Leo Woman


The Leo Woman

The Leo Woman can be easily distinguished among everyone, mainly because of her confident strut, bright looking smile and a laugh which can be heard from a distance. At times she loses her temper but otherwise she is quite lively, playful and passionate. When she is angry, she needs to be calmed down with compliments.

Leo and Love

Leo women either want to have everything or nothing. The passion and intensity are main characteristics of their love life.

Love and Relationships

In case Leo women are in relationship, they will be very faithful to their partners. She expects the same thing from her partner.

Leo and Friendships

Warm spirit and zest for life are the two main characteristics of a Leo woman.

Leo and Sex

For Leo women, sex holds an important place in life and physical bonding is one of the primary aspect for them.

Leo and Fashion

Leo women are like queen of the jungle and they like to look perfect at all time. The clothes they wear needs to be exclusive.



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