Numerology Number 6

Number 6 Career, Marriage and Fun Facts

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Numerology for Number 6

You are a number 6 if you are born on 6th, 15th and 24th of any month.

Important Details for Number 6 Lucky days:

Friday Lucky

Gemstone: Diamond & White Sapphire

Friendly numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8

Romance numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

Colour: Silver

Metal: Silver

How are Number 6 People?

They have a high sense of duty and tend to carry responsibility throughout their life.

General Nature of Number 6

People Number 6 has positive features of other numbers such as 1's initiative, 2's cooperation, and 3's creativity. These people dedicate themselves to serve others. They provide care, comfort, and happiness to people coming in contact with them. These people tend to take responsibility for others and work tirelessly.

Profession of Number 6 People

While these people are strong, they may not work as laborers. Due to their high intelligence, they can adorn positions of authority. They shine as philosophers, teachers, scientists, instructors, and writers. Some of them make a name as successful marketers.

Health of People with Number 6

These people enjoy good health in life. They might experience health problems associated with ear, nose and throat, but healthy lifestyle can help maintain good health.

Relationships of People with Number 6

They are capable of love and devotion while expecting the same in return. They are attractive and master of romance.

Negative Traits of Number 6

People These people may face severe disappointment in life due to extreme love of duty and sacrifice. Having too much desire for harmony can make them fussy and arrogant.

Life Path of Number 6 People

These are the lovers, the nurturers, the protectors. The 6 path is blessed with a huge heart that allows these people to be of great support to others. In this lifetime, they must realize the importance of self-love and acknowledge that their own needs are just as important as others.

Strengths of the Number 6 People

• Number 6 people are Supportive

• Number 6 people are Protective

• Number 6 people are Romantic

Weaknesses of the Number 6 People

• Number 6 people are sometimes Passive

• Number 6 people are Self-sacrificing

• Number 6 people are Idealistic Famous Celebrities with

Numerology Number 6

Born on 6th (Numerology Number 6)

• Sargun Mehta • Rakesh Roshan • Ranveer Singh

Born on 15th (Numerology Number 6)

• Ramya Krishnan • Madhuri Dixit • Ram Pothineni

Born 24th (Numerology Number 6)

• Anil Kapoor • Sumona Chakravarti • Emraan Hashmi Please Note:

This is a general description for Number 6 people. For a personalized numerology consultation, We suggest to reach us personally.

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