Capricorn Yearly Horoscope


Year 2021 is going to be a year to cherish coordination and teamwork. Working together with people can be both challenging as well as wonderful. The first quarter itself teaches you the art of delegation and you may experience great results working in collaboration with others. Those working in fashion industry or retail sector are also up for a surprise during this period. February and April are going to be particularly exciting for those planning to start something of their own. People working in service industry are in for a promotion somewhere in the second quarter. As much as the hard work intensifies so do your finances as monetary gains are likely to multiply in the second and the third quarter. This will also be a good phase to move from a rented apartment to a place that you own. Buying a new vehicle for spouse or children is also possible during this period. A little compromise on the love front is likely to sprinkle a fresh air of positivity in your relationship. Those in long distance relationships can also take a plunge to get married in the second quarter. Cupid is likely to smile on those single between August and October. Avoid being careless on the health front especially during May, August and October. A family elder may demand your time and attention in the last quarter. A dispute related to an ancestral property is likely to come in your favour between September to November.

Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Colour: Dark Blue
Lucky Months:
Lucky Days:

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