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Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and an associate of the world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. She is blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and strong intuitions right from the childhood. She is well known for her accurate readings that come from the wonderful combination of Astro-Tarot Powers, Numerology, Vastu-Fengshui and psychic abilities that she is blessed with.

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Ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn, you are authoritative, practical, systematic, original, and highly disciplined person. You feel very happy when you are close to nature. You are very religious and you take deep interest in spiritualism, but you need to check your tendency to behave moody, stubborn and lazy at times. 


This is going to be a highly rewarding period for women, as there seems to be a promise of a bright career prospect.  You would also improve your income and savings, provided you are ready to curb lavish expenses. This year would also prove to be highly significant for students wanting to go for higher education overseas, as they would manage to obtain admission in their desired college/ university despite tough competition. Middle of the year taking care of your health would be important, especially for expecting mothers. An eminent person would provide new ideas and unconditional support on your projects. The months of June, October, January and April will be eventful. 

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In Feng shui displaying a gold star in your work area encourages you to do best in your work and helps you to grow financially and professionally. 

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I Ching Coin

Lucky Chinese coins, which are very popular Feng Shui wealth cures, are the round Chinese coins with a square hole in the center. These coins, replicas of ancient Chinese coins, are made from bronze or brass, generally arranged in the set of three, tied with a red ribbon symbolizing the unity of man, earth, and …

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