Guru Harkrishan Jayanti on 23 Jul 2019

Jul 23, 2019 12:00 AM-Jul 23, 2019 11:59 PM

Sikh religion is different and unique. Guru Harkrishan Jayanti is one of the prominent festivals in Sikhism. Guru Harkrishan Das was 8th guru among the prominent eleven masters in Sikh religion.

A Brief About Guru Harkrishan – Guru Harkrishan Jayanti is one of the prominent festivals of Sikhism. Moreover, it is commended with full religious intensity. On this auspicious day, individuals visit Gurdwara to get blessings of God. Visiting Gurudwara brings happiness to the home and devotees’ business too.

He decided to be the guru on 7thOctober 1661. He was also known as Bal Guru and got mastery in many situations right at an early age. Guru Harkrishan Das Jayanti is celebrated every year on July 23. His Jayanti is also called Prakash Diwas.

How To Celebrate Guru Harkrishan – On this special day, a variety of festivals are held on this day. The best thing is that extraordinary festivals are also held on in Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. People come to this place to take blessings. On this day, Nourishment or Langar is also arranged and distributed among the devotees. Gurbani is also happening on this day.

Kar Seva is also performed on this auspicious day. Moreover, devotees also perform on this special day with full vigor. Devotees keep chanting the name of God on this day to keep their mind positive and full of good vibes. Moreover, the best thing is that sweet water is also disseminated all across the entrance areas in each niche as well as a corner of the city.

This custom is being followed from a long time and it is still being followed. You can easily find such camps offering sweet water to voyage drove by walking or driving. This custom is considered important and that is why still followed. 

  • Devotees also chant Gurbani on this auspicious day. Amritsar is regarded as the holiest city and hold a reputed place in Sikhism.
  • On this auspicious day, people do take bath in holy Sarovar in Golden Temple. Devotees keep thinking good things and donate to the needy to seek blessings from Guru Har Krishan.
  • Special teaching sessions are organized on this day. People follow those teaching to make their life full of positivity and happiness.
  • Devotees put the best efforts to make this day amazingly special. Sweet water is distributed in every nook and corner to spread positivity.

Guru Har Krishan Ji and His Contribution To The Society – Guru Har Krishan ji has always been quite impressive right from an early age. He received the Gurupad in 1661. His big brother namely Ram Rai Ji took help of Mughal Emperor. Guru Har Krishan did a lot of good things. He has always been much interested in doing good things can benefit humankind. He always encouraged people to get involved in good things. The place where he used to live in Delhi knows as Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.

In The Last – Guru Har Kishan Jayanti teaches us a lot of things. It makes us understand how we should live our life. It also says how it is important to spread positivity all across society.


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