Matching your Horoscopes- Kundli Milan or Gun Milan

Marriages in India have always been celebrated with great respect and importance. There are various ceremonies and rituals performed even before it. Matching of the horoscopes is one of the important things that are to be done before fixing the marriage. This ritual of matching the horoscopes is also known as Guna Milan. According to Vedic astrology, this ritual is considered very important as it checks the compatibility of two individuals.

People generally consult an accomplished astrologer for the study of horoscopes. This is a crucial step for the couple as is considered very important for a string married relationship.

The ritual of horoscope matching is done by referring to the ‘Melapak Chart’, which can be found in the Panchang. There are eight factors on which this chart is considered and these factors are known as “kuta”. Ashtakuta Guna Milap is the name given to the process of matching these factors. It is also known as 36 point match according to which, a minimum number of 18 factors must match in order to ensure compatibility between the couple.

Following are the factors that are considered during the process of horoscope matching:

  • Varna: This factor contributes 1 point out of the 36 points. If both of them have the same varna, they are then considered to be very auspicious. It ensures to have a good emotional link among the couple. The level of mutual understanding is also governed by the same. Varna is a very important factor and so if it matches; it brings the best emotional relation between the couple.
  • Vasya: It decides the level of compatibility among the husband and wife. This factor has been given two points out of 36. It is estimated as per the moon signs. If it matches, then it is considered that the couple will live their life like friends as they will have many similarities among them.
  • Tara: This factor contains 3 points and decides your destiny compatibility. It also decides your communication and thinking power to resolve problems coming your way. The matching of this factor helps you to achieve your goals and objectives, either by inspiring each other or by sharing information.
  • Yoni: It contributes with 4 points and decides your sexual compatibility. It is a key factor that leads you towards martial happiness. The matching of this factor will make you enjoy each other’s company. Both of you will have common taste and so will enjoy in the romantic path and also while travelling.
  • Grah Maitri: It contributes with 5 points out of 36 and decides the normal behaviour and matching of views in several aspects. It is calculated on the basis of the Lord of the sign in which the moon is situated.
  • Gana: This factor gives a contribution with 6 points. There are three gana’s on the basis of which a person is categorized and they are Dev, Manushya, and Rakshasha. In case this factor doesn’t matches, it can create quarrels in the relationship.
  • Nadi: This factor provides with 8 points and is considered to be the most important factor of all. The pair having the same Nadi will have to undergo some problems due to their child. There may be some sort of problems during the childbirth. This factor is sometimes considered as the only factor responsible for the denial of a marriage.
  • Bhakoot: it contributes to 7 points in the horoscope matching process. If the combination of this factor is not harmonious, the couple may prove to be dishonest to each other. There may also be a danger of miscarriage during their life.

Thus having a horoscope match in your life can bring you happiness. Some will even tell you that they are the most happiest of all because they share their life with someone special with same stars in their life.

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