Destiny Numbers

Destiny Numbers

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” Similar is the case of our life path number and next most significant number i.e. expression  number  which is often known as DESTINY NUMBER.
‘Life Path Number’ is what a person is at the time of his birth and the ‘Name’ given at the time of his birth holds within it, a message where that person should direct his energy to explore his potentials. One can make use of ‘Destiny Number’ to select  profession and attain his ultimate destiny. To make it more understandable let’s take it this way:-

Consider this example to understand Destiny Number:

Suppose a birth of twin girls (Shruti Jain and Kratika Jain) take place in a family on 16–January - 1990 now they both share same life path number (9) but Shruti becomes a writer as her destiny number was 3, supporting work of artistic nature and Kratika becomes a Doctor as her destiny wanted her to serve others.
Destiny number can help an individual understand what he can aspire to become. Thus without scattering energies on different fronts, one can move ahead with confidence and gain success by moving on the path suggested by the divine will.

Calculation of Destiny Number
1. Write your full Name.
2. Assign values to the alphabets from the following table:-





































3. Add numerical values of each name separately and reduce them to single digit, then add single digits for arriving at Destiny Number

S  H  R  U  T  I           J  A  I  N
1  8  9  3  2  9              1  1  9  5
32                               16
5  + 7
3 (Destiny Number)

Similarly, in case of Kratika Jain; destiny number comes out to be 6, by performing same calculation.

Interpretation of Destiny Number
Destiny Number 1
Number one itself says you have potential to be a leader in one particular field of work. Be ambitious and rely on your capabilities and try not to be dominating and selfish while pursuing your goals.
Destiny Number 2
You have the potential to become dispute resolver. Cooperation and diplomacy of Destiny Number Two (2) can make you act as a mediator to settle peace in chaotic situations.
Destiny Number 3
Through  self expression and artistic talent i.e. by the way of writing, speech, singing you will be known for motivating others and filling  life of those around you with joy and happiness.
Destiny Number 4
You are destined to organize your life with  practical approach. In this  life  time you have to build, construct and organize. Family matters need to be managed and you have to take responsibility  of others.
Destiny Number 5 
In this  incarnation you are destined to teach  meaning of liberty and constructive freedom to others. Change, adaptability and constructive freedom will provide you with an opportunity to deal with different people and  ever changing circumstances.
Destiny Number 6 
Six as your destiny  want you to serve others, take responsibilities and be dependable. Generosity, sacrifice and duty will surround you. The more you give the more you get.
Destiny Number 7 
Start being more  research oriented and retrospective as nature wants you to unravel the hidden truths and philosophy of life and teach common people the way of truthful living as you are destined to become a natural teacher and an amazing philosopher.
Destiny Number 8 
Judgment of people and events is what nature demands from you as you have to manage and administrate organizations.  Good opportunity is offered for Destiny number 8 people to earn material rewards and become VIPs.
Destiny Number 9 
You are Understanding and believe in fulfilling needs of others without being selfish and demanding. In short  playing a role of  fatherly figure is what you have to become. You can also become a Spiritual Giant.
Destiny Number 11 
Inspiring others, living a spiritual life and showing light to others is in your destiny for this life. Keep  check on nervous tensions and take material life lightly. 
Destiny Number 22 
Handling big projects, giving practical shape to things on one hand and inspiring  others on the other hand is what you have to do in this life. Remember to take as much work as much you can handle and be honest in your pursuits.

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