Taurus Horoscope 2018 Details

Today's Taurus Horoscope

Curb your argumentative nature, as it will not serve you in maintaining good relations. Those looking for love are in for a pleasant surprise. Excellent business opportunities are foreseen for those exploring overseas markets. Impressing others with your academic achievements will not be too difficult. Your earning is set to increase and keep you financially comfortable. Spotlight will be on you on the social front today.

Today Zodiac

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Whatever you are involved in may take some time, but is certain to give positive results in future. Someone of opposite gender is likely to make this a best week on the romantic front! Those wanting to go in for higher studies abroad can expect something positive happening soon. A delicate domestic issue needs to be handled with care. Your level-headed approach will help smooth ruffled feathers.

Lucky Number : 1

Lucky Colour : Light Yellow

Weekly Zodiac

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Hobbies and various other exciting pastimes may attract you. You can get rather too protective of someone and get accused of favouritism on the family front. In calling a spade a spade at work, don't lose your cool. Good networking is likely to help you out of a tight spot. As of now, you face no financial worries. Health-wise you will remain fit as a fiddle. Someone may try to interfere in your love life.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Parrot Green

Monthly Zodiac

Taurus 2018 Horoscope for Man

A Taurus man is believed to be very practical and calm. They do not jump on anything hastily and take their decisions pretty well. They are quite romantic and display their love through innovative ways that can impresses any heart. They rare quite protective for their loved ones and they understand them pretty well. They love their parents and do not tolerate any one hampering their respect. They believe in showing leadership at home as well as in profession. They are very good observers and worshippers of beauty and nature. They like to dominate their family members and they expect the family members to respect their decisions. They are very tidy and love to stay in a place where everything is in their perfect places. If you provoke them, you may see another character of the people with Taurus sun sign.

Zodiac Man

Taurus 2018 Horoscope for Woman

The Taurus women are pretty strong emotionally and can fight any situation without taking others help. They love to ignore people they do not like. Taurus women usually like to have strong partners and they believe in handling every family matter with the cooperation of their partners. Though they dress very simple, they are quite intellectual and can help you find the correct path in your life. They are quite joyful in nature and they love to add colors to their lives.

Zodiac Woman

Taurus 2018 Horoscope Child

The Taurus children do not listen to anyone and quite adamant on doing what they want to do. Trying to make them do it your way would not yield any results. They have impressive personality traits and quite look as far as appearance is concerned. They can give you back the love they receive from you. Though they are emotional, they do not like showcasing their emotions to the whole world. They are strong enough to take care of themselves. They are far away from rudeness and sarcasm. They know how to deal with people from different age groups. So they take no time to become the favorite of many. Taurus child is very affectionate and they believe in giving and taking respect. Whatever situation they are in, they never display rudeness and anger.

Zodiac Child

Taurus Career Horoscope 2018

They do not want the interesting climax rather the mundane work will work for them. Their abrasiveness comes into being when the prediction either goes wrong or does not work. For this to achieve they may even transform themselves whether the same will be admired or not. Monetary gains are strictly imbibe in their blood which flows all the time and instigate them to have more.

They show impressive growth if in banking or trading or insurance or agriculture sector. They normally have high profile business. The Taurus is much selected while choosing a career that is his defensive outlook. They do not get involvement in such a job which creates very stressful environment at their projects. Most of the time, they are the follower not initiator so if they are assigned for task they can complete with his hard work but not able to create policies. They feel happier working in the delineate line drawn by others, giving their knowledge and perception anywhere essential. So they are not made for being chief person in the business, but for playing an underneath responsibility.

They believe in action rather than viewing the things or leaving it to the destiny. Likewise from the childhood they are eager to be up to date in their undertaken work. They are deep in nature and create useful engagement for others too. The usual way of sharing the feelings will not work with them instead they might share feeling through some art like music or paintings.

Taurus is very meticulous and punctilious inhabitants. They are ready to work continually for finishing assigned work on due time. They are not the elastic strapping sort who likes to work under anxiety and neither do they like working in upsetting and deafening environment. They prefer such occupation in which they are not enforced to give instantaneous consequences and they have fun while working in sombre way.

Zodiac Career

Taurus Wealth Horoscope 2018

Taureans are known for their hard work and discipline who can be considered as a backbone of your office. They have lot of energy to carry out things till the end. T They can be called thorough professional as they persevere in whatever work they take in hand. It is important for you to complete your task, but makes you different is to work with your best abilities. Your dedication, skill and reliability is your strength. You can be a workaholic but do your work at your own pace. This means deadlines are important to you, but just to finish work half baked is something you don't like. No doubt your work will be perfect, but you need to balance between good work and time deadlines to survive in today's competitive world. Real estate, finance, banking, interior design, architecture are best jobs for you.

Taureans has a very deep emotional connection with money. As they value money, they love to live lavish life and also save for future. Sometimes they behave as if they can't live without money, but this is what they have to change about them. Relationships are more important than money, to give you true happiness and you have to learn this.

Zodiac Weatlh

Taurus Health Horoscope 2018

Taurus Rules : the throat and the neck, which includes the speaking chords, tonsils and palate.

Health Habits: Taurus's flavor flourishes are eager, and they completely take pleasure while eating good quality food. They may have a propensity to pretend burden, as they get grown-up Taureans are mainly susceptible to colds, coughs, sore throats, laryngitis, swollen glands, taut necks, and to slight wounds around the neck. Fair exercise and good diet must be a severe discipline in every Taurean's life. They generally like to eat filling food. They are sluggish and lazy, and do not like to do work out. It can cause puffy eyes and jowls.

When they find them really exhausted or over tensed, they get coughs and stiff necks. Taurus also has the thyroid gland, which can create solemn heaviness troubles if it is not working properly.

Taurus's cell salt is sulphate of sodium, a mineral that controls the amount of water in the system.

Eat: It is very vital to uphold a diet little in starch, fat, and sugar, as lots of Taurean's are struggling with the battle of the knob. Sodium sulphate is present in the liver, pancreas, and the hormones of the kidneys. A disparity of this mineral in the body can cause swelling, symptoms of clogging around the thyroid gland, and a feeling of being waterlogged. Some foods that include this mineral are asparagus, beets, cauliflower, horse radish, spinach, cucumber, onions, pumpkin, raw nuts and cranberries. They must take lots of water to keep their system flushed out.

Taureans ought to consume food with natural iodine, such as fish and seafood. Other foods are eggs, kidney beans, wheat germ, fresh fruit and green salads.

Don't Eat: Lots of Carbohydrates may cause heaviness into Taurean's body that causes lots of health related problems so Taurean should stay away from the heavy, rich foods.


The earth element rules the skeletal and eliminatory systems. The earth element is necessary for development, reproduction and mend of tissue. Earth signs generally have weight problems, tumor growth or glandular chaos. They should avoid overeating. They frequently have stunning strong teeth.

The earth signs have strong intellect impressions and flourish on contact with the earth. They have patience and determination. They are more opposed to to transient colds.

Excess Earth

Excess earth is horizontal to immensity in the body and lethargy in the system, and the effort to overcome inactivity. Their absorption and metabolism are sluggish, growing thickness of body tissue that is thick skin, sclerosis, calcium deposits, tumors and augmented body hair.

  • Take: Fruit- salads, sprouts, steamed vegetables with spices added, juices, soups and teas.
  • Avoid: heavier diets
  • Remedy: bitter tonics such as gentian or Swedish bitters, hot spices such as ginger, black pepper and cayenne

Low Earth

Low earth has requirement of preparation. These people tend to neglect their bodies and are not unconscious about what they require. They want custom that steady them and give brains of safety. They need rest than other essentials, and get advantage from bodily contact with the earth.

  • Take: Meat, potatoes, unrefined grains, root crops, dairy, vegetables steamed , cheese, butter, sugar and oil.
  • Avoid: fruits and raw foods
  • Remedy: Demulcents such as licorice and slippery elm, seaweed and minerals, Ginseng, astragalus, ahashwaganda.

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