Gemini Child

Gemini Child Free Astrology Numerology

Children with Gemini as their sun sign are pretty quick and unstable. They do not stay at one place and it makes life tougher for their parents.

They are very playful and do not like to be confined in a room or house. They love exploring new things in life and whatever comes across them.

They are far away from patience as they keep on doing one thing or the other every time and dislike to sit silent at one place. They are quite curious and active. Their intelligence helps them become creative as well. They have a better sense of humor and for this quality they are loved by everyone.

Gemini children are believed to be trouble seekers in nature. They always keep doing mischievous acts and disturb their parents.

They are deprived on concentration and anything can distract them easily.

They are devoid of the knowledge of punctuality as they do not respect time and feel it is better to be late.
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