Missing Numbers

So often we deny consuming a particular dish because it lacks one particular spice which impacts its overall standard taste. It seems so strange that how a pinch of spice can enhance or spoil the taste of food. Human beings are also like these dishes; Like the dishes need salt, turmeric, spices etc, we require initiative, cooperation, judgment and other qualities to be balanced and to win the race of life.

It is clear by reading articles of master numerology that numbers represent qualities. Some are represented more frequently in our name and date of birth and others might not be appearing even once. Numbers which are missing in our names are known as missing numbers or we can say these are karmic lessons or the qualities that we need to work upon for better results in our life.
How to calculate Missing Number??


  1. Write your full name and date of birth.

For Example                                                    Date of Birth                        Life path 
S – 1                                                                21 – 3 – 1982            =           8
H – 8
R – 9
E – 5
Y – 7
A – 1

G – 7
U – 3 
P – 7 
T – 2
A – 1


Now in this case 4 and 6 are completely lacking this means that  shreya finds it difficult to put hard work and take on domestic responsibility, But 8 as life path must be compensating for her weak link of 4 and 6 as 8 is responsible and hardworking.  However she still needs to work on becoming more persistent and responsible.


If number one is missing,  person is lacking initiative, will and determination. He should learn to be more confident  on his judgment and should trust his individuality.

Two -
Number two in a chart makes it difficult for a person to cooperate and work as a team member. Lack of two can create  problem as we all are interdependent but this can be compensated if 3, 6 and 9 are there in the chart.

Three -
Life will provide him situations where he needs to be more optimistic, creative and imaginative. It is important to be upbeat and express yourself better to make your mark in some areas of life.

Four -
One with no 4’s in the chart will have to learn practical aspect of issues.  Person will find it difficult to work hard and nature demands same from him. Deficiency of 4 can be compensated by 8’s in the chart.

Five -
Change is the only constant thing in life. If five is missing in your chart it is important for you to learn to be more flexible and adaptable. Life gives you  new experience every moment and you need to change accordingly for your own betterment.

Six -
Lack of six makes a person irresponsible and one who shuns duties. Circumstances will give you opportunities to learn taking responsibilities. It might appear to you as a burden but if you accept you will get  reward of  highest order.

Seven –
You distrust your own talents. You must specialize in one particular field as you will have to understand things more deeply than understanding them at  superficial level. Be more research oriented.

Eight – 
No eights in  name  means you lack judgment and are poor in handling money. It is important for you to learn handling finances otherwise there might be some problem at the financial ends.

Nine – 
Nine makes a person caring, unselfish and understanding. Lack of these traits can cause trouble in both your personal and professional life. There is a need to be more compassionate and kind to others.

It is important for each one of us to inculcate qualities of missing number in our chart by slow and gradual development. Lack of a particular number is a weak link which if understood and worked upon can become our greatest strength.

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