Cancer Woman

The Cancer Woman

The Cancer Woman has a peaceful nature but she is passionate too. She can have many emotions in a given time. Cancer Woman has a strong will and show perseverance, but she can also change into an introvert person. She also has a sympathetic and sensitive side of her, and it is related to her deep emotions.

Cancer Women and Love

Slow and steady wins the race, is what describes cancer women in love. She likes to be gifted and loves to be surrounded by flowers.

Cancer and Relationships

Cancer women likes a person who want to spend time with her in a couch, spend time talking and watching television and who could pour wine for her.

Cancer and Friendships

Cancer women likes to take care of everyone who are around them and are considerate about others feelings.

Cancer and Sex

Cancer women describe sex as a slow sensual dance. She likes to have an emotional connection with the person she is in bed with.

Cancer and Career

Cancer women tend to maintain a low profile at work, but never take the impression that they do not want to have success in career.

Cancer and Money

Cancer women like to have money stashed all around in her house and want to have a bank balance.

Cancer and Family

Family and home are most important for cancer women. Wherever she goes, she likes to take care of that place like a home.

Cancer and Health

Cancer women who are emotional may have problems with health.

Cancer and Fashion

Cancer women prefer to be in traditional dresses and likes clothes that are comfortable and feminine.

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