Heart's Desire or the Inner You

Heart's Desire

We quite often come across words like mind, body  and soul. As a human being, we are ruled by mind and heart.  Mind is rational and logical but  heart is emotional and sensitive.  Heart is like a pearl in a shell- so pure, so tranquil and so calm. Value of a pearl is realized or evaluated when it is set free from  shell; in  the  similar  manner it is important to understand what our heart’s desire or soul urge is? Nothing much, but to live a peaceful and rewarding life.
Numerology helps us to understand our heart’s desire, which once realized plays a significant role in making selections for the personal and professional life. Eg let’s say a child wants to play and we tell him to study; such a situation will make him restless, bringing poor results. Same is the case with our heart; it is a child within us and to achieve good marks i.e. destiny in life it is important to give an opening to our heart’s urge.

Calculation of Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge 
Personality is like ice cube solid and is calculated by consonants in the name which has a fixed and solid identity; but  heart is like a melted ice or freely flowing water and is calculated by ‘Vowels’ ( A, E, I, O, U).
Let us explain this with the following illustrations.


Illustration No.1. 
R A C H N A     P A R E E K 
Take out the vowels in first and last name separately.
Two vowels in first name -  A A and three in the last name- A E E
Assign values to vowels:-

(Please refer to the table given below for numeric values of alphabets)





































A +A = 1+1= 2 for first name 
A+E+E=1+5+5=11 =2 for the last name 
Now add both (first name and last name)
2+2= 4 is Rachna’s Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge

Interpretation of Heart’s Desire
Heart Number 1 - 
You like to be your own boss, the urge to be ahead of others makes you do work  in  determined manner. It’s difficult for you to work as a subordinate as you want to lead and not to follow. You need freedom and should run your own business as you need an opportunity to show leadership abilities.

Heart Number 2 –
At  heart you are  very gentle and sensitive person who needs peace and cooperation for growth. It will be advisable to get into supportive  or counseling roles as you get to know how others are feeling. You are the one  who  seek companionship to blossom.

Heart Number 3 – 
Number 3 at heart makes a person imagine  and  day dream about their love. Expression through singing, dancing, and painting makes  you color your life in an artistic manner. Discipline is the key to your success as your artistic talent has enormous potential to be taken  as  vocation.

Heart Number 4 –
You want  secure and good family life which makes you work hard and attain financial security. Practical and rational at heart but still capable of giving immense love, you are sincerely concerned for your loved ones. Routine and consistency  is  nevera hard time for you.

Heart Number 5 –
Change is a key to your success. Your flexibility and  adaptability  makes it a necessity for you to be involved in work  that fulfills your desire to be free from limitations. Public relation is a good job for you as it gives  you  opportunity to meet new people every day. Even in  love  affairs you are changeable but once committed, committed  for  life  time.

Heart Number 6 –
Your Number  makes  you understanding and caring. Good domestic life is a must for you as it provides you contentment. Responsible  and  self sacrificing nature makes  you  centre of love for others.  Your  well balanced approach helps you in performing well in both your personal as well as professional life.

Heart number 7 –
Person likes to spend time alone, meditate or  understand  philosophy of life.  Perfectionist in all the spheres of life; be it work, business or home, the  number  seven  person can live alone for whole life. For them, love is not based on attachment or affection.

Heart Number 8 –
Materialistic at heart, the person with heart number 8 want to live a lavish lifestyle i.e. big house, car and bank balance. Monetary gain is what makes him motivated. Though marriage is important  for him; he is usually found dominating and is too involved in money matters that he misses the important aspects  like  expressinglove to his near and dear ones.

Heart Number 9 –
Number nine makes a person show his love in an impersonal manner as he/she is very kind, forgiving and compassionate by nature. Romantic at heart but changeable in love affairs may make him  lose  love of his life unless taken extra care of.  Impersonal side of nine makes a person radiate away love for all.

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