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We thought of catching hold of the busiest person in our team @ www.askmanisha.com – None other than Manisha Koushik Mam herself. So join us in knowing this great personality and her ideas and vision for life. One thing that we have learnt from working with her is "Live life King Size; problems and worries will keep on following you at some or the other point of time yet surrender yourself to the Almighty and He will make sure you stay HAPPY always”.
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Well, I am a loving daughter (& daughter in law), an adorable sister, a loyal wife and your psychic guide (that’s how I sign off all my professional mails.. giggles). Yes, I am a cheerful bubbly person who believes in spreading the smile to everyone I come in touch with. I am an engineer in Electronics & Communication and an MBA from the University of Sheffield, UK.

(Laughs) "Khawishain to bahut si hai is dil me” (there are a lot of dreams in the heart!) but on a serious note – I aim at doing things that can truly bring smile on the face of anyone and everyone I get in touch with. I want to be remembered even when I leave this world (smiles); I may be too young to say such things but I want to give some of my researches in the occult science to the world – especially in the field of Tarot Card Reading and I would want to share my knowledge with all the people who are interested in learning about these magical cards.

All I can say is that "Occult Sciences” are in our blood. My great grandfather, my grandfather were renowned astrologers of their time and my father is already an internationally acclaimed astrologer, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma (www.premastrologer.com). Each day of my life after I passed class 8th was a learning experience in these branches. I started playing with numbers very early and I learnt the basics of Vastu-Fengshui while I would see my dad giving consultations for various residential and commercial projects. My love for tarot cards began while my father gifted them to me on my 18th Bday. I never understood the logic behind such a gift but I began to learn the meaning of each of the cards from my father while dining together. I remember the first time I shuffled it; it was as if I was about to play cards with someone.. lol. My first client was my brother who asked me a question, if his team would win the cricket match (not to mention the gali cricket :D); Till then, I had very well mastered the art of connecting to the cards and understanding the energies they radiate in the form of answers. My prediction came true and his team won… hurray.. it was then that my brother won the match and till date I have been predicting about the sport, I have never enjoyed watching . World Cup 2011 is one big event that has given me one big mileage over the facebook as my cards were bang on target about who’s going on the next ball? And people were religiously following my remedies in this India-Pak match.
I did my engineering & then MBA but my love for these sciences couldn’t be overcome by any of the jobs. I worked for 2 big names as I got back to India after my MBA; but still the energies in my cards always pulled me to them and there was one fine day when I dedicated myself completely to them and started practicing it professionally.

Tarot Card reading is a wonderful tool of divination that connects your energies with those of the universe and gives you a guiding path. I feel my reading become way more effective once I start talking to people. In fact, Tarot is a type of Horary Astrology (Prashna Kundli) which gives you instant answers. Most of the people who come to me personally can see their situation in the cards that I pull out while talking to them and are amazed the way I tell them the things which only they would know.

My clientele today is spread across the globe. They consult me over the phone, skype or emails. If you understand the magic of the cards; they relate to your energies. So when I take you online with me; I pray to God to give me all the positive energies so that I could pull out the right and best cards for you so that my reading can enhance the positivity in you and the living becomes way simpler.

Fengshui is something I am in love with.. these 5 elements and their effect on an individual’s everyday actions, nature & lifestyle truly inspires me to learn more and more about it each day. I have still not mastered it as beautifully as my father; people are usually amazed by his visit at their houses when he tells them the wall that W.C is installed on just by sitting in their lobby and without having visited their house ever… giggles..!! I have learnt a lot many things from him about finding the problems, correcting them without demolitions. Like he always tells me if there is a pain in someone’s arms or legs; a good doctor would suggest them to replace them with an alternative only if their problem has no other solution. An expert doctor would evaluate the situation properly, if regular medication, exercising or any other alternate medicines can help him come out of his pain and you should be such an expert Fengshui Analyst. I remember, my recent Vastu Project of a big salon here in Bangalore; I told the owner you must be fed up coz of your money either being lost or stolen everyday; the moment he agreed to the point – he received my medicine of adding just 2 small fengshui items near the cash drawer and God Bless things are great with him till then.

People are often confused about the concept; they think if they invite a fengshui consultant at their place; what not he would tell him and they might have to change the entire décor of the house. But that is not true; a fengshui consultation for your home is just like your complete body check. We just monitor the aura of your place with our certain tools and evaluate the situations and put them on paper. I prefer the addition of a few elements at the right place and the result come on their own As a fengshui expert, I would try to clarify one big doubt of the people that only the houses facing East, North or North East facing prosper.. People staying in other directions like south, southeast, west & south west are equally successful too. The major thing is to realize your lucky directions and find out the solutions for those whom the directions aren’t favouring. Not to mention once again, that an unfavourable direction can be made favourable only with a few tweaks and addition or subtraction of some elements.

I love sharing my knowledge with all the people who are aspiring to learn these sciences. In fact, I have evolved as a good teacher all these years (smiles) so in case anyone is planning to learn these occult sciences. I would be more than happy to teach them. Yes, I think anyone can learn these sciences – the only thing one needs to master is "Prediction” or say "Accurate Predictions”. Learning them is more like studying your course subjects but predictions acquire implementing this learning along with intuitions coupled with rich experience in the logics.

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