Pet Dogs and Sun Signs

Most people in today’s world wish to have a pet at their home and the confusion arises when the pet they want to have is a dog. Dogs are of various breeds and so a dog lover often gets confused among choosing the best breed for them. Horoscopes have a lot to do with dogs also. You might not be aware of the fact but the dogs have the same sun sign as we do have. The pet dog that you wish to bring to your home must match with your personality and should also have the qualities that you look in your pet.

People, who love dogs, treat them as their children and they know that astrology plays a significant role in a dog’s life. Let’s find out the best breed for you among the many different breeds of dog. The 12 Sun signs (which may vary within a few days each month according to different astrologers) are divided into four groups which contain three signs. Each group, also known as triplicity, signifies an element: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Aries: The breed you must go for is Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, or Rottweiler. These dogs are easy to train and are also intelligent enough to be handled by the Arian’s. These dogs are known as the dogs with human brain. These dogs are totally fearless and can go for extremes at any point of time. These dogs enjoy doing various activities such as playing Frisbee or going for agility classes.

Taurus: The dog that best matches your personality is Bulldog, Bull terrier, and Bullmastiff. These dogs are a bit offensive and also more like hard hitters. They are silent and determined but are immensely strong on the other side and you must not make the mistake of misjudging them by their silent nature. They will surely appreciate super soft blankets and a comfortable bed. They are a bit lazy dogs and you will find them sleeping for most of the time rather than roaming around. At times they can even be a bit obdurate.

Gemini: The best dog that fits with Gemini is the Chihuahua. It is very cute, small, and innocent dog that is extremely easy to carry with you. They roam around here and there and would enjoy exploring new people, your house and even the garden. This little puppy will very easily learn about his new surroundings in a very short span of time. If you don’t go for such a small puppy then you can also for the Harrier, which is a medium sized dog.

Cancer: People with this sun sign will enjoy with dogs like Labrador, Beagle, and the Boxer. These dogs have a close link with the sea and the tides. The light of the moon will force these dogs to be felt restless and so they will like to spend all of the night in the garden area. They will lie down in this area easily until the day breaks up. If you are shifting to a new place then these dogs will let you live out your life freely.

Leo: The dog that best suits you is the Poodle. This dog is confident and fearless. With well proportioned body, slender legs and graceful looks, this breed is the ideal one for showcasing. In case you are looking for some watchdogs then you can go for German shepherd and the Dachshund. These are very active dogs. It is a bit difficult for the Leo’s to have social interaction with their dogs. There is something strange with Leo dogs and it is that they are sometimes afraid of the cat.

Virgo: The dogs that suit you the best are Spaniel and the Saint Bernard. For you the best dog should be more resigned than any other sign of the zodiac to play the role of a pet. These dogs are strong and muscular. They are all set to be working from dusk until dawn and content in the productive nature of his or her owner.

Libra: The dogs that suit your personality can include a Pug, Labrador, or an English sitter. These are very balanced dogs as they do not snatch or howl all the time and also don’t attack every other person entering your house. You will also find that all your male dogs like to spend a lot of time with the female ones and that too in a very different and delicate manner.

Scorpio: Your need of a sporting dog can be filled by a Pointer or a Bloodhound. The dog can turn out to be a saviour for you at times you are in danger. It senses the danger upon the owner and acts immediately when senses any danger. It is a quick dog and will never let you fight alone against a danger. It is a lot preferable not to allow your dog look at your guests at the time of departure. It is because the dogs consider them as a personal possession and will then create a fuss when they leave.

Sagittarius: Greyhound and Pointer are the dogs that suit your personality a lot. These are very sharp and intelligent dogs. At times they are a bit pushy but they are very interactive and you will enjoy with them. Sagittarians are wonderful dog owners and they both get along very well with each other. They are not the same and act differently with everyone. These dogs are very cute and friendly and so will never let you feel bored.

Capricorn: The dogs that suit your personality are Blood hound, Saint Bernard, and the Golden retriever. This breed is the easiest of all to train and is also the most intelligent dogs. They are independent dogs and will try to outsmart you. They quickly bond with the new owners or guests and will then love to go around with you and will also like to play with you.

Aquarius: The dogs made for you include the Foxhound and the Dachshund. They are very energetic and also unshakeable. These dogs are music lovers and sometimes you will see them howling too much to get their demand completed. The Dachshund is a fearless dog and is also brave enough to fight against anyone. Another breed, Pharaoh hound are quite friendly ones and affectionate with the family.

Pisces: For you there are Weimaraner, the Vizsla, and the Saluki. They are very athletic breeds and have a hunting instinct. They are a bit dependable and also very easy going. Also Labs are very stable, they aren’t easily upset or startled. They are always seeking your approval to please you.

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