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78 magical wands, playing with them not only puts your life on track but of all others who comes under their shadow.
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You should be in a position to describe each and every card in your own unique way rather than depending on my or any other theory.
Introduction of Major Arcana
Blending Major Arcana with Minor Arcana brings a new twist in the course. It will increase your horizon. Personal well being with family and spouse or affairs are the agenda of this suit which is referred to as Cups.
Introduction of Minor Arcana

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You can't judge the depth of the sea without going inside it in the same way to know about the mysterious powers of these cards you need to dig your hands into them. You need to understand their eloquence nature and must pay full reverence to them.

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The Minor Arcana Swords
The Minor Arcana Swords

Congrats reaching this level is itself a big success for the aspirants. I hope till now you have gathered all the information which you studied.Read more