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” I am one of those cricket frenzy fans… her predictions for the ICC world cup 2011 were BANG ON!! … from who would score how much, who would be sent to pavilion next. BRAVO!! :) plus the upayas she suggested were really helpful.. :) ”
Haymanti Bhanot, USA
“My session with you was really good. The first few facts you told about me took me completely by surprise. Your assessment was accurate to an extent of 75% approximately. I feel much obliged and relaxed after talking to you.” ”
Rajat Gill, Businessman, Germany
“My session with you was just excellent. You made me so comfortable in your company. I never felt I was talking to a professional tarot reader but you are more of an elder sister to me. You wonderful advices that you gave me during our first meet are still afresh in my mind, and the way you said I know you wouldn’t sincerely follow them either. But it was my second meet with you when you gave me immense confidence to realize my problems and predicted the accurate period when I will be out of those problems. I look up to you for the amount of positivity that you carry in yourself.”
Shreya Singh, Reading, UK
“I could never believe someone could help me know the real “ME” with just a few cards on her table. You truly are a blessed soul, a knowledgeable guide and a strongly intuitive person along with a great counselor. Your magical words actually brought about magic in my life. I adore you and your guidance always.”
C K Singh, Ajmer
“The tarot reading you did for me has helped me attain the answers I had been looking for myself since long. I can actually feel the change in myself and feel highly energized for challenges coming my way as predicted by you. Also to my amazement, your predictions have come true for me so far; luckily a few things that I always dreamt of but never imagined they could really happen in real time.Many Thanks!”
Santosh Rautela, Network Engineer, Delhi
“I met Manisha in an Astrology fest where she was giving assisting people with name therapy. I really wondered if this concept is of any substance. As I started talking to her, the way she told me “this is your life path number and this should be your name number and overall you must be this number person” – left me completely surprised! I had no more questions to ask her except suggest me a good name for my newly born baby! Further she not only suggested me the name but explained me on how has she arrived at that conclusion, which is so kind of her.”
Suprabhat Biswas, Delhi
“In not more than five minutes you could tell what attitude problem is with my child and that was because of the number vibrations that were not suiting her. I feel relaxed after taking name therapy guidance with her. Best Regards. ”
Preeti Kumari, Mumbai
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