Prayer beads have been used from ancient times as a form of devotion and meditation. Some kind of prayer or mantra is recited for each of the beads of the mala.

There are many traditions surrounding the use of prayer beads. The type of material the beads are made from, symbols carved or painted on them, the number of beads, how they are actually used, and what religion they are from. The choice of materials for the malas may or may not have significance. They can be made from wood, bone, sandalwood, red sandalwood, and many more.

The malas come in specific numbers on each full length piece. There are 108 pieces on these and the wrist bracelets are strung with 21 pieces. This has specific significance for the user. The first one hundred beads count as one bead per 100 mantras. The additional eight are as a dedication for every sentient being as a prayer of hope and help to them.

Here are a few malas and their uses.

Navratna Mala: This mala is composed of all the gems that belong to various planets. It makes a person remain cool and calm. It also gives the wearer extra sensory power along with some healing powers.

Crystal Mala: This mala should be worn to achieve detachment from the material world and at the same time to control it. You must get it and wear it if you want to achieve a higher status in life and also influence people around you.

Kamal Gatta Mala: This mala is made up from the stem of the lotus and symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi. A person in the desire of wealth can perform a jaap with this mala having 108 beads. It is said that it gives you with plenty of wealth if performed in Akshaya Tritiya.

Rudraksha Mala: It is considered to be the best one for japs. Using this mala, you can perform any kind of jaap. It is very useful for children and also for elders. It keeps the blood pressure under control of the person who uses it. It is also useful in the development of one`s intellectual faculty. You also gain mental peace to get benefitted in your business.

Tulsi Mala: People who worship Lord Vishnu should wear this mala. This mala will help you in developing concentration power. It is made up of the stem of tulsi plant. Regular use of this mala also improves your health.

Moti Mala: This mala is considered to be very auspicious. It provides a person with a calming effect as of the moon and gives you a peaceful mind. It also protects you from nervous disorders and enhances your wealth.

Crystal Rudraksha Mixed Mala: The person who uses this mala will get prosperity in his family and it will also destroy all your enemies. Person who is suffering with prolonged illness such as cough, fever, uncontrolled anger, insomnia, eye problems should wear this mala.

No matter what the specific purpose to purchase your set of malas, they will give you peace of mind and a sense of well being. They can help you during the stressful times and also as a way to hold happy thoughts during a busy day at the office. In the long run, they will be enjoyed by you for years to come.

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