Mandarin Ducks

As one of the effective Feng Shui remedies for love, devotion, marriage luck, the Feng Shui mandarin ducks should be placed in the south-west corner of the house, bedroom, living room, work desk etc. According to Feng Shui cures, the mandarin ducks, known as yuan-yuang in the Chinese language, allow its owner or anyone around it to emit strong love CHI. Such positive emission can make you more lovable and more attractive to your potential partner.

An interesting fact about mandarin ducks is that they mate for life; once they find a partner they stick to it for life and if separated they pine for each other and soon die of loneliness. 

Use of Mandarin Ducks 

For singles, the pair of Mandarin Ducks will enhance your chances of finding love partners; for lovers, it will bring you marriage opportunities; and for married couples, a pair of Mandarin Ducks will hold out the promise of a marriage being gloriously happy with no separation between the spouses. 
If you are single, to attract a new partner the Mandarin Ducks should face each other and be placed on the same side of the bed where you sleep.
If you are married, to preserve or enhance an existing relationship, the Mandarin Ducks should be alongside each other and be placed on the nightstand on the husband’s side. They help to strengthen the togetherness of the husband and wife and also help them achieve marital bliss. As for married couples, the strong love, energy given by the mandarin ducks keeps them happily together, making them love each other more deeply.

How to place Mandarin Ducks 

 Before placing this Symbol, cleanse the area with salt water. Keep your Mandarin Ducks in open sunlight and let them absorb the early sun rays. Now make positive intentions and ask of your wish that you want to fulfill. After this process, burn incense sticks or anything else in conformity to your culture and then place the Mandarin Ducks in its place.


Every time you feel that Feng Shui Symbol has lost some energy, the best way to reactivate them is to place it before sunrays for a few hours. Repeat again the placement ritual, described above.

Don’ts Never place Mandarin Ducks alone or separated from their mate.

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