Taurus Love Compatibility

  • Taurus Love Aries

    Taurus Love Aries

    A Taurus analyze the situation properly before starting to work on it, an Aries is always in a hurry, on the other hand. A Taurus puts his views in a gentle way before someone, but Aries likes to dominate. A Taurus thinks for future, but an Aries finishes work very quickly. In case these two zodiac signs fall in love they will have to overcome lots of challenges to adjust with each other. This relation can work in a wonderful manner provided both of them make effort to respect and understand each other. Taurus provides commitment and solidity to the rash behavior of Aries. The exciting and curious nature of Taurus fills lots of color in Taurus life.
  • Taurus Love Taurus

    Taurus Love Taurus

    Taurus people believe in obligation, reliability and stability. This relation can have a high compatibility level due to their virtues. However, problem is created between them because of their obstinacy. Both of them have definite views. However, this obstacle can be crossed easily if both of them become compassionate about each other. This relation can be dull as both of them are less willing to involve in fun activities and are quite constant.

    Both of them are quite careful in monetary terms so there will be no problem there. Both of them are honest to each other so rare stretch of envy can be sorted out easily. This relation can turn out to be the most compatible one if they are able to control their inflexibility. They are on each other’s side in any situation. There is lot of devotion, concern and romance in this relation.  

  • Taurus Love Gemini

    Taurus Love Gemini

    Taurus people plan a lot to move ahead in life, they never take a decision in hurry. On the other hand, Gemini people are quite impatient. They are also not reliable at times. These characteristics can cause lot of problem between them particularly when they are in a relation. Gemini has an amusing nature which attracts Taurus, but they get bored in each other’s company easily. This can cause lot of tension in their life. The agitation of one collides with the coolness of the other. Gemini always searches for someone to make a decision, while a Taurus is independent. Gemini is adversely affected by the possessive nature of Taurus as she like freedom. This relation can be a good one provided they are able to handle their differences. Gemini has to learn some stability in life, while Taurus has to leave things.
  • Taurus Love Cancer

    Taurus Love Cancer

    There are many similarities between a Cancer and a Taurus. They like to spend time with each other in a calm atmosphere and both of them are responsive. They get along with each other smoothly as both of them are of friendly nature. None of them is competing with the other, they are happy in living in a small house. Cancer likes the generous nature of Taurus. Cancer is free in depicting in love for him and gives love to Taurus family. This love match can be best among all if they overcome their slight differences.
  • Taurus Love Leo

    Taurus Love Leo

    Both, Taurus and Leo are rigid and stiff by nature. This relation can have some problem because of the differences; however, they have permanent relation. Taurus likes to be with some close people only and is of reserved nature; on the other hand, Leo likes to gain attention. They will be able to understand each other in spite of this difference. This relation may go into big problem because of their persistent nature.
  • Taurus Love Virgo

    Taurus Love Virgo

    Virgo and Taurus have similar traits and there is sensibility in both of them. There is great agreement between them, and no one is irresponsible and over-spending. Both of them like to live in present. The jealous nature of Taurus may put off Virgo at times. Both of them are not really interested in travelling and like to be at home. They should learn to spend for one another. This relation can be one of the best if little adjustments are made.
  • Taurus Love Libra

    Taurus Love Libra

    A Libra and a Taurus keep themselves away from any kind of dispute. They have a kind, mild and sociable nature. They live life with peace. There are certain problems between them in spite of these virtues. Libra loves to be at home, but Taurus has a friendly nature. The hesitancy of the Libra collides with the persistence of a Taurus. This relation can become enjoyable if they learn to adjust with one another. A Taurus is influenced by ambassadorial Libra with a little love.
  • Taurus Love Scorpio

    Taurus Love Scorpio

    A Scorpio and Taurus are strong couple. They have a common nature at least at the academic level. They are one of the best in terms of compatibility. Scorpio and Taurus are very domineering. There is lot of emotional content in Scorpio. Both of them needs to compromise at times and they are firm by nature. They must learn how to express their feeling in front of the other partner. Both of them are extremely loyal, however, there may be doubt at times, other than this, there is no permanent problem. This relation will certainly work if they adjust a little.
  • Taurus Love Sagittarius

    Taurus Love Sagittarius

    Sagittarius and Taurus are different in some respect and are common in other. The Sagittarius likes to meet with new people, party and travelling. The Taurus is more of a homely person. Sagittarius may find Taurus too boring. The regular changing personality of Sagittarius is a cause of worry for the Taurus. This relation can turn out to be good if they learn to appreciate one another’s quality and make the most of it. Taurus should give some freedom to Sagittarius. This relation can be incredible if the wisdom and practicality of Taurus is balanced by the recklessness of Sagittarius. Both of them should not try to change the other person; rather try to balance out each other.
  • Taurus Love Capricorn

    Taurus Love Capricorn

    Capricorn and Taurus are expedient. Both of them have their own world. They are same on devout and idealistic phase. Both of them pay due attention to all aspects of life. This relation gets its strength from reliability, belief and dependability. None of them is over spending so there is absurdity on the financial front. Capricorn gets lots of support from Taurus in realizing his dreams. In the company of Capricorn there is security for Taurus.
  • Taurus Love Aquarius

    Taurus Love Aquarius

    A Taurus person believes in straight forwardness and realism. He has a sensible opinion towards life. Aquarius believes in taking a modern approach and likes to break rules. There can be major problem in this relation as Aquarian inflexibility collides with the obstinacy of Taurus. However, one they set their mind on something, both of them are determined. Aquarius is rigid many times and this can cause problem. This relation can be one of the best, if they are able to resolve their differences.
  • Taurus Love Pisces

    Taurus Love Pisces

    Pisces and Taurus people have a thoughtful outlook. They look for mutual agreement in a relation. The softness of Pisces makes Taurus fall in love. The stability of Taurus is the attraction point for Pisces. A Taurus person believes in practicality and simplicity. The likes and dislikes of Pisces are not clear. Taurus has definite views, but Pisces has not concrete ideas. However, the imagination of a Piscean is less clear than the practicality of Taurus.

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