Sex and Sun Signs

It is quite natural to get bored with a person with whom we are living for a longer time and hence we try to escape. But there could be many more solutions to it than escaping away. People often misjudge the strength of a relationship and hence they give much less time to it then they should actually give it. Most relationships fall not because of the unworthiness of our partner but our lack of coping with the truth. At this moment the phenomenon of sex enters into a relationship which is very necessary for its survival.

Sex and relationship go a long way together and this is because of the fact that both are complementary. They cannot survive alone rather they are to go along each other. Hence in every relationship proper place should be given to sex and this should never be neglected. You need to know your partner’s passion points through their sun signs and hence keep the magic in your love life.

Aries: Sex is best for you if it is being without any restrictions and spontaneously. Their head is the place where you must concentrate on because they love the act when you play with their hair by messing them up. Grabbing their face while making love will make them feel excited. They are aroused by the partner’s sexual organs.

Taurus: If your lover has this sun sign, then all your senses are required during sex. While making love, touch and smell are extremely important for them as these will increase their heart beat. They do not actually want you to be spontaneous or instant at an act but when they do it with you, they are the best at it.

Gemini: If your partner is a Gemini, then you must try with some hot conversations while in the bed. Hot conversations make them feel aroused and then they love to kiss all over. These lovers like to have oral pleasures beyond limits. They also love the role-playing part during the sex and like it even more when it is being done with variations.

Cancer: People with this sun sign will get one of the sweetest of the lovers who can be the most sensitive by nature. When in bed, they love doing it in an aggressive way and when you are a bit mean also. Do make sure that you actually love them when in aggression and also that your aggression doesn’t hurt them much.

Leo: If your lover is a Leo, they like the devotion and attention paid to them. Their fantasies revolve around your attention. These people are most turned on when their partner thinks they are gods or goddesses. During sex, when their needs are not met soon enough, they can then become a bit strong in their actions and also a bit inpatient.

Virgo: You will definitely find a healthy environment during sex if your partner is a Virgo. They like their partner in the bed if they are simple in their acts and sweet at their face. Their own bodies can make them feel a bit insecure and then they will pay very close attention to their acts that they do while loving you. Each step that they take to excite you will be made very cautiously.

Libra: You need to take extra care during sex if your partner is a Libra. They love working on getting things right, and are especially turned on by role-playing sex games. When in bed, they believe in the theory of give and get it in return. You are givers in the bed and you equally let your lover let you love all the time.

Scorpio: The sexual nature can be a bit complex if your lover has this sun sign. These lovers enjoy by giving full body pleasure and are ready to do almost anything and everything while sex. They do go an extra mile during love making. Scorpions are said to carry sex on their mind and they are also very passionate about it.

Capricorn: Lovers of this sun sign like to keep sex simple and quite straightforward. This type of sex pleases them a lot in the bed. Variety during sex is not very important to them but they will remain happy with the consistency during the act and will also like a sense of security in your sexual expressions. It will be better not to expect any creative position during sex but make the simple ones the best for you.

Aquarius: When your lover is Aquarius, there is a ‘take it or leave it’ style that can be very sexy depending on the audience. Sex done at a distance like over the phone or in the cyber can be very attractive to you. These types of sex will arouse you instantly and will make you mad.

Pisces: Your lover uses the approach of flirting while indulged in sex. They are attracted to imbalance love and prefer to have non-verbal expressions while love making. They won’t mind if religion and compassion is mixed into their sexual expression.

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