. Some family members may be on your side, while others may oppose your choices. It's recommended to talk about the issues that are bothering you. Peace and tranquillity will be easier this year, thanks to your health. There's a chance a joint-related issue may surface in the fourth quarter, but otherwise, you'll be in fine shape. The condition of your ageing loved one could be cause for alarm if ignored.


Lucky Number: 9, 11

Lucky Color: All shades of Green

Lucky Month: April, November & December 

Capricorn Man


Capricorn men are very famous as overachieving workaholics whose brain always over work. They are highly practical, determined and ambitious. He is very patient and strong enough to achieve his goal. Capricorn men are traditionalist and give more preference to reality rather than unbelievable dreams and ideas.

Love, Sex, Romance and Relationships with a Capricorn Man

Capricorn men takes up love very seriously and literally wait for his true love. He is very efficient in convincing his female partners and even pleases them with this fantasy.

Understanding Capricorn Men

Capricorn men are highly reserved and practical. He is very slow in establishing relationships but when committed, he displays himself as totally worthy. He enjoys the company of friends and family.

Money & the Capricorn Man

Capricorn men manage his financial status with realistic and sensible investments. He is more cautious about his future security. He completely wipes away the possibilities of becoming rich over night.

Fashion & the Capricorn Man

The wardrobe of Capricorn born men will be filled with brown and dark green. He is conservative but at the same time, he will never go out of current style. He is very realistic in shopping.

Relationships & the Capricorn Man

Capricorn born men may be reluctant during first time as he sees relationship as a kind of investment. Capricorn men may be highly picky and choosy in their tastes and likes. He will always cherish his relationship.

Romance & the Capricorn man

Capricorn men will open up completely till the depth of intimacy only to his right partner. Basically he is an emotional personality but doesn’t like to reveal all his feelings.

Health & the Capricorn Man

Capricorn man takes excellent care of his personal health with proper exercise and diet. He walks everywhere with a complete confidence and naturally attracts people around him.

Career & the Capricorn Man

With good hard work, Capricorn men can excel as coach, teacher, land developer, financial analyst, investments counselor. They can also make excellent poker.


This page caters to all the information about Aries Man. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares insights about all the various shades of Aries Men. Whether it is Money, Love, health or anything else - this page shares the relevant details for the Aries Man. Askmanisha.com is an authentic source of information for everything that you wanted to know about Aries Man. Hope you enjoyed reading it!


Capricon Woman

The Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman can be found at the helm of affairs. She has an ambitious nature and zeal to excel and move ahead often leaves others around her in dust. Capricorn Woman is not afraid to move you out the way in her efforts to achieve what she wants.

Capricorn and Love

Capricorn women do not believe in love at first sight and do not have the time for useless flirtation.

Capricorn and Relationships

Capricorn women like to be independent at all times and she never likes a partner who wants to lead her.

Capricorn and Friendships

Capricorn women are surrounded by logic and realistic views and her emotions are ruled by her mind at all times.

Capricorn and Sex

Capricorn women are cool, calm and composed, but she is quite experimental in bedroom.

Capricorn and Career

Capricorn women can be found at the helm of affairs and often at important positions such as banker, military, medicine and business owner.

Capricorn and Money

Capricorn women had been saving while they were a child. They do not worry about their future and have strong awareness of time.

Capricorn and Fashion

Image and status are two important things for a Capricorn woman. It is difficult to find a Capricorn woman with a messy coat.


This page caters to all the information about Aries Woman. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares insights about all the various shades of Aries women. Whether it is Money, Love, health or anything else - this page shares the relevant details for the Aries woman. Askmanisha.com is an authentic source of information for everything that you wanted to know about Aries woman. Hope you enjoyed reading it!


Capricorn Child

A Capricorn child is basically hard working. They are very ambitious. Children with Capricorn Zodiac sign are very practical in their approach and have the ability to control their emotions with ease. They are followers of rules and believe in  self esteem. Capricorn child easily understands his responsibility and limitations.


Hard-working souls
A Capricorn born child is very hard working and they believe in the fact that everything is achievable through hard work.

A strong ambitious streak
Capricorn children are highly ambitious they believe in achieving whatever they decide with strong  will power and determination.

Practical little adults
A Capricorn child is much matured in his approach and bears thinking skills like an adult. They display the skills of a responsible person since childhood.

Regard  for rules, almost always
Capricorn Zodiac sign children always follow the rules and have great respect for the right policies. This makes them stand up for a good cause.

Need for respect
Capricorn Zodiac sign people feel that they have to repeatedly establish themselves to be respected by the opposite person.

Capricorn Career Horoscope

They are practical, sensible and a prudent people. They are highly business oriented. The fields where they can excel are: Agriculture, farming, building contractors, liaison, gas agency, petrol pumps, transport, industrial units, mechanics, engineer or surgeons or dentists. They know how to handle their job and would not like any kind of interference.

Capricorn Health Horoscope

They have a good constitution and a good stamina. They should think positive to maintain good health. Keep control on their diet and practice yoga and meditation for physical and mental gains. Regular change in their surrounding is a must for them to think and act positively. They have a great admiration for mountains and the countryside, but because of their determination to achieve great recognition, they prefer the city life. They will have regular problems with body pains and swellings. During their older years, they may face problems relating to stomach and respiratory system. They should regularly get their blood pressure and diabetes checked. With a relaxed mind and concentration, they will not only be able to keep themselves physically fit, but also achieve success in their life.


The early part of their life may see them struggle for finance. Their hard work and determination will see them pass through this phase. Because of their hard work and dedication they will make a fortune. Speculation in real estate and shares will bring good profits, but they should not indulge in extravagance. Industry and trading will bring fortune to them and they will do well in dealing with coal, iron and steel, dairy, construction and farming. Avoid lending money to others, as recovery would be difficult and would require lot of tact.

Love Compatibility

Capricorn Love Aries

The compatibility in their relationship totally depends on their understanding. Both are highly goal oriented personalities. But the ways they select to achieve their goal differ among them. Capricorn strongly believes in highly definite approach whereas Aries strongly hold on ingenuity and autonomy. Capricorn love to perform in a concrete situation where his role is clearly defined and he also hold strong belief in society and its ethnicity while Aries is totally out from any of this formality. This environment may result in slight discrepancies between them. There should be abundance of forbearance in this relationship.

Capricorn Love Taurus

Both are completely expedient. Both live in their real world. Both remain in same platform of devout phase and idealistic behavior. They show complete attention towards each and every aspect of their life. Their compatibility depends on reliability, belief and mutual dependability. On financial platform, there is no chance for absurdity as both are aware of over-spending. Capricorn can comprehend his dreams with the help of Taurus. Capricorn gives complete security to Taurus.

Capricorn Love Gemini

They both possess different approach towards their life. Gemini appears to be somewhat brash. Capricorn strongly believes in values and rules whereas Gemini is quiet opposite in their nature. They don’t have any regulations in their life. When they are involved in a relationship, they give their best to fulfill their partner’s life. Gemini can establish some constancy in life. This is going to be a very good relationship if they can communicate well with their partner.

Capricorn Love Cancer

Both of them possess similar characteristics. Cancer is very emotional type but Capricorn believes in very practical approach towards life. Capricorn’s striving personality is totally out of understanding platform for Cancer. In spite of this variation among them, they also balance their weakness. They need to spend time together in order to understand each other. To some extend both remain faithful and reliable. Slowly they learn to appreciate their partner’s opinions and thereby generate compatible relationship.

Capricorn Love Leo

They both are completely non-compatible personalities. Their variations are more than their similarities. Capricorn doesn’t move that easily. Leo lives classic and complex life because of their touching and tepid nature. He has his own rank and dare to do anything in order to reach that limit. They are not equally matched even in financial platform. Capricorn appears to be thrifty. He strongly believes in living in present. Capricorn may flourish on flattery and approval which is completely opposite to Leo’s nature. They have faith on loyalty and promise, the major quality to have a compatible relationship.

Capricorn Love Virgo

They have reasonable personality and they are equally sensible. They share grown-up attitude, completely dependable and can fully trust upon. They differ in their way they guide their thoughts to reach their accomplishment. Capricorn believes to have their life go as per their plans. He is very particular and specific in his plans and finish it thoroughly too. He takes his steps slowly and progress steadily. They remain somber in conduct and may even forget to have romance and pleasures in their relationship. They should be aware of the fact that there is no room for repetitiveness in their relationship. Together, they can achieve anything in their life.

Capricorn Love Libra

They are neither unlike nor similar among each other. The compatibility in their relationship depends on how much they understand their partner. Libra is an extrovert and love to get along with people. If they take some sincere attempts, they can get along easily and form a successful relationship. Capricorn has got the power to deliver all the needed safety significant for life. Libra’s love delight will never go downward with Capricorn. Libra generally goes unwrapping in love. The same action of Capricorn may bring significant distress to Libra. There exists a long lasting relationship and they stand together forever.

Capricorn Love Scorpio

Scorpio is slightly afraid to get involved in this relationship. Both are easy moving and highly responsive. They need their own time to come out with their inner feelings and get along with each other. They should accept about their uncertain future. Once if they cross this uncertainty, they can have a permanent and good relationship with compatibility. Scorpio states their love explicitly and expects their partner to do the same.

Capricorn Love Sagittarius

They both are totally contradictory personalities and don’t carry any compatibility in relationship. Capricorn in filled with errands and feasibilities whereas Sagittarius is eager, participating and bouncy. Capricorn carries a very serious attitude whereas Sagittarius is completely hopeful. Capricorn love to spend time at home whereas Sagittarius loves to explore many people. He sees Sagittarius as juvenile, selfish and reckless. There is a probability of long term relationship only if they make a habit of learning from their partner. Sagittarius may teach Capricorn on how to be fun whereas Capricorn can get common sense and adulthood in their life.

Capricorn Love Capricorn

They start thinking from their brain rather than heart. They remain realistic and very sensible. Capricorn decides gradually and progress steadily towards their objectives with strong mind towards achieving their ambition. When two Capricorns come together either in love platform or in Trade Corporation they can achieve anything they want in life. It may take a long time but success remains at their end ultimately. On other side, they try to hide their true approach behind over significance which may result in a tedium and dull relationship. The compatibility and affection in their relationship may get washed away by emotional aloofness. When they are in a relationship, they should get rid of all their thoughts regarding their errands. They always involve in teasing, quixotic and perky discussions. Capricorns are very cautious about their character. But when same kinds of people meet each other, there is an increased possibility for any issue. They think almost in same manner to identify the requirements of their partner. Together they are least bothered about others but they complement among themselves. All their issues in life can get easily removed and they can establish a long lasting relationship.

Capricorn Love Aquarius

Capricorn born personalities are very firm, dependable, meticulous and unbiased in their approach. Aquarius born persons are dexterous, artistic and also perceptive to comprehend any given situation. They can easily complement their partner in their relationship but problem arises when they implicate in other’s things. There may be a necessity for a romance and kindness in their relationship. They need to adjust a lot in their private life. Aquarius should keep a check on their friendly behavior and at the same time they should understand Capricorn’s family attachment.

Capricorn Love Pisces

Their differences are perfectly balancing in their relationship. In spite of various dissimilarities, they can get along with each other effortlessly. Capricorn is very practical and lives in a sensible world whereas Pisces is an idealistic character and senses everything to be well and everyone to be good. He is much more responsive and sympathetic than Capricorn. Capricorn may even succeed an organization but a muddle may disturb him profoundly. Pisces is completely contradictory to this. They have got greater opportunity to learn about their partner if they can value their difference between them. Pisces may shower lot of kindness towards Capricorn. They both look for safety and desire in their romantic relationship.

Sexual Compatibility

Capricorn and Aries

Aries appears to be fascinating for Capricorn to be in a relationship. Their relationship may stay forever. They should establish discipline in their relationship in order to flourish. They take some time to establish the bond that is strong enough to hold them forever. Aries should keep out their jealous in their relationship. They should try to understand the demands of Capricorn. They have a pleasurable sexual relationship. Aries should surrender themselves in order to keep their relationship alive.

Their compatibility rating is 2/5

Capricorn and Taurus

They get together in a positive manner and will have a highly effective relationship. Taurus attracts Capricorn and may fall for them thereby establishing a lifelong relationship. Their relationship grows because of their positive stamina. They are highly compatible even in their sexual life. This relationship helps them to come close together. They can achieve all their desires by helping each other. Ageing results in good growth in Capricorn and they are highly attracted towards prestigious life.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Capricorn and Gemini

Their relationship may give money and power. It lasts longer too. A simple conversation is more than enough to get them close together. Their physical attraction may lead to pleasurable sexual relationship. They may have intellectual conversations. They stay together in all good and bad times. The few things that they learn from their partner will be highly beneficial for them to have a good social life.

Their compatibility rating is 2/5.

Capricorn and Cancer

Their relationship is something deep that is not visible for others. It becomes pleasurable and stronger with time. They think and act in similar manner. Both are more concerned about family and more likely to care for their family members. Cancer provides necessary warmth for their relationship. They should maintain patience and tolerance in case of problems.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Capricorn and Leo

They may form a long lasting relationship. A strong desire towards success and tireless work may help them to have flourishing relationship. There is no space for manipulation and hidden agenda. It is good to stay away from jealous. Capricorn grows better while ageing and more attracted towards prestigious life. Leo should give more importance to Capricorn’s success whereas Capricorn should give proper time to Leo. Leo may break their relationship very easily leaving Capricorn in wonder.

Their compatibility rating is 2/5.

Capricorn and Virgo

Their relationship stands on understanding and communication. They establish good communication as they grow. They can understand their partner’s desire and work towards achieving the same. The unspoken bond once formed remains strong forever. They stand together at both good and bad times. Sexy Capricorn thinks Virgo as their keeper. They satisfy their partner’s sexual desire and instinct needs perfectly. There come an outstanding relationship of love and sex. They may fall for each other at any moment.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Capricorn and Libra

There remain excellent understanding and communication in their relationship. They stand together at good and bad times. Their romantic and sexual relationship may get hotter in long run. A good sense of loyalty and balance may make them to stand for both worse and good. Capricorn should not maintain any secret with Libra as it may turn out to be serious. Balance among them will keep their life happy. There is a chance for problems through relatives. But truth will keep up your relationship. They may display a completely unorthodox style in their life once they settle together.

Their compatibility rating is 2/5.

Capricorn and Scorpio

They should maintain simple relationship. Capricorn sees an everlasting love in Scorpio. Capricorn has finally met their perfect match both on and off their bed. They may found to have similar taste both in work and sex. They have pleasurable and sizzling sexual life. There is no chance for any hidden agenda. Capricorn grows with age and easily attracted towards prestigious life. Overall there exists a positive scenario with ever lasting relationship. Both have come close to their soul mate.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Capricorn and Sagittarius

Sagittarius impresses Capricorn and there is a chance for long lasting love. Friendship and hard work will keep them together. Games and jealousy should be kept aside for good relationship. Capricorn gets better as days goes on and get attracted towards prestigious life. Sagittarius should give importance to Capricorn’s success at the same time, Capricorn should give freedom and space to Sagittarius. There exists promising sexual relationship. One of them should make up their mind. They make family in long relationship. Sagittarians patience is the only virtue in their relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5.

Capricorn and Capricorn

They share many in common. They love prestigious life and possess similar values and taste. They can make family, money and power together. There is a space for lot of sensuality and physical attraction in their bond. Their sexual desire may take a slow turn. There may be abundance of sexual and intellectual stimulation between them. As days pass on, they may feel that they miss something. There should be a balance in their relationship. They should make sure about their love rather than walking with regret. Take own time for better result. They should know the clear meaning of love and friendship.

Their compatibility rating is 2/5.

Capricorn and Aquarius

They may be long lasting friends and at the same time, there is a chance for romance, laughter and fun. Capricorn may get stolen by Aquarius in terms of privacy. Aquarius may see their relationship as sexy and may have great friendship and laughter. Capricorn appears to be too serious to Aquarius on the other hand, Aquarius seem to possess less spirit to Capricorn. Capricorn looks for romance in their relationship whereas Aquarius lacks the same. They can have short term romantic life and may end up as friends. They learn lessons from each other share their secrets and try to make their relationship powerful.

Their compatibility rating is 2/5.

Capricorn and Pisces

The sexual appeal of Pisces attracts Capricorn. The situation is same in case of Pisces too. They may get into instant relationship followed by sexual relationship. Pisces may sexually surprise Capricorn and may even go ahead skipping their work. Pisces will deliver mush needed security and emotional support to Capricorn during ups and downs. Their relationship may end up in marriage. If Capricorn plays tricky games, then Pisces can easily escape. Pisces look for sexual satisfaction in their relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Marriage Compatibility

Capricorn Weds Aries

The sexual appeal of Pisces attracts Capricorn. The situation is same in case of Pisces too. They may get into instant relationship followed by sexual relationship. Pisces may sexually surprise Capricorn and may even go ahead skipping their work. Pisces will deliver mush needed security and emotional support to Capricorn during ups and downs. Their relationship may end up in marriage. If Capricorn plays tricky games, then Pisces can easily escape. Pisces look for sexual satisfaction in their relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Capricorn Weds Taurus

This is a trine or 1 – 9 relation.


This is considered to be a good relation.

It will be fortunate for both of you to be in this relation.

This can be a reliable, truthful and enduring relation.

They are made for each other and they are prudent, realistic and conventional.

Capricorn Weds Gemini

This relation is 1 – 8.



This relation is not considered to be enduring, steady and enduring one, therefore it will not be beneficial to get in such kind of relation.

Life can become hopeless and things will go strange.

Say no to this relation without hesitation.

Capricorn Weds Cancer

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Capricorn Weds Leo

This relation is 1 – 6.



There will be no happiness in this relation and it will end up in a bad condition.

They both are not made for each other.

There will be dissonance, disappointment and violence in this relation.

One of you will have serious health issues. Take care.

Capricorn Weds Virgo

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relationship, which is always described as eternal and promising one.



The life will be blissful and smooth as there is intense care and good understanding.

This relation is an exceptional one and reliable. ,/You can continue in this relation without hiccup.

Capricorn Weds Libra

This relation is 1 – 4.



This is not a very beautiful relation. Libra and Capricorn do not find it easy to understand each other.

Capricorn may not understand the affection shown by Libra.

There will be lot of trouble due to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The magic of life will fade away.

Capricorn Weds Scorpio

This relation is 1 – 3.



This means it will be filled with faith, dependency and sympathy. However, there will be differences in philosophy, which will be always there.

They are in love with one another like anything. Both of them have vigorous likes and dislikes.

The powerful attraction and inclination towards each other never fades away even though they have unpredictable behavior.

Both of them will be lucky for each other and this will be a fantastic match.

Life can be magnificent with additional consideration. You can move ahead with this relation.

Capricorn Weds Sagittarius

This relation is 1 – 2.



This relation is not likely to be hale and hearty and excellent union.

Sagittarius is inconsistent and it will be really difficult for Capricorn to pull out things.

Capricorn will always be in a distress situation because of his / her hurtful and ruthless talks.

This relation is not made for each other one.

Both of them will not be able to find peace, accord and contentment.

This relation is not recommended at all.

Capricorn Weds Aquarius

This relation is 1 – 2.



Aquarius is self-reliant, temperamental and unpredictable.

It will be difficult for him / her to get along with caring and wise nature of Capricorn.

There is considerable uncertainty in having a long lasting relation here.

Think of all the ups and downs before getting into this relation.

Capricorn Weds Pisces

This relation is 1 – 3.



This relation is wonderful to tie the wedding knot.

There will be care between both of them and this wedding will result in enhanced understanding between them.

Both of them will have considerable amount of love for one another.

This association will turn out to be a beautiful and loyal one.


Ruling Planet



The Goat




Black, Indigo

Lucky Stones

Black Onyx, Emerald

Unlucky Stones

Yellow Sapphire and Ruby

Lucky Numbers

6, 9 and 8

Lucky Days

Fridays, Tuesdays and Saturday

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

E, I, O, B, P, S

Best Profession

Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers, Writers, Contractors, Ammunition related business, Consultancy Services.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and so on and 9, 18, 27 and so on (Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts


Good Points

Practical, Responsible, Visionary, Ambitious, Highly laborious, Logical and relentless.

Bad Points

Suspicious, Pessimistic, Resentful, Stubborn and Selfish.

Soul Mates

Taurus, Virgo

Just Say No

Gemini & Leo

Taurus and Virgo understand Capricorns better. They can also have nuptial ties with Scorpios and Pisceans. But they should say a firm no to people born in the signs of Gemini and Leo. If they come out of their complexes, they can be a wonderful lover. Their businesslike approach towards life would always bring dissatisfying results. They definitely need to give importance to their family and health to lead a happy married life.

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Sapna Sutreja

I never ever consulted anyone for my issues and conditions. But when I talked to Manisha.. i don’t have enough words to say Thank you to her. Before I even say anything, She knows me better than anyone already. How can a person give you this much clarity about your life and feelings. I was amazed
I would say if you thinking what to ask and how to say… just don’t worry at all, She knows everything about you.
What an amazing person she is.
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Rinal Shah

Manisha Koushik mem is very understandable, she understands the situation very well and suggests the remedies which are really very effective.

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Mithu Bharali

It was very privileged to talk with such a positive personality with every aspect of discussion worthy thanks Read More

Manas Behera

Most of your analysis are coming out very accurate for my zodiac sign. Thank you so much Manisha Ma'am.

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