Monthly Forecast-July 2017

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aries sign
You are in need of a good break and you are likely to get it soon! Promotional prospects look bright, especially for those in the private sector. You are likely to attain your objective on the academic front. Someone who has offended you on the social front may extend a hand of friendship. Your desire to impress someone from the opposite camp is likely to hit right and brighten your romantic prospects!

taurus sign
You will need to overcome some adjustment problems on the professional front. Good returns from property or acquiring new property is on the cards for some. On the academic front, you will perform remarkably well. Your search for a dream partner may materialize soon. A marriage or a function is likely to bring you to the forefront. Health remains satisfactory.

gemini sign
There is a good chance for you to enjoy yourself without spending much! You are likely to maintain your superiority in a competitive situation at work. Your luck turns for the better on the academic front. Victory over rivals is foretold. Wise investments that you are likely to make will help in multiplying your wealth. Someone may become your guide and help you attain total fitness.

cancer sign
Those going in for an image makeover will take steps to improve their figure and physique. A surprise sprung by lover may simply floor you! Judge the situation on the social front before you make any commitments. Driving round the countryside is likely to bring a welcome change of scene. Your decision to look after your health will start to get positive results.

leo sign
There is much that is happening on the social front, so go out and participate! Benefits gained from an exercise regimen will make you fitness conscious. Picture on the professional front may get a bit hazy, but things will turn out favourable in the end. On the academic front, chances of faring well are high. Expected returns from an investment seem encouraging.

virgo sign
Attending a family function is on the cards for some. A new venture starts giving good returns. Your bank balance promises to stay healthy, as previous investments mature.You may become motivated to choose some healthy options just to remain fit and energetic. On the professional front, you may need to pick up some speed in your current project just to beat the deadline.

libra sign
This is the time for you to take charge of things and be in total command. You may seek help from someone you have helped in the past. An excellent break on the professional front can be expected by some. Performance at workplace will bring you into the notice of those who matter. Results on the academic front are likely to be favourable. Nearness to someone at work may turn into a budding romance.

scorpio sign
This is the right time to get into the groove of the things. Your fine display of creativity is likely to be highly appreciated. You may feel more romantic than usual, so dont let this feeling dwindle, do something about it! Travel bug may bite you and take you to someplace exotic with your near and dear ones. You will succeed in learning the ropes in a new job in record time.

sagittarius sign
Progress on the professional front will be satisfactory. Personal misunderstandings, if any, need to be resolved immediately to bring harmony in the family. Encouraging news awaits some on the academic front. Your well wishers are likely to ensure your popularity on the social front. Rise in salary can be expected by some. Health may become your priority at this juncture.

capricorn sign
Monetary gains in the form of shares dividend are likely to improve financial health. A decision taken at work will be favourable for you. Much fun is foreseen on the social front, as you get a chance to meet your near and dear ones. Serious efforts on your part will be required to attain a good physique. Spending time with lover is likely to prove most fulfilling.

aquarius sign
Devising ways and means of expanding your social circle promises to make you more visible on the social front. A sudden, short but pleasurable romantic encounter will thrill you. Efforts on the professional front will pay rich dividends. Spending quality time with friends and relations is indicated. Much fun is visualised for those travelling to some exotic destination. Eat healthy diet to remain fit.

pisces sign
The month turns out to be a mixed bag. Some delay is foreseen in a venture, but you will manage to make up for it. You give yourself the dose of social company to boost spirits. On the health front, be very cautious about your eating habits. Someone you feel attracted to on the romantic front may give encouraging signs. Some improvements on the home front may be initiated by you.
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