Intensity Numbers

Intensity  can  be defined as the concentration of force.
Name of individuals are made up of letters A to Z and they have numerical values. Some letters appear more frequently than others, for  example A, E, I and R etc. These letters provide certain essential qualities required to attain balance in  behavior. In some  cases numbers appear more than average quantity which makes it an extreme case providing  exceptionally great concentration of one particular force which requires  outlet to be expressed, also known as Hidden Passion.
Person with nine as talent number may become an actor due to a lot of five’s in his name. Similarly, another person with nine as talent may become  doctor due to sixes in his name.
Please refer to the table below to evaluate hidden passion number or point of intensification:







Three to Four





















Zero or one




Write your Full Name and assign numerical values to each letter.

Eg.    S U R U C H I   D OG R A
1 3 9 3 3 8 9    4 6 7 9 1
In her name 3 is repeated thrice which makes her upbeat, optimistic and cheerful with  strong urge of expression.

What  your Hidden Passion says about you?

Number 1. –
More than average  one’s makes a person extremely ambitious with the sense of being first in whatever they do. Originality and creativity can be found in abundance with  desire of influencing others. More than six 1’s in a name can make a person forceful and bullish.

Number 2 –
If two is repeated more than once in a name it makes a person very adaptable and patient with  desire of creating harmony and peace as noise disturbs them. Working in groups and performing consistently leads them to the position with higher authorities.

Number 3 – 
Three, if repeated twice or more in the chart of a person makes it his urge to express himself either through writing, singing, speaking or some other form of  self expression. Full of enthusiasm and charisma and indulging into sensual pleasure without  self discipline can make them  rolling stone.

Number 4 –
One with number 4 as their hidden passion number has a strong need of managing and organizing. Your determination and following routines with discipline can make you achieve great things in your life. More than four 4’s in  chart can make you  narrow minded and boring.

Number 5 –
You have  strong urge for newness in situations as you are very adaptable and ready to accept challenges. Good communication skills and public relations can make you do wonders in  field of sales and marketing.

Number 6 –
Serving others is what you crave for. A deep urge of taking responsibility and sacrificing yourself for  welfare of others. Healing and  counseling  comes naturally to you. Listening to turmoils of others and helping them might overburden you.

Number 7 – 
If 7 is present even once is your name, it makes you analytical, proof demanding and highly capable of doing some specialized work with perfection. You want to solve the hidden mysteries and discovering new things is what you desire. Many great scientists have 7 prominent in their chart.

Number 8 – 
Strong desire to attain material rewards through  businesslike approach and good judgment of events and people make you attain power and position. Many 8’s in  name can make you forceful, dominating and ruthless.

Number 9 –
Nine’s in name more than thrice gives  extra ordinary artistic talent. You are the one who is looking for a situation that is good for all. But too many nine’s can also make you impractical and you may start living in a fancy world.

Hidden passion can be understood and also be studied in combination with talent number and temperament while choosing  professional career because it has a great deal of impact and gives us  a zeal to explore & express the extreme force present within us.

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