What is Numerology ?

Ever since a child opens his eyes for the very first time on earth- our family, friends and relatives get eager to know about his future. Priests and astrologers are invited to name him and tell/predict his fortune by studying some chart that is made through our date of birth, time of birth and place of birth (to find the latitude and longitude of the place we were born at); which clearly indicates that our destiny is hidden in numbers. 
 Numerology is the easiest way to discover the future events as it is the science of numbers which can unravel the mysteries of future and can be mastered by a common man who has basic knowledge of mathematics. A very renowned Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who derived the Pythagoras theorem believed that universe is energy condensed in different vibrations and vibrations are connected to numbers therefore numbers are connected to universe.

Just observe your life for 2 minutes everything in your life has a number. Be it your car, bank a/c, house or telephone all are made unique and different from others because a specific number is attached to it. Similarly you are matchless as you were born on a specific day, date & time which is different from the people around you. Henceforth it is essential for us to understand what a number tells us about our direction in life, capacity to work, response to emotions and almost every sphere of life. One can learn numerology through various means- Through books available in market like Power of numbers by a famous Astrologer, Tarot reader & Numerologist Manisha Koushik . Online knowledge can be obtained by visiting websites like https://www.askmanisha.com that offers free numerological reports or by learning numerology by a competent numerologist like Manisha Koushik to discover ourselves and future events in our life.

Numeroscope is your chart which is prepared by synchronizing your date of birth with your name.

But the question is how does a Numerologist predict from a Numeroscope?
First we need to calculate your numerology number and then understand your positive and negative traits, expected occupational fields, personal side and spirituals side of your nature.

What is your numerology number?
Numerology number is also referred to as life path number and talent number which describes the basic ingredients that you are made up of; as is calculated by your date of birth.

Eg 15- feb-1988
Reduce your date of birth to single digit- 1+5=6
Reduce your month of birth to single digit- February =2
Reduce your year of birth of year to single digit – 1+9+8+8=26=8

Now add your (date+ month+ year) =6+2+8=16=7
That makes you a number 7 person.

Positive Traits of a number seven person:- The number 7 person is excellent in Research, analysis, understanding, perfection.
Negative Traits of a number seven person:- The number 7 person is reserved, inadaptable can be short tempered at times.
Occupations for a number seven person<:- The people with number seven are researchers; they can be good at forensic science, writing, business. All in all the number seven calls for perfectionists.

Date of birth is one of the core numbers to understand your major talents. You must be wondering what happens to the life of people who have same date of birth??? If you think they must have got similar personal or professional life answer is a big NO!


The reason for this is that how you are going to use your talent is decided by another core number in numerology- known as destiny or expression number derived from your name. As John Ruskin once said smallness or greatness of a man is decided at time of his birth. Synchronization of both your talent number and destiny number is important so say, whether or not you are going to make glory of accomplishments in this lifetime or will have to suffer repeated disappointment due to the good or bad deeds done in past lives as soul is neither be created nor destroyed it is just transformed from body to other until and unless all imperfections are removed and it achieves liberation.

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