Cancer Horoscope 2018 Details

Today's Cancer Horoscope

Someone can expect a lot from you, so help if you are in a position to. There is much substance in somebody's advice in whatever you are currently involve in, so don't reject it out of hand. A compromise needs to be reached with someone not seeing eye to eye with you. You may get the time to resume something important that you have left midway at work.

Today Zodiac

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Your field of work may take you places and get you immense experience. Those not pulling along in a relationship need to decided now, any which way. You will find things going smoothly in your career life. A family member's contribution will prove invaluable on the business front. Don't get negligent towards your health. A change of scene will be a great idea. Financially, you stand to gain.

Lucky Number : 18

Lucky Colour : Lemon

Weekly Zodiac

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Whatever you do, you must be fair and just to all. Professionally, a hectic schedule is very much indicated. There is a need keep a tag on the work being undertaken by subordinates. Rising expenditure will be easily countered by increased earnings. Spouse may seem all lovey-dovey, so plan a romantic date with a candlelight dinner thrown in! Steps taken on the health front will prove beneficial.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Forest Green

Monthly Zodiac

Cancer 2018 Horoscope for Man

The Cancer man is found to be very shy and remain in his own world always. They keep on changing their views about the surrounding as they learn more about them. They can give you a feeling of new personalities every time you meet them. They expect security in their relationships and do not want to get things tougher at their ends. They are quite conscious about their appearance and belongings. They always want to be in the best league as far as owning new and upgraded things are concerned. Though they look rough and rude, they are pretty opposite in nature. They are soft and loving, though a bit sophisticated.

Zodiac Man

Cancer 2018 Horoscope for Woman

Women with Cancer as their sun signs are very sensitive and go through frequent mood swings. They do not love to keep aloof and they enjoy outings a lot. They are very sensitive, caring and loving. They never start a relationship from their side though they like to be the decision maker in the relationship. They are believed to be very good cooks. They are very secretive and they do not believe in sharing things as they believe, they will be rejected if they do so. They are very strong mentally but they cry like babies when alone

Zodiac Woman

Cancer 2018 Horoscope Child

Children with Cancer as their sun signs are very vulnerable to frequent mood swings. They are very good in observing things and quick in learning new things. They are quite lonely as they love to stay in their own world. They are very much fond of love, care and concern from their families. They have a rich imagination power and they enjoy their imaginary world and characters. The Cancer children are quite sensitive and they expect people to understand them. If they are ignored by any chance, they feel embarrassed and that leaves a negative impact on them. They believe in being independent as far as money is concerned.

They usually enjoy their space so they love to stay alone. They want to be loved, cared and noticed even if they love to remain aloof from the crowd. They are quite creative and they believe in working to develop their creativity.

Zodiac Child

Cancer Career Horoscope 2018

It is natural for them to always ready to launch a competitive plan for making big bucks. They acquire fully functional brain which loves to be at forefront and try to mirror the best of the things in its credit.

They are prudent to emphasis on their evolution better than the past. But the pressing need is to have spats for successful foundation. Cancer as Employer (male or female): The dramatic step is that they love to be forward in any race. They aggressively inject feeling of filling the widening of gap if exist in working and with that hygienic in nature. The spin-off in any area is one i.e. to increase the bank balance. They are keen to spur technological and scientific breakthrough. They appreciate the diligence which prompted others to speed up their productivity. Good memory lads.

They will strive enough so as not to have any crisis looming on their bank account. They are irrepressible maverick in their attempts of making money. They want periodic appraisal for their deeds. They never tolerate to be at the wrong end of the stick. They are proactive in nature and lead the masses easily. A highly sincere, solemn and loves to be insured at every point of life. The dice should be according to their specification.

It is more or less like abode for them with their belongings nearby them. Their fundamentals are strong enough to dare to take any risk while working. They recover from any jolt easily coupled with their strength. Aquatic life unprecedentedly supports their mood at work. They are always on their toes be it the first round or the final battle. To hit the bulls' eye is always their target.

Zodiac Career

Cancer Wealth Horoscope 2018

Cancerians are the people who are very-very emotional and rather than commanding they are always ready to help others. At one hand it is their strength as no one will suffer with them and on the other hand this is their biggest drawback too, as they start suffering too. Being in professions like doctor, social activist, nursing, counseling, welfare work you can be bat your best, as you can express yourself very well and can also take care of others. Mental satisfaction is more important to you then money, but at the same time money gives you stability and security in life. If your desires are fulfilled you are content with the money you have. At professional level you have to maintain balance between your work and domestic life.

You work a lot to live luxurious and fun filling life, so good income is important to you. You also have habit of saving money. In true ways, you are 'A friend in need is a friend indeed', as if you are monetarily sound, you will be helping others. For them money is a resource to help others and no doubt one is lucky to have a Cancerians as a friend.

Zodiac Weatlh

Cancer Health Horoscope 2018

Cancer Rules: the breasts and the stomach. This part of the anatomy has always symbolized sustenance and motherliness.

Health habits: Cancerians are vulnerable to gaining weight afterward. Strain, disquiet, and poignant trauma are the leading reasons of infirmity among Cancerians. They are liable to have a insubstantial stomach and digestive troubles. They may be prone to ulcers, gall bladder upsets, gas pains, nausea, and gastritis. Born under a water sign, they are inclined to overuse in wine and alcohol, which is not good for your health at all.

Cancer's cell salt is calcium fluoride, which joins with albumen and oil in the body's system to keep elastic and connective tissues healthy.

Eat: Shortage of calcium fluoride is main reason of varicose veins, receding gums, curvature of the spine, & eye problems. Food sources for calcium fluoride are egg yolks, whole grain rye, yogurt, beets, fish and oysters. Cancerians are prone to skin disorders when there is a lack of calcium in their diet. They should consume milk, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, which are high in calcium. Okra, which also contains calcium and assist in reducing stomach inflammations. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean protein are necessary for the Cancerian.

Don't Eat: Starches, sugar, and salt should be neglected. The first two reason constipation and salt produces swelling. Cancer persons should avoid blazing, highly seasoned food, and should give up hot pepper sauce and horseradish. Surplus sweets make their stomachs poorer. Cancerians require studying their diets very cautiously with the intention of staying their digestive systems healthy and their weight under control.


The water element rules the reproductive and lymphatic systems and body liquids—including blood, mucus and lymph. Water lubricates flush and cools the body. Water signs are remarkably responsive to their environment, mainly to fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Health issues for water signs usually have a strong touching constituent. Water sign person without problems pick up pessimism from others. They should be worry on their health and visualize troubles to be greater than they are. Their vigor troubles tend to persist in cycles.

Excess Water

These people tend toward lethargic digestion, poor digestion and slow metabolism. Sluggish lots of water may apparent as mucus, cysts, tumors and swellings, and systemic Candida. Plenty of water can apparent as weight problems. It is seldom helpful to diminish nutritional ingestion alone. Improved consequences come from increasing the metabolic rate, decreasing the liquid ingestion, changing the diet and increasing physical activity. Surplus Water is balanced by foods that are hot, dry and light.

  • Take: Steamed vegetables, beans, fruits.
  • Avoid: Oily foods, diary, sweets, yeasty foods, breads and salt.
  • Remedy: sage, basil and thyme, Diuretics such as parsley, uva ursi and juniper berries, Chapparal, garlic and olive leaf

Low Water

Low Water formation has difficulty in flushing toxins from their systems, and lack lubrication to their systems. They become rigid and desiccated and have complexity in sleeping. They endure from conditions alike to excess air, such as skin and hair dryness and difficult absorption of nutrients. They find it hard to accept touching sustenance. Take baths, drink plenty of liquids, and live near watermelons, cucumbers and other soggy and plumpy vegetables help equilibrium this establishment.

  • Take: Wheat, rice, oats, seaweed, dairy products and natural sugars.
  • Avoid: beans and natural diuretics such as carrots, celery, cabbage and asparagus
  • Remedy: licorice sweetened with honey, Fruit juices

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