Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


You shine with enthusiasm as the year 2021 rings in. Stay optimistic as you are likely to attract good reputation and wealth along with it. Small hiccups are foreseen in January and August regarding the tasks at hand but you will be able to come out victorious. Whenever you feel confused; just look within and gather your thoughts to how can you resolve this in your best capacity. Some of you are likely to step up the corporate ladder as seniors share an excellent feedback for you. Family gatherings, weddings, office parties and other social events are likely to keep you occupied throughout the year. Hard work pays off on the academic front as you manage to get through what you had been desperately waiting for. Family and friends are likely to be quite supportive in the third quarter as talking to them will take the weight off your heart. This is also going to be a phase to mend and heal the relationships that went sour on the social front. High expenditure is likely to buzz in June and July but things start stabilizing post that. A home loan that you are looking forward to is likely to be released. Health poses no major problems apart from some seasonal ailments that you may invite due to your own carelessness.

Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Colour: Grey
Lucky Months:
Lucky Days:

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