Yearly Horoscope 2016 - Capricorn

Free Capricorn Yearly Horoscope Prediction

Card of the Year: The High Priestess

A Capricorn is identified by one who thinks about the consequence of all their actions. A Capricorn does not dive head along into things. It is this very reason that is the secret behind your success. The cards for 2016 therefore primarily appeal to your potential of humility and awareness. A Capricorn will be able to handle all the jealousy he/she feels and thereby enhance his/her overall personality. According to the cards the food for thought in 2016 should also be your thoughtfulness.

Capricorn Born Career

The Capricorn sign stands for a professional approach at workplace. A Capricorn will perform his or her tasks diligently. This makes the Capricorn the perfect colleague to work with as they are trustworthy. Although you might face issues pertaining to the environment you work in however you deliver the required results. Focusing on inner peace of mind is important and whether you like or dislike the present situation you are advised to go with the flow and not make an effort to change the situation. Your career stars advise you not to get carried away by your likes and dislikes.

Capricorn Born Romance

Capricorns place much importance on the trait of consistency as it is closely related to trust. Learn to believe in yourself as this will enable you to believe in the other person also. All relationships flourish if you let the love flow freely. Understanding that controlling the other will stop the flow of love. Your stars advise you to let love flow freely and enjoy the benefits of the same in the process.

Capricorn Born Finance

It is advised to spend your money judiciously in order to not let your hard earned money go to waste. Beware for your friends might cheat you for financial reasons or illegal strategies of someone might also lead to this.

Capricorn Born Health

The Capricorn sign signifies tradition and structure. This fact can be used to your advantage in order to achieve your health goals for 2016. As 2016 for a Capricorn signifies a year of balance of nutrition, sports and mental rest. Nevertheless be advised to be creative and not allow your fear to limit your choices.

Good Luck Totka

Avoid donating any white things to anyone. Those who are single should offer pink flowers to any temple to hear of good marriage proposals.