I could never believe someone could help me know the real "ME" with just a few cards on her table. You truly are a blessed soul, a knowledgeable guide and a strongly intuitive person along with a great counselor. Your magical words actually brought about magic in my life. I adore you and your guidance always.
C K Singh
I met Manisha in an Astrology fest where she was giving assisting people with name therapy. I really wondered if this concept is of any substance. As I started talking to her, the way she told me "this is your life path number and this should be your name number and overall you must be this number person" - left me completely surprised!
Suprabhat Biswas
In not more than five minutes you could tell what attitude problem is with my child and that was because of the number vibrations that were not suiting her. I feel relaxed after taking name therapy guidance with her. Best Regards.
Preeti Kumari
I am one of those cricket frenzy fans her predictions for the ICC world cup 2011 were BANG ON!! from who would score how much, who would be sent to pavilion next. BRAVO! :) plus the upayas she suggested were really helpful :)
Haymanti Bhanot
Manisha is not only a very knowledgeable astrologer and tarot reader but also a lovely person. She is an excellent councillor and has an amazing way to explain situations with great examples. She challenges the age old concepts and tries to give remedies and solutions keeping in mind the ever changing environment. Her predictions have been very accurate for me which made me believe in her skill completely. I know she will rise and become one of the most famous astrologer of our time. Thanks Manisha!
Gunjan Manocha
Manisha is a very strong and impressive personality. I found her persona very motivational. Whenever I am in need she listens patiently and gives me best suited advice. She is a lovely person. Once I sort assistance of her astrology and the prediction was bang on. I wish her all the best for the future....
Vidita Gupta
Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others. U are d Ray of Hope For the one's who r in d Darkness All the Best torch bearer๐Ÿ‘
Deepali Chauhan
I have done gupth Navaratri.. still I continuing all retuals..i applied for a LPJ connection for industrial as well as domestic purposes 3 months back and this company is an international company.In the first round, I got selected for three zones from Bangalore, now only four rounds remain for it to get confirmed,but I have cleared the first procedure.So I'm very thankful to Manisha mam and her team
Deblina Roy
Manisha is an excellent astrologer and tarot card reader. She is a lively person with great knowledge. She listens patiently to all our problems and gives the best remedies. Her readings were very accurate for me and her remedies worked out great for me. She actually gave me hope during my troubled times.Thank you very much Manisha.
Sushma Dn
Manisha Ma'am is just so awesome in providing all the support Always and her caring words makes you feel Positive and gives a lot of confidence all the time She is an absolute prefect in all her predictions and all her predictions is very very accurate and comes true...Always !...I would definitely recommend her to Everyone and make a difference in your Life ! My Best Wishes Always To You Ma'am for your excellent work and Keep Rocking like this...Always !
Sohini Gupta
Your words are like a ray of hope which illuminates the darkest part of life. Pin pointed prediction. Simple remedies. A cut above the rest.
r b
Thank you mam for your guidance. You are Best Astrologer & Tarot card reader and your predictions are very accurate.You are also a humble person.
Rachna Tripathi
Very good
Anjali pandey
Manisha ji is exilent astrologer
Neeta kabra
Actually I daily read ..ur....prediction... get positive...thnks
Dipti Rajput
I am NeeLima from Hyderabad I am following .your awesome mam .I am following u in Facebook since one year . and also following ur remedies. I feel very positive when I see ur vedios . Your a blessing for us.thank u for starting the workshop group๐Ÿ™. I think she is a very nice lady .In this era where people do astrology vastu numerology just for money and fool people .Manisha mam is an example that she give advices so that people get benefits out of it and such good people still exist.Manisha mam started this free workshop group ๐Ÿ‘ .I was extremely happy.since the day one till date I religious and dedicated kept Diya in front of my house as Manisha mam said .Also her next vedio on prayer techniques was so simple to understand to common people that implementing started the same day itself.Manisha mam gave me OM word to chant as I was unable to decide which prayer code to use .since then everyday at my office I chant OM word as much as I can while working .Now the prayer code OM feels so connected to me that in my sleep also I feel I can hear the word OM. Now I feel that what ever God gave me is enough rest is up to him I have more faith on God and I trust him that like wise how Manisha mam came into my life and gave advice .God knows when to give me and how to give me .I just need to be calm. Once again immense thanks to Manisha Ji.
Neelima Gujjeti
Simply love the positive vibe she has...just know her stuff so well n perfect
Alisha Suri
More than Astrologer....she understands things like a family member and give suggestions which really really work for you...
Aayuhi Sharma
Wil definitely recommend my friends and family to visit her.Very helpful staff they have to solve all your problems.Thank u so much Team for all the help u have been giving us!!
Sharad Jain
Awsome team work... My life become smooth because of your guidence...thank you so much
Sukhjeet Kaur
Manisha ji has a way with astrology as well as vastu, her vastu tips have helped me correct many things in my home She always gives solution to problems to bring about prosperity and good health . Thankyou mam! please keep guiding...
Shreya Pandey
Manisha mam, is a very humble and compassionate person . I love the way she answers our query with patience in the prayer technique workshop.Thanks for bringing in positivity and good vibes in our lives
Priya Baliga
Hi mam prayer techniques r very effective I am doing regular practice feeling very positive energy around us some worries r there but always hope for the best thanks a lot
Radhika Vijay
Manisha Mam is a very good speaker. Her insights on prayer techniques have helped to create a positive energy and vibration in my house.
Debashree Jana
She has a lot of knowledge about astrology and her remedies proves helpful to me. She is a motivational person and creates positive energy in me.
Manjinder kaur
It's been wonderful experience interacting with Manisha Koushik mam.Her advice and tips have been very helpful for me .I strongly recommend everyone for once try the services provided by her and see the results. thank u so much mam
Kankshi Bhardwaj
I would like to Thanks Manisha for being a guiding force and helping in some important decisions in life...sometimes one needs validations for the moves that you want to make in life and Manisha has always been able to give us that confidence her skills and knowledge in the field of astrology and tarot card reading ...thanks for being a great guide.
Sudeep Jain
Manisha is the best person I have met , who first makes you comfortable and can resonate with what needs to be dealt and the answers which you get in return calms you down , providing all the necessary solutions. Always look forward meeting her.
Swati Bajaj Bansal
She is one of the best astrologer. Resolves problems very quickly and is very down to earth. Her services are superb.
Vidhi Gupta
Accurate reading with logical solutions. She helped me to take few major decisions of my life. Happy and great-full.
Miki Sharma
Very Knowledgeable renowned and experienced astrologer. Her remedies are very simple and logical. She is on facebook also. She has free query sessions and live videos.
Shalini Sharma
I feel really blessed to have found Manisha. She has been a big help for giving us the right guidance for our business issues. She is readily available to help you with all ur worries. The staff is also very nice. Thank u so much for all the help and support u have been giving us which has given a lot of positivity in our life and helped us in our venture too.will definitely recommend to all my friends and family to visit her for all issues
I can personally vouch for Manisha ma'am. She answered all my queries patiently and her readings were bang on. Even when I hadn't shared much, she stated everything accurately. It was reassuring to talk to her and know that I am putting my efforts in the right direction. This session with her at the beginning of new year has definitely brought new hope and enthusiasm in me.
Miss Zesty
Manisha Koushik is an amazing astrologer, card reader who help people in every possible way to trace their problems or get out of any issue. I also believe in Astrology and got my cards read from her and surprisingly everything which she told was true. Moreover, all the remedies she provided to me made my life blissful and contended. She makes you feel optimistic by showing the ray of hope to get you back on the track. She has a complete knack of all types of astrology problems and have profound knowledge of the same. Highly Recommended!
Bhavya Gupta
Manisha is just fantastic. I am in touch with her from quite few years now. She can understand my issues clearly and always provide solution which are just apt. Her remedies are cost effective and very simple to be adhered to and ofcourse always leads to positive outcome. Above all, she is always approachable and very nice person to whom you can open your heart and offload your worries. She will patiently listen to you with a smile. I strongly recommend her.
Pallavi Garg
Manisha ji has a way with astrology as well as vastu, her vastu tips have helped me correct many things in my home She always gives solution to problems to bring about prosperity and good health . Thankyou mam! please keep guiding...
Sherya Pandey
Astrologer Manisha Koushik is an excellent Tarot card reader. Her predictions are very accurate and remedies are very simple. I would always recommend everyone to once get Reading done by her. Trust me you start getting positive vibes and best results. Once again thanks alot Ma'am for helping and guiding me.
Rini Mohan
I am really glad to meet Manisha Koushik. thank you so much madam for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction. God bless you ๐Ÿ™
Navjeet Kaur
I had taken 1 offer of ask 1 question. The question was regarding my business. She guided me towards the success. I always follow her videos on Fengshui and Mahaupay. It really helped me. Thanks a lot for sharing the tips to live a better life. Would highly recommend her. She is the best Tarot card reader and Vastu Fengshui experts. Thanks a lot Ma'am for helping me.
Lokesh Goel
She is amazing in what she do. Remedies were not hard either. I would highly recommend her.
Maitri Sharmaa