Virgo Yearly Horoscope


Learning and growing is likely to be your mantra in the year 2021. Concentrating on things at hand would be important on the work front. Seniors at the workplace are watching you and they like what they see. Freshers are likely to hear of job opportunities between April to June. Someone is likely to succumb to your wit and charm on the love front. A potential marriage proposal for the eligible can be expected in the first quarter. Those married should be careful around July as simmering tensions may rise to the surface. Third quarter of the year can keep you occupied in changing your place of residence. Expenses may be on the rise between February to June but you will have enough to manage it well. Although financial stability is assured between August to October. Investment in a commercial property around September appears to be a monetary delight. Someone is likely to mentor you on the health front. Avoid focussing on the health supplements and stick to the traditional methods to regain optimum health. Your social circle is likely to expand in the second half of the year.

Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Colour: Beige
Lucky Months:
Lucky Days:

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