Love and Zodiac

There are times in your life when you will find a person with whom you will instantly get along. They may match your likes and dislikes, you might not even have to say anything about them but still you feel warm for them. You still want to be closer to them, and there are times when your relation never gets along even though you are physically attracted. Our likes and dislikes may also match but still you do not want to carry on with them. You might not know the reason behind all this stuff but your zodiac has.

Like everything else in astrology, it has to do with the star you were born under. If you start seeing people as being Cancerians or Pisceans and then suddenly the pieces of this complex jigsaw puzzle of compatibility begin to fit.

Aries are the independent people who also are the angry young people but they get along easily with the Geminians. You will find the Geminians out of your radius when it comes to love. Now, the Arien is drawn ram-like to Leos, Librans or Sagittarians.

Taureans are a bit reserved and smug but make up great friends with the Cancerians, who are very quiet and intense in their actions. In the end the Taureans will end up marrying a Scorpian or a Capricornian. And there must be a masochistic streak somewhere in the sign of Taurus. Many of the Taureans have passionate, one-way affairs with the Librans or with the Sagittarius.

Geminians are the fun loving people who get along with everyone seeking for a good time. When the partner of a Geminian is possibly a Leo, Libran, or an Arien, the passion of Geminian is found to be the strongest. Be careful while hanging out with the Geminians because behind their laughing faces may also lie some other things.

Cancerians are, it has been said, the suckers of the Zodiac. They are very fast in attaching with people emotionally and they also are free with love. They are destined to suffer the slings and arrows of disgraceful fortunes. Their emotional nature makes them feel worse in some situations. Such emotional people can get well along with the Scorpians, Pisceans, and the Virgoans.

You will always find the Leos shining bright in the sky and touching new heights of success also. They are consistent in their life and hence desire for a well ordered relationship and hence a happy world around them. The Lions can tame the Ariens very well. Other than them the Aquarians also get along well with the Leos.

Most of the Virgos go for arrange marriage and that too quite early in their life. And should a Virgo not marry, he or she will spend the rest of his or her life looking for mate. For the Virgos, Pisceans and Taureans fill for the Virgos exactly in the best way.

Librans are in love with themselves for most of the times. Apart from themselves, they treat the complete world as a rival to them. It is often an Arien to which a Libran marries but the strange thing is that the Libran plays their own music outside the home while their wife stays at home. When two Librans get together, it is an affair to remember. Other than themselves, Geminians and Aquarians will also go well along with them.

Scorpians have two types of images among the people. They seem to be passionate among the people who like them and they seem to be sex-maniacs among the people who don’t like them. They are quite a mood dependent person and have a dominating nature as well. Sometimes they get depressed to the intense involvements. But if you are a Piscean, a Taurean, and particularly a Cancerian, then there can be no better mate than a Scorpio.

Sagittarians want to get involved in everything but by not getting involved in any of them. They might have affairs many a time with others but their search only ends up after they meet someone with sun sign Aries or Leo. Till that time they just take their affair as another phase in life and get going.

To a Capricorn, career comes first and foremost. Money, success, and power are their aphrodisiacs. They will happily settle down with the Pisceans and the Taureans once they have all of these things. Cancerians are the ones with which they make up good marriages. Cancer looks after the home, Capricorn after the cash register, and opposites attract.

Aquarians are the Zodiac’s exhibitionists. They are obsessed by their looks and are also proud of their sexual proficiency. They usually marry late in their life but before marrying they put their partner to gruelling tests. The right partners for Aquarians can be Leos and Librans.

Pisceans are the romantic people looking for a perfect partner. They are day dreamers and search for their partner everywhere till they find a Cancerian with a similar dream of yours. The flirty Germinians are out of the race but the Virgos and the Scorpios fit well with the Pisceans.

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