About Cancer

This is the fourth sign of zodiac and first sign of the water triplicity, which is

influenced and governed by the planet Moon. It's movable, feminine and a fruitful sign. People born

in this sign usually have a large upper body, slender limbs, wide face and, dark brown hair. They are

fair complexioned and have attractive features. They are fairly dashing, commanding, dominating,

kind, affable, helpful, over sensitive, considerate and highly thoughtful. They are reliable, sincere,

dedicated, responsible and determined individuals. They are quick-witted. At times they get moody

and aggressive as well. They can also be, for no good reason, ill tempered, curt and snappy with

anyone at times.

People sometimes find it difficult to understand them, as sometimes they are willing to listen to

their problems patiently and sympathetically and even go out of their way to help them, but another

time, they can also be adamant, impatient and tough to the same person.

Often, they romanticize the past and go on nostalgia trips and talk about the `good old days.' They

can very easily live in the past. They should always remember that time keeps changing and they

must change accordingly.

They have more determination and stamina than any other sign. They will always take a project

started by them to its logical conclusion and not leave it half way. They will always cling on to

personal relationships and will enjoy command at their work place. They do not like interference in

their work and do not tolerate criticism. They will enjoy enormous respect in the society. They are

highly talented and will do remarkably well if they are given opportunities.

Afflicted Moon or the sign would develop negative traits.

Cancer in Love

Wondering how are Cancer in Love? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. Astrologer Manisha Koushik shares a complete guide about a Cancer Lover or how is actually a ‘Cancer in Love’?

All set? Let’s Explore!

A Cancerian in love is like the moon with a gentle, unassuming and cautious external behaviour but forceful, ambitious, and a strong personality inside.

You are prone to be promiscuous who carve for stability and security but badly resist changes and hang on with the past. Once get hurt, you are highly tended to remain single and bitter for rest of life. You should learn to trust your partner and drive away your fear of betrayal. For cancer female, both marriage and love go together.

Cancer in Love is at times complex to understand.

Cancer in Love is certainly sentimental.

Cancer in Love is serious about their relationships.

Cancer in Love is sensitive, too emotional and touchy most of the times.


How’s Cancer in love with other sunsigns?

You feel good with Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries.

Libra may attract you fatally by his smooth, well-mannered, prepared, and romantic relationship, but not compatible guy for long run.

Aries man may prove to be magnetic and confident but leave anxiety in long run.

Capricorn is tailor-made and never let you down.

Cancer is also a perfect match for long run. Virgo and Taurus also prove to be compatible. Sexual life will be fantasies with a Taurean as both will be responsible and caring.


The best lessons that Cancer in Romance share are:

Cancer in Romance teach us to be tender in love.

Cancer in Romance teach us to have devotion and sensitivity in the relationship.

Cancer in Romance teach us to be affectionate and caring in the relationship.


Lessons to be learnt for Cancer in Romance:

Cancer in Romance should learn the ability to let loose or let go and gain power to express openly and freely about what’s going on in your heart or your mind. It will certainly make your relationships better!


This page is all about Cancer in love. How is a Cancer Lover? What can you expect from Cancer in Romance? How is a Cancer Love life? Askmanisha.com caters to authentic information about all these concerns. Hope you enjoyed reading!



CANCER (Jun22-Jul 22)

Love: Justice
Mood: Judgment
Career: Page of Wands

You can consider rearranging your home to host a gathering or event. There may be a chance of receiving a tax refund for some individuals. It is advisable to take actions that strengthen your romantic relationship. Cultivating compassion can help alleviate feelings of hatred and enhance mental well-being. There could be a potential disagreement with higher-ranking colleagues at the workplace, so watch your words. After a year of hard work, it's time to plan a well-deserved vacation. Some individuals may have favourable prospects of acquiring property. Not extending help to those in need may tarnish your reputation. Your academic journey may have its share of ups and downs, but perseverance is essential.

Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Colour: Purple

(June 22-July 22)

Profits accrue as you negotiate a deal successfully. Extra-curricular activities may not be enough to make your mark on the academic front. You need to take good care of your health. There is someone who is misleading you on many counts, so wise up to it before you take a wrong step. Love and care is likely to be bestowed upon you by your near and dear ones. Those travelling to the countryside will love the open air and natural surroundings.

Lucky No.: 4
Lucky Colour: Purple

CANCER (Jun22-Jul 22)


The year 2023 may bring you a sense of stability and improvement in your life, Cancerians! You may achieve your objectives if you exert effort toward them. Making progress toward your financial goals may pay off this year. To increase your wealth, you should avoid taking shortcuts and instead work harder. An achievable work ethic could be your ticket to success. You can achieve new heights professionally and financially in the fourth quarter of 2023. There's a good chance that your presence and sacrifices will be instrumental to the success of your loved ones this year. Using empathy alongside logic will help you get through easily. There is a chance that you and your spouse will experience conflict and tension as the New Year begins. After the first three months, things will start to look up for the pair. By year-end, you and your partner can share tender moments. The presence of love in your life will ensure your happiness. If you're worried about the effects of stress on your health, doing some regular mental and physical exercise will be a good idea. Be especially careful in the second quarter with your health. The New Year can be a wonderful time for young Cancerians. This is a great year to start or continue your education. If you want to buy property, do it in the first or third quarter.


Lucky Number: 7, 11

Lucky Color: Purple, Green

Lucky Month: September & December 

Cancer Man


Cancer man takes his own time to get along with people. No one can force him to do things. His personality shifts every single minute making very difficult for people to judge him. A Cancer man may behave distant or sarcastic and crabby but inside he is actually affectionate, kind and gentle. Cancer men are completely family oriented and feel safe only at his home.

Love, Sex, Romance, and Relationships with a Cancer Man

Love is completely a mystery to Cancer man as his inborn distrust and shyness obstruct him to get partner easily. His keen attention and loyalty make him a best partner. The Cancer man needs reassurance and tenderness in relationships.

Understanding Cancer men

Cancer man display a tougher look externally making difficult for others to predict him. He gives importance to his family and enjoys his stay at home. The Cancer men often day-dreams his past and wonder about things.

Money & the Cancer Man

Cancer Man will be shrewd and thrifty. He will not spend money on unnecessary things. The Cancer man usually doesn’t believe much on getting rich quick procedures.

Fashion & the Cancer man

Cancer man will be so stylish and prefer to have silver and pale blue in his wardrobe. He is not exactly a trendsetter but select his clothes that resemble sophistication.

Relationships & the Cancer Man

Cancer Man will select his friends after a long scrutiny. He needs a complete demonstration to come to conclusion about trusting any person. But having a Cancer friend is like having a friend for entire life.

Romance & the Cancer Man

Romance is not that easy for a Cancer born man. One should prove that they are really worthy in order to enter into relationship with him. Once initiated, his partner will enjoy the most.

Health & the Cancer Man

Maintaining ideal weight is extremely difficult for a Cancer Man as he got really big tongue. He will fall for sweets and snacks and will do anything for it.

Career & the Cancer Man

Cancer man is excellent option for journalism, medical services, counseling and education. But he enjoys the fashion of work from home as it gives him an opportunity to stay close to family members.


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Cancer Woman

The Cancer Woman

The Cancer Woman has a peaceful nature but she is passionate too. She can have many emotions in a given time. Cancer Woman has a strong will and show perseverance, but she can also change into an introvert person. She also has a sympathetic and sensitive side of her, and it is related to her deep emotions.

Cancer Women and Love

Slow and steady wins the race, is what describes cancer women in love. She likes to be gifted and loves to be surrounded by flowers.

Cancer and Relationships

Cancer women likes a person who want to spend time with her in a couch, spend time talking and watching television and who could pour wine for her.

Cancer and Friendships

Cancer women likes to take care of everyone who are around them and are considerate about others feelings.

Cancer and Sex

Cancer women describe sex as a slow sensual dance. She likes to have an emotional connection with the person she is in bed with.

Cancer and Career

Cancer women tend to maintain a low profile at work, but never take the impression that they do not want to have success in career.

Cancer and Money

Cancer women like to have money stashed all around in her house and want to have a bank balance.

Cancer and Family

Family and home are most important for cancer women. Wherever she goes, she likes to take care of that place like a home.

Cancer and Health

Cancer women who are emotional may have problems with health.

Cancer and Fashion

Cancer women prefer to be in traditional dresses and likes clothes that are comfortable and feminine.


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Cancer Child

Children with Cancer as their sun signs are very vulnerable to frequent mood swings. They are very good in observing things and quick in learning new things. They are quite lonely as they love to stay in their own world. They are very much fond of love, care and concern from their families. They have a rich imagination power and they enjoy their imaginary world and characters. The Cancer children are quite sensitive and they expect people to understand them. If they are ignored by any chance, they feel embarrassed and that leaves a negative impact on them. They believe in being independent as far as money is concerned. They usually enjoy their space so they love to stay alone. They want to be loved, cared and noticed even if they love to remain aloof from the crowd. They are quite creative and they believe in working to develop their creativity.

Cancer Career Horoscope

Cancerians make good administrators, orators and preachers. They can excel in the

fields of water related jobs. They do very well in professions related to irrigation, airlines, navy,

shipping, and travel. Their command over their profession brings appreciation for them. This sign

really makes them very powerful and influential. They do very well in politics and in artistic fields.

Their success would be phenomenal if they learn to control their sensitivity, impatience and

changeable nature.

Cancer Health Horoscope

They will enjoy excellent health if they give a little attention towards their health. As

Cancer rules the chest and hence chest related problems could bother them at times. People born

under this sign usually suffer from infections in the lungs and throat, asthmatic problems, cough and

cold, weak digestion, stones in the gall bladder, nervousness and sleeplessness. They should go for a

walk daily and practice yoga to keep themselves fit and fine, both physically as well as mentally.


They are fortunate enough to have a good financial status. They accumulate wealth

with their own perseverance and hard efforts and enjoy all amenities of life. They love honesty and

honest people. They cannot tolerate unscrupulous people. They will never spare the people who try

to ditch them or befool them.

Cancer Love Aries

Aries born love their family whereas Cancer born carries more concern towards their family. The strong belief of sovereignty makes Aries suppress in situation of excess care and love. Whereas Cancer looks for reciprocated trust and stable adore. Due to their intense love on their loved ones, Aries get cold immediately. Cancer will be more responsible to fulfill all their responsibilities towards their family. They may feel alone this time in fulfilling their responsibility. The way they understand their partner will decide the compatibility of their relationship. Aries inspire Cancer to act independent whereas Cancer teaches Aries to be kind. Adjustment is the major key in their long lasting relationship.

Cancer Love Taurus

They share similarities among them. Both behave very responsive. Both enjoy their belongings in a calm and cool atmosphere. They get together each other because of their friendly nature. They don’t like to have race in their life but prefer to live in their small house. Cancer is fascinated by the generous nature of Taurus. Taurus display immense love towards their family. In turn, Cancer will shower their love on Taurus. If they can keep aside minor differences, they can make a long lasting relationship.

Cancer Love Gemini

They do not share too many common qualities. In spite of their dissimilarities, there exists a perfect balance in their relationship. Cancer will always stand by the side of Gemini. Gemini is not as emotional as Cancer. Cancer believes in reality whereas Gemini lives in imaginative world. Sappy Cancer get hurt by this nature. Gemini believes all words but Cancer believes in act. Cancer is attracted by the intelligence and funny nature of Gemini and this remains their positive energy. The flirting Gemini loves to have freedom in life and at the same time provide protection to Cancer.

Cancer Love Cancer

Cancer born persons are very kind and highly responsible personalities. They are highly variable. When they both come closer, there arouse profound feelings. Both of them are highly expressive. Both love their partner. They are more emotionally attached in their relationship. No one can establish a calm situation. There may be lot of uncertainty in their relationship. It may be bitter or loving. Their relationship may get ruined if both respond in similar manner. But it will be hard to get departed immediately. If they need to maintain their relationship, at least one among them should be more sensible and possess self-confident. The major issue in this relationship is both of them share similar character. They extremely care for their partner and at the same time, demand more from them. They should concentrate more on the common sense, sympathy and endurance in order to have a long lasting relationship.

Cancer Love Leo

They both get hurt when harsh words are used. They always expect anxiety, mind and admiration from whom they love. They are completely diverse in their nature. Cancer shows maximum care for people whom they love whereas Leo is very dominating in nature. Cancer is quite comfortable in following the footsteps of Leo unless no one disturb his independence. He shower care and love towards his partner. Cancer is born to get love and Leo is born to shower love. This is an ideal relationship. They ultimately end up in marriage.

Cancer Love Virgo

Though are completely different they form a very good compatible relationship. Virgo born are highly introvert in their behavior whereas Cancer born are highly tolerant. Virgo showers lot of affection to their partner throughout their relationship. Since both are highly sensitive in nature, they should be very cautious in protecting themselves from any hurt. Virgo should go very careful. Cancer born is quite insensitive and highly perceptive in nature. He advises Virgo to maintain patience whereas Virgo advises their partner to be practical and rational. They form a really very good match.

Cancer Love Libra

This relationship carries lots of similarities and differences as well. Both of them love to have a harmonious life. They are highly thoughtful when it comes to their partner’s feelings and take complete responsibility for all their desires. Both Cancer and Libra love to have a peaceful life. Cancer holds trust on discussion a slightly less than that of Libra.

Cancer Love Scorpio

Both of them are highly emotional and intense and hence there comes no issues to form a relationship. There exist many similarities among them. Both expect authenticity, closeness and lots of affection from their partner and they get the same. Their relationship is filled with fable and plenty of excitement. Their relationship relies on care and filled with sensation.

Cancer Love Sagittarius

They possess abundance of personality based disparities. Sagittarius does not belong to the category of homely personality and that may be the cause for their conflict. Cancer looks for steadiness whereas Sagittarius looks for abundance of freedom. In spite of all these conflictions, they know how to complement their partner. Sagittarius may feel stifle because of unwanted affection of Cancer and at the same time, Cancer may feel unconfident because of the Sagitarrian sovereignty.

Cancer Love Capricorn

Both are similar in their characteristics. Cancer is very emotional whereas Capricorn looks for a practical approach. The Striving ability of Capricorn cannot be understood by the Cancer. This Character variation may balance their weaknesses while both should spend time with their partner to understand them in a better way. To some extent both are faithful and reliable. Gradually they develop the habit of appreciating their partner’s opinion and thereby develop compatible relationship.

Cancer Love Aquarius

Cancer is highly emotional and deeply attached towards their family. Aquarius looks for liberty whereas Cancer likes to have closeness in their relationship. As it is very difficult for them to comprehend their partner, their love may face various issues. They should try to understand that they both are different personalities with different qualities that vary considerably.

Cancer Love Pisces

Together they stand as best example for harmonious relationship. Both of them are emotional and kind. Both of them know completely about their partner. Pisces is equally responsive as Cancer. They know their partners requirements perfectly. There is a chance for various discrepancies but nothing is very strong to have unfavorable situation in their relationship. Cancer is not as orthodox as Pisces. They both think from the depth of their heart and there is no place for common sense. They are equally dreamy. But one should be practical in order to have balance in life.

Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Aries

Their relationship will end up in marriage within single night. The frequent mood change of Cancer may result in few problems in their relationship. Aries may behave selfish and stubborn during those times. They can keep up their relationship only with good rapport. There should be good understanding between them. The faithful nature of Aries shower exceptional love on Cancer. Cancer provides emotional security to their partner. Loyalty is the only thing that keeps their relationship forever.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5

Cancer and Taurus

The loyal and sensual nature of Cancer will get easily attracted in less time towards Taurus. The untold sexual desire of Cancer can be met through Taurus. There exists a perfect combination of sexual and romantic relationship. Both are highly family oriented and highly emotional. Both are subjected to issues from earlier relationships as they may break out present relationship once they fall love. They come under the category of love at first sight. Cancer sees Taurus as their lifelong partner. Taurus relationship may be highly successful and intense for Cancer. They love to travel together and possess strong passion for music. The physical attraction may bring them close initially however, later on turn out to be long lasting relationship. They should open up each other for good relationship. Cancer should avoid their stubbornness for better relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5

Cancer and Gemini

They are very excellent couple. They think themselves as made for each other. If there are serious, they may end in marriage. They may end in sexual relationship very soon after their first meet. They should forget and forgive things to establish a long lasting relationship. They understand their partner perfectly. Their love to have their own space helps them to strengthen their link in future. The outside stimulation of Gemini may get misinterpreted as sexual rejection by Cancer whereas, the emotional disturbance of Cancer may misread by Gemini resulting in quick agitation.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5

Cancer and Cancer

They are literally far from understanding their partner even though they possess the potential to develop a lovely relationship. Within very few meetings, they decide that they have met their life partner. They remain mysterious each other and work well with it. They enter into sexual relationship at very early stage. There exist intense devotion and love towards each other. There is a chance for issues from family members. They should keep up their interest in order to have long lasting relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5

Cancer and Leo

There exists a sizzling relationship between them. Their social relationship will get admiration from society. Their sexual and love life remain sensual. If luck favors them, they remain financially strong. They love their partnership and stay loyal to them. Their affection towards each other can be felt publically. Leo will stay with Cancer in all ups and downs. Their relationship excels only if they take considerable care on the emotional requirements of their partner.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5

Cancer and Virgo

They may enter into love and proceed for sex and physical relationship at very high speed. They are perfect soul mates and stay friendly throughout their life. The mysteries and surprises in life will keep their relationship exciting and interesting. If their fate unites, they will enjoy their company lifelong. They make family with lots of affection and love. On basis of sexual and love, this will prove to be ideal match.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5

Cancer and Libra

They enter into relationship very soon and decide to make family. They love each other’s company and hence like to have their partner lifelong. They both love each other deeply which may pamper their relationship. They learn each other on the basis of social behavior and various other skills. They establish a wonderful sexual relationship.

Their compatibility rating is 3/5

Cancer and Scorpio

Here comes an ideal relationship. They understand each other right from first meet. Being water signs they remain extremely compatible when it comes to sex and love. Sex may convert their relationship into a secured one. If Cancer goes moody, Scorpio become selfish and withdraws. If cancer clings, the situation gets worse. Scorpio should understand the sensitive nature of Cancer and Cancer should know the faithful nature of Scorpio who needs privacy occasionally. During full moon days, Scorpio should remain cautious. They should go together. Their strong compatibility may withstand storm situations. Together they may have fan club or public audience.

Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

Cancer and Sagittarius

Single night sex may turn out to be completely passionate affair. Their only issue is the moody nature of Cancer. During those times, Sagittarius may become selfish and withdraw. This may turn out to be worse. Sagittarius should understand the sensitive nature of Cancer and Cancer should understand the outgoing nature of Sagittarius. Cancer should get immersed in the flow if they need Sagittarius with them. Cancer’s possessiveness may irritate Sagittarius and may turn towards outside interest. They may have rocking sex. There is a chance for surprise and constant drama. Their sexual attraction may become a nightmare.

Their compatibility rating is 2 / 5

Cancer and Capricorn

Their relationship is something deep that is not visible for others. It becomes pleasurable and stronger with time. They think and act in similar manner. Both are more concerned about family and more likely to care for their family members. Cancer provides necessary warmth for their relationship. They should maintain patience and tolerance in case of problems.

Their compatibility rating is 4/5.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer is quite serious about their partners. So they take their own time to decide. Aquarius is very social in nature and there is an increased possibility for them to meet each other casually and make relationship later on. They make their sexual life as per their expectation and may even get married. Aquarius enjoys their time with Cancer as they share their feelings in a secure way. They life will be filled with surprises and excitement. Their relationship last longer if they get their expectation from their partner. They both love their time spend with their partner. There exists a peaceful and successful relationship if they learn to come over their ego and emotional clashes.

Their compatibility rate is 2/5.

Cancer and Pisces

They are destined to experience love in their life. Both are artistic, intuitive and sensual. Pisces travel in emotional water and at the same time, Cancer loves the creativity and depth of Pisces. There is a chance for long lasting relationship because of their potential and sexual chemistry. Cancer may think that Pisces can bring adventure, stability and chemistry in their life. Cancer’s stability, social contact and sexual chemistry attracts Pisces. Cancer is very well aware of this and may underestimate their partner’s intuition. This is the big mistake of Cancer. There is a chance for problems in their relationship. As they are intuitive, they can read each other very well. They should give space to each other and should focus on their partner’s weakness as they both know the value of their relationship. Pisces may move away if Cancer is not up to their mark.

Their compatibility rating in 4 / 5

Marriage Compatibility

Cancer Weds Aries

This is a square and fire & water or 1 – 4 relation.

This relation can build up if and when you spend a lot of time together.

This relation can break instantly, but it can work out through persistent effort.

There can be mistreatment on the emotional front.

Cancer Weds Taurus

This relation is 1 – 3.

This relation is considered to be permanent or fortunate.

Cancer can understand Taurus superbly and complete satisfaction and pleasure will be provided by Taurus to Cancer.

This relation will move ahead without any effort.

Cancer Weds Gemini

This relation is 1 – 2.

Cancer is aware on how to take things further with Gemini.

This tie-up can be a sensible one.

However, this relation cannot be an outstanding one as both of them will not be able to give room to each other.

Cancer Weds Gemini

This relation is 1 – 2.

Cancer is aware on how to take things further with Gemini.

This tie-up can be a sensible one.

However, this relation cannot be an outstanding one as both of them will not be able to give room to each other.

Cancer Weds Leo

This relation is 1 – 2.

This is a wonderful liaison.

Life can move smoothly even though there can be some quarrel.

It can be thought of about building the relation.

Cancer Weds Virgo

This relation is 1 – 3.

This is an outstanding, lifelong, reliable and steadfast male-female relation.

Cancer is well aware on how to control the sensible and responsive Virgo.

This is the reason this relation will move ahead.

Cancer Weds Libra

This is a square or 1 – 4 relation.

There is significant amount of communication and understanding problem at all times.

They have sturdy dislikes and likes.

Libra does not find it easy to get in relation with self-assures Cancer.

However, they both care for one another very much.

There is strong doubt whether this relation can go on like this, as Libra feels fearful until the end of time.

Cancer Weds Scorpio

This is the best trine or 1 – 5 relation.

Cancer can get along easily with domineering, poignant, responsive and combatant Scorpio.

The two of you can have a harmonious, hale & hearty and eternal relationship.

However, both of you are highly controlling and covetous.

This relation can go ahead as both of them are true should mate of each other.

Cancer Weds Sagittarius

This relation is 1 – 6.

There is strong doubt whether this relation can move ahead.

Both of them cannot be comfortable on any account.

This relation can have huge amount of misunderstanding.

Sentiments, synchronization and tranquility are poorly damaged.

This relation is not recommended, and no should be said straightaway.

Cancer Weds Capricorn

This is a conflicting or 1 – 7 relation.

These two signs should not enter in marital bond.

There is no certainty whether this relation can go ahead.

Cancer is prominent and responsive and Capricorn reacts shoddily.

There is even chance of violence of emotional mistreatment. No should be said straightaway.

Cancer Weds Aquarius

This relation is 1 – 8.

This association or relation cannot be promising or good.

Cheerfulness, synchronization and tranquility are very far away from each other.

Sentiments will be hurt between both of them, and they will never be relaxed and peaceful.

This relation is not recommended. It is better to say no.

Cancer Weds Pisces

This is a trine or 1 – 9 relation.

This relation is a good one. They can be said to be authentic soul companion and they are made for each other.

Both of you will comprehend life in a perfect way and will bear out to be fortunate and auspicious for each other. ,/This will be a consistent and undying tie-up. You can move ahead in this.


Ruling Planet



The Crab




Blue, Silver

Lucky Stones

Moonstone, Pearl

Unlucky Stones

Blue Sapphire

Lucky Numbers

2, 7 & 9

Lucky Days

Tuesday, Fridays, Thursday Sundays

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

H, N, Y, T, O, D and C

Best Profession

Trading, Nurse, Furnishing, Managers, Import & Export, Politicians, Army Or Navy Related Jobs, Health Related Fields, Educationists.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

2, 11, 20, 29, 38, and 47. Also 7, 16, 25, 34, 43and so on. 
(Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts


Good Points

Emotional, Sensitive, Highly imaginative, Honest, 
Tenacious, Strongly determined.

Bad Points

Moody, Insecure, Pessimistic, Suspicious, Vacillating and easily hurt even over very small things.

Soul Mates

Scorpio, Pisces

Just Say No

Sagittarius & Aquarius

They are highly affectionate and can go to extremes in the matters of the heart.

Cancerians can be very loyal friends and can also be strong enemies. Their sensitivity and changeable

nature create hindrances in their love. They are very good lovers, but at the same time they cannot

express themselves properly. It would be wise to curb their stubborn nature to lead a happy and

peaceful life. Generally their temperament can lead to problems in their marital life, but by paying a

little attention, they can enjoy a reasonably happy married life. They are very lucky on the children

front. They get along extremely well with people born in the signs of Scorpio and Pisces. They are

advised not to get involved with Aquarians and Sagittarians.

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