Your Favorite Colour

Professionals have always been concerned with how our favourite colours influence our personalities. Colours have always been associated with a certain personality type and therefore when somebody decides to change his/her use of a respective colour, it is a sign that they want to be seen or show them differently.

Here are some of the colours that express your personality and character traits.

  • Red: You are an outgoing type of person if your choice among the colours is red. You are prone to mood swings instantly. You have a strong convincing power especially among friends and also have a lot of compassion for your fellow human beings. You take life with an optimistic approach but when you don’t like a certain thing, and then you do not stop yourself from complaining about it. You are a confident man who likes to raise an opinion with a free voice. You live with having extra marital affairs as you have a strong desire for sex. Unless you sense some duties pending for you, you cannot stop yourself from getting into wild fantasies.
  • Green: People with green as their favourite colour are supposed to be a dutiful citizen. You are a sensitive person especially when it comes to social customs. Society respects you a lot and your name is being taken with great respect. Your preferences and choices also dictate your honesty and straight forwardness. You are emotionally attached to your family and want to spend most of the time in your house. You have a normal attraction towards sex and don’t force your partner to indulge in it. You are a great leader and have the ability to be an excellent teacher as well.
  • Purple: If you love this colour, then you are supposed to be an intelligent person and quick-witted also. You don’t just on the outer look of anything but try to look into everything in detail. You have a habit of gaining knowledge in each and every field. You are infuriated at the slightest provocation. You are good at expressing your feelings towards the person you want to. You are a person with creative mind who has lots of ego also. You seem to possess a cultivated taste for the subtle in life.
  • Brown: This colour implies that you are a meticulous person when it comes about work. You don’t spend your money like a king but stay cautious while spending and spend only when it is unavoidable. You are a reliable person whom friends can approach without hesitation. You are not harsh at all but stay calm in your thoughts. You can gain good amounts by fighting against a rival in the subject of your expertise.
  • Orange: This colour shows that you are a loyal person with good nature. You are a lot social person but are also influenced by the opinions of other people. You are a kind hearted soul who is generous enough to help the needy. You have good will in the market and the work you do for others also reflect friendliness. There are times when you are taken over by the feelings of needless people.
  • Blue: You have a purpose in your life and you work hard to achieve your goal. You have a deep thought for people crossing over you. You hold conservative beliefs and under stressful conditions, prefer to withdraw into gentler surroundings. You have a lot of control over your desires. You are a sensitive person who gets touched by the needs of poor. You prefer to live a sober life like a loyal friend. You respect all your relations and also keep your partner very much happy.
  • Yellow: A person with yellow as the favourite colour has lots of nervous energy and is also blessed with a brilliant imagination power. You are very well organized in your thoughts and you also keep them very clear. You help people in such a way that it blesses you also. You don’t have to face the negative vibrations coming from anybody. People consider you as a reliable friend because of your shy nature. You won’t let this come under the public but you actually like to be respected and admired for your cautiousness.

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