Pi Yao (Pair)

Pi Yao (pair) is one of the most famous feng shui products. This Golden Pi Yao is a powerful and auspicious dragon with a single horn, lion-dog face, hoofs, wings and tail. Golden Pi Yao can be used to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). He is the symbol of money and good fortune. Those who keep Pi Yao in their house, good fortune come to them.

 Pi Yao helps anyone who is having a bad Feng Shui. He is also a good protector against bad and malefic forces. People, who are affected by the negative energies in around them, should place this feng shui creature in their house.
This feng shui creature acts as a safe guard to your home and protects residents in the house.
Pi Yao can be used for the protection against legal problems, arguments, disputes and loss of wealth.

Where to place Pi Yao(Pair)

  • You can place Pi Yao facing the front door of your house. Placing Pi Yao in such a position will bring good fortune.
  • Place Golden Pi Yao in the west direction facing towards East.
  • Pi Yao can also be placed in your office. This will bring good luck in your work.

Features of Pi Yao (Pair)

  • Pi Yao is considered brave creature that is immune to the evil forces. 
  • It provides the blessings of good fortune.
  • Pi Yao symbolizes that money will come to you but never leave.
  • It attracts you from all accidents.

This feng shui creature attracts luck and prosperity.

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