Tortoise With Plate (Wish Tortoise)

Blessed & energized feng shui hindu wish fulfilling tortoise kachap kachua yantra with brass plate.

Carefully crafted with special attention given to details, it is believed that if worshiped from pure heart, this tortoise has the powers of fulfilling your wishes. Just write your wish on red paper and place it between Tortoise and plate.

Make A wish & keep it inside the Kachua Yantra & pray for the fulfilllment. 


The Wish Turtle is an Effective Good luck Charm to fulfill your wish as per Feng Shui. 

It is Made of metal. You can Open its Back and Put your wish inside it and close it tightly.

It is kept on Pooja place or in North of the house

It is kept in a plate filled with water

Lo Shu Yantra is Engraved on its Bottom

One Turtle is used for one wish only.

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