Your Study Habits According to your Sun Sign

Every student studies in a different way and so have a different schedule and a habit in which they study. Here are some of the points about your study habits that your sun sign indicates.

Aries: You are a kind of person who thinks that it isn’t necessary to attend all the classes and that there must be a valid reason behind attending every class. It is not about sitting in a class and wasting your time but what you learn while you sit in a class. Same is the case when assignments are given to you. There is no use of working on assignments when they are not able enough of increasing your skills. If authority would have been given to you, you would like to rewrite the curriculum and change it in a different way.

Taurus: You are a hard worker in your studies and this habit of yours takes you one step ahead of your class mates. You have a habit of speaking of your mind to your professor when you don’t like a particular thing. This habit of yours might even make you land in danger. You need to take out some more time for your studies as it will help you in getting a good job.

Gemini: You are easily attracted to career fields and ambitions that are a bit shiny but forget that it is not possible to achieve those goals only by thinking but you actually have to work hard to achieve them. You do not put in all your concentration power on one project at a time but go on with several projects at the same time. This disturbs your concentration power and don’t let you complete even one of the projects.

Cancer: You are not eager to learn something new but are carrying on with those past technologies that you learnt long time back. By doing this you are wasting a lot of time in old technologies. You need to move with time and go ahead with learning new technologies that can help you out in your studies. You are good at studying in a group but do remember not to waste time over there.

Leo: You are a student who loves to gain attraction of people who are around them. They are most fond of becoming the star of the class in all aspects. But Leos then forget to pay attention in the class that can actually help them out in becoming the star. When studying in groups, Leos will try to lead the group instantly and will try to self-appoint them as the leader of the group. Leos need to pay attention on hard work first and then on other things.

Virgo: You are easily side-tracked by maps, graphs and various trivial details that cannot be easily fitted into your papers. You have a different approach towards reading habits also. Your text books are clean and tidy and not because you do not read them or underline them after reading but because you don’t want to ruin them by underlining them. By keeping your textbooks in such a great condition you will most likely sell your books back in the market.

Libra: You try your level best to maintain a perfect balance in your personal life as well as in your school life. You give equal time to your studies as you give to your personal life. You believe that attending classes will help in expanding the horizons of your mind. You work very hard towards your studies and will finally end up by doing your masters in the subject humanities.

Scorpio: You give proper time to the subjects of your interest and also learnt hem very quickly. It becomes a struggle for you to study the subjects that you get bored of. While studying in study groups you try to attract the smartest person of the group and then spend half of your time in flirting with them. You need to concentrate on your studies and not on the other disturbing elements that are around you. If this is not possible for you then you must go and study alone.

Sagittarius: You study according to your mood. In a hot mood, anger falls off your face while in a calm mood you tend to learn more in a comparatively less period of time. You even put off the assignments when you are not in a mood to do them. You need to understand that study is not about mood but about the necessity. You have to do it whether you like it or not. Doing a little bit of writing or research work can help you out in your studies. Take small steps initially to complete your assignments and don’t just leave all your assignments for the last moment.

Capricorn: Money is the word that roams around your head for the maximum amount of time. While studying in the class also you think of the ways of getting money from your class mates. You are very ambitious and try to climb the ladder through the shortest way and in the shortest time. You need to know that there is no shortcut of hard work and that you need to work hard in order to achieve your desires. By the time you finish your degree, you will have a good social network to remain in touch with.

Aquarius: You have a strong imagination power but unfortunately it does not help you in your studies and rather takes you off to day dreaming while you study. Your imagination power also helps you in some ways by solving the puzzles and queries but you need to make this strength of yours and utilize it in studies. You can develop a sharp memory if you can learn the strength of your imagination power.

Pisces: While studying you pay more attention to the topics that are irrelevant and thus even get scolded at times. It’s not necessary to ask questions all the time but to ask only when you really want to. You actually like the things that your professors don’t. Your sun sign helps you understand the murkier aspects of your favourite subjects; it also makes you the most prone to losing your textbooks.

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