Born Today-24-November
Ruled by number 6 and the planet Venus, you are generous, practical, energetic, original and a simple person. Your hard-work and sincerity are appreciated by others but your tendency to behave extravagant and to interfere in the affairs of others attracts enormous criticism at times. This year rewards and appreciation for scientist, lawyers, writers, and women professionals associated with advertising and marketing seems certain. A better understanding with your family members will ensure happiness, peace and prosperity at home. Financial gains will increase as the year progresses making you spend more on luxuries and other comforts. Heath matters will cause concern, therefore do not ignore medical advice whenever necessary. The months of May, June, July and September 2013 will prove to be highly beneficial.
Lucky Days : Friday, Thursday & Tuesday
Lucky Stones : Diamond & Emerald
Lucky Colors : White, sea green, cream, light blue & rose
Lucky Numbers : 6,5,3 & 9
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