Leo Sexual Compatibility

  • Leo and Aries

    Leo and Aries

    A highly competent sexual attraction coupled with healthy challenges will keep both of them physically and mentally satisfied. There is a high chance to form long lasting relationship. Combined together they gain prestige thereby make great fortune. Both of them should keep aside their aggressiveness in order to escape from emotional disturbances. Both of them should try to give royal treatment to their partner. They share great intensity and compatibility both on and off the bed. Their sexual life will be fantastic and there is high chance for getting married.

    Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

  • Leo and Taurus

    Leo and Taurus

    The passion and sensuality of Taurus attracts Leo. They share strong friendship, playing and partying hard. Their sexual ideas are similar. Outgoing Leo attracts Taurus effortlessly. Taurus stands with Leo in all their good and bad times. The independence nature of Leo attracts Taurus. This relationship is highly rewarding and has the possibility of both short and long term. They fall in love madly. The sensual and serious nature of Taurus is promising for Leo. The person may know more about themselves through this relationship.

    Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

  • Leo and Gemini

    Leo and Gemini

    The sexual appeal of Gemini attracts Leo seriously. Mercury ruled Gemini possess both brain and beauty which is very attractive for Leo. The witty nature of Gemini may put Leo in laughter. Mysterious Gemini may challenge Leo. Leo appears to be the best lover for Gemini. There exists a great sexual relationship with greater chance of long term partnership. Gemini should be given lots of freedom whereas Leo should maintain their humor sense all times. Leo should keep aside all their laziness and other dramatic episodes to maintain their relationship. Gemini should maintain their mysterious behavior with Leo for good results. There is a chance for hot sex and love. Gemini may maintain secrets with Leo.

    Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

  • Leo and Cancer

    Leo and Cancer

    Their overnight sexual relationship may end up in marriage. The moody nature of Cancer may turn out to be problematic. During these times, Leo may become selfish and turn out the relationship. The sensitive nature of Cancer should be carefully handled by Leo. The faithful nature of Leo should get noticed by Cancer. Leo may shower countless love on Cancer in turn Cancer provide emotional security to Leo. There is an increased chance for love and sex. Loyalty and strong compatibility may keep up their relationship forever.

    Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

  • Leo and Leo

    Leo and Leo

    This will be a powerful relationship. There is no stop when these two signs combine. Their attraction will be very strong. These two fire signs love playing. Fire sign will get attracted to another fire sign naturally. They can make strong relationship only if they both clearly define their boundaries and stick on to that. Both of them are loyal, reliable and stubborn in nature. There may be problems only when one poke into another’s ego. Both of them expect compliments and praise. Gossips and secrets may spoil their relationship.

    Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

  • Leo and Virgo

    Leo and Virgo

    There exists a good understanding and excellent communication in their relationship. Virgo’s mind seems to be attractive for Leo whereas Virgo likes to seduce Leo publically. They get attracted very fast which may end with romantic relationship. Virgo will stand with Leo in all good and bad times. There will be volcanic situation in romantic and sexual compatibility. This is perfect combination of love and sex. They stay close together with loyalty and because of family matters. Leo should keep aside all their mind games in this relationship. Virgo should display tolerance and patience in order to maintain happy relationship. They should be very cautious in terms of infidelity and secrets which may damage their relationship. Leo may bring secrets into their relationship and Virgo may break out when deceived.

    Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

  • Leo and Libra

    Leo and Libra

    Leo is attracted towards Venus ruled Libra. The social nature and beauty of Leo attracts Libra. They share lot of laughter and attend parties together. They appear to be constant party. Libra’s life is filled with romance and music by Leo. Leo’s sexual appeal and drama will get appreciation from Libra. Their attraction may result in marriage. The possessiveness of Leo may put Libra uncomfortable. They may get strong over years or may even break out. They have good sexual potential. They will ultimately end by getting married.

    Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

  • Leo and Scorpio

    Leo and Scorpio

    They may form a long lasting relationship. Occasionally fire requires water. There may be either complete or nothing situation. They may get into love and end up in marriage or may have sex for a night and end up as enemies in life. They both are intense, dedicated and passionate individuals with perfect match in all aspects. Whether they form long lasting relationship is a mystery. Their issue will be sex. They both will have amazing sexual relationship. Scorpio will sexually intrigue Leo. Their future lies completely in their hand.

    Their compatibility rating is 3 / 5

  • Leo and Sagittarius

    Leo and Sagittarius

    The intensity and wild nature of Leo will get its attraction from Sagittarius. They love playing with fire and never mind going flattery for sex. They prove to be great lovers with strong attraction for long term commitment. They experience lot of laughter and good life together. This relationship can be traced in animals and children. They are highly compatible each other both on and off their bed. Their sexual relation will seem be like an explosive with a strong reason to keep them in contact. Their pair looks simply great. If a person need to experience the peak of sex, then they should keep going in this.

    Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

  • Leo and Capricorn

    Leo and Capricorn

    This may be exciting and challenging relationship. They both engage with equal sexuality, friendship and passion in their relationship. There remains vibration in their relationship forever. Their bond will get stimulated by various events and social groups. They possess common creative abilities and require independence. They will have interesting sexual life and love affair. Either one of them may break out in future. Leo should take it easily. The laughter and effort of Leo should get acknowledged by Aquarius. Leo should get immersed in Aquarius spirituality. They make a great pair together.

    Their compatibility rating is 4 / 5

  • Leo and Aquarius

    Leo and Aquarius

    There will be sensual and mystical relationship between them. They themselves get surprised by their initial intensity and chemistry right from very first meet. Pisces may take this serious. The seductive nature and social charm of Pisces attracts Leo. Leo will get seduced by Pisces immediately. There will be passionate sexual relationship between fire and water. When they are involved, no one can get space between them. Both of them should express their love very strongly and in turn may have an intoxicating and erotic sexual relationship. Over days, Leo may conclude Pisces to be a single night fun. A very good brief relationship is always good for them. Pisces can very well swim in sea made from tears.

    Their compatibility rating is 2 / 5

  • Leo and Pisces

    Leo and Pisces

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