Love Compatibility

  • Cancer Love Aries

    Cancer Love Aries

    Aries born love their family whereas Cancer born carries more concern towards their family. The strong belief of sovereignty makes Aries suppress in situation of excess care and love. Whereas Cancer looks for reciprocated trust and stable adore. Due to their intense love on their loved ones, Aries get cold immediately. Cancer will be more responsible to fulfill all their responsibilities towards their family. They may feel alone this time in fulfilling their responsibility. The way they understand their partner will decide the compatibility of their relationship. Aries inspire Cancer to act independent whereas Cancer teaches Aries to be kind. Adjustment is the major key in their long lasting relationship.
  • Cancer Love Taurus

    Cancer Love Taurus

    They share similarities among them. Both behave very responsive. Both enjoy their belongings in a calm and cool atmosphere. They get together each other because of their friendly nature. They don’t like to have race in their life but prefer to live in their small house. Cancer is fascinated by the generous nature of Taurus. Taurus display immense love towards their family. In turn, Cancer will shower their love on Taurus. If they can keep aside minor differences, they can make a long lasting relationship.
  • Cancer Love Gemini

    Cancer Love Gemini

    They do not share too many common qualities. In spite of their dissimilarities, there exists a perfect balance in their relationship. Cancer will always stand by the side of Gemini. Gemini is not as emotional as Cancer. Cancer believes in reality whereas Gemini lives in imaginative world. Sappy Cancer get hurt by this nature. Gemini believes all words but Cancer believes in act. Cancer is attracted by the intelligence and funny nature of Gemini and this remains their positive energy. The flirting Gemini loves to have freedom in life and at the same time provide protection to Cancer.
  • Cancer Love Cancer

    Cancer Love Cancer

    Cancer born persons are very kind and highly responsible personalities. They are highly variable. When they both come closer, there arouse profound feelings. Both of them are highly expressive. Both love their partner. They are more emotionally attached in their relationship. No one can establish a calm situation. There may be lot of uncertainty in their relationship. It may be bitter or loving. Their relationship may get ruined if both respond in similar manner. But it will be hard to get departed immediately. If they need to maintain their relationship, at least one among them should be more sensible and possess self-confident. The major issue in this relationship is both of them share similar character. They extremely care for their partner and at the same time, demand more from them. They should concentrate more on the common sense, sympathy and endurance in order to have a long lasting relationship.
  • Cancer Love Leo

    Cancer Love Leo

    They both get hurt when harsh words are used. They always expect anxiety, mind and admiration from whom they love. They are completely diverse in their nature. Cancer shows maximum care for people whom they love whereas Leo is very dominating in nature. Cancer is quite comfortable in following the footsteps of Leo unless no one disturb his independence. He shower care and love towards his partner. Cancer is born to get love and Leo is born to shower love. This is an ideal relationship. They ultimately end up in marriage.
  • Cancer Love Virgo

    Cancer Love Virgo

    Though are completely different they form a very good compatible relationship. Virgo born are highly introvert in their behavior whereas Cancer born are highly tolerant. Virgo showers lot of affection to their partner throughout their relationship. Since both are highly sensitive in nature, they should be very cautious in protecting themselves from any hurt. Virgo should go very careful. Cancer born is quite insensitive and highly perceptive in nature. He advises Virgo to maintain patience whereas Virgo advises their partner to be practical and rational. They form a really very good match.
  • Cancer Love Libra

    Cancer Love Libra

    This relationship carries lots of similarities and differences as well. Both of them love to have a harmonious life. They are highly thoughtful when it comes to their partner’s feelings and take complete responsibility for all their desires. Both Cancer and Libra love to have a peaceful life. Cancer holds trust on discussion a slightly less than that of Libra.
  • Cancer Love Scorpio

    Cancer Love Scorpio

    Both of them are highly emotional and intense and hence there comes no issues to form a relationship. There exist many similarities among them. Both expect authenticity, closeness and lots of affection from their partner and they get the same. Their relationship is filled with fable and plenty of excitement. Their relationship relies on care and filled with sensation.
  • Cancer Love Sagittarius

    Cancer Love Sagittarius

    They possess abundance of personality based disparities. Sagittarius does not belong to the category of homely personality and that may be the cause for their conflict. Cancer looks for steadiness whereas Sagittarius looks for abundance of freedom. In spite of all these conflictions, they know how to complement their partner. Sagittarius may feel stifle because of unwanted affection of Cancer and at the same time, Cancer may feel unconfident because of the Sagitarrian sovereignty.
  • Cancer Love Capricorn

    Cancer Love Capricorn

    Both are similar in their characteristics. Cancer is very emotional whereas Capricorn looks for a practical approach. The Striving ability of Capricorn cannot be understood by the Cancer. This Character variation may balance their weaknesses while both should spend time with their partner to understand them in a better way. To some extent both are faithful and reliable. Gradually they develop the habit of appreciating their partner’s opinion and thereby develop compatible relationship.
  • Cancer Love Aquarius

    Cancer Love Aquarius

    Cancer is highly emotional and deeply attached towards their family. Aquarius looks for liberty whereas Cancer likes to have closeness in their relationship. As it is very difficult for them to comprehend their partner, their love may face various issues. They should try to understand that they both are different personalities with different qualities that vary considerably.
  • Cancer Love Pisces

    Cancer Love Pisces

    Together they stand as best example for harmonious relationship. Both of them are emotional and kind. Both of them know completely about their partner. Pisces is equally responsive as Cancer. They know their partners requirements perfectly. There is a chance for various discrepancies but nothing is very strong to have unfavorable situation in their relationship. Cancer is not as orthodox as Pisces. They both think from the depth of their heart and there is no place for common sense. They are equally dreamy. But one should be practical in order to have balance in life.

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