Health Signs According to Sun Signs

We know that good health is one of the key mantras to true happiness and so most of us try to maintain a good health either by exercising or by going for a balanced diet. Exercises that suit one person may not suit the other. Many people stay thin even after eating a lot and many people still remain fat after cutting on their diet. This is a way in which an individual’s body react to food. It actually depends upon the enzymes in an individual’s body and the ability with which they convert the food into energy.

Astrology can help you a lot in maintaining good health. Most of the health problems are controlled by our mind and positive thinking. Your birth dates decide your strength and weaknesses. Here are a few tips according to your sun sign that can help you in maintaining good health.

Aries: You are blessed with good health. You can use your physical energy in all the day to day activities to remain active. You are a rapacious person but still manage to maintain a slim figure. The immunity power of your body is good enough to fight against some of the common diseases that can affect a normal man. You are prone to accident and are aggressive by nature. Frequent headaches can disturb you in your daily life. You might also get some complaints because of your ear and nose. Plenty of sleep and rest is required by your body. Avoid tension and excitement and give yourself time to sit and enjoy your meal. Try to avoid fatty food and emphasize on nourishing food. Most of your problems begin because you always tend to start things very hurriedly. It’s good for your health to stay away from liquor as it can affect your health. Most of the drinkers avoid eating after they drink but in your case you never bound yourself to anything and go to extremes. Due to your regular eating habits, you might even face the problem of insomnia. It’s recommended to have a heavy breakfast before you go off to work. Keep a check on the number of teas and coffee’s that you drink in a day.

Taurus: Only a few can match the good health of the Taureans. You may be strong and robust but you might not remain fit physically. Many a times you tend to gain extra weight because of your habits of eating extra. Your weight might create some problems for your health. You have a lot of different tastes in your mouth because of which you are also called an aficionado of different cuisines. You might also go for a career as a chef. Taureans are known for their strong will power, but when it comes to eating, you cannot resist the tempting aroma of well-cooked food. Taureans believe that they live to eat and so never ever compromise with their eating habits. But just don’t expect to remain slim with such good eating habits. You can only remain thin if your family does not coordinate with you by providing you all the delicious food.

Your sun sign makes you a sensuous person. For you it’s very easy to gain weight but you need nuts to shred it. You rarely put in efforts from your side to reduce your weight. Few of you might go for physical exercises that can then help you in keeping fit. You are blessed with abundant energy because of which you tend to choose laborious activities that help you in shrinking your weight. Singers and painters are born under this sign. Your greatest area of concern is your throat. Be careful with the tonsils and other glands. The best way to maintain good health is to cut down the intake of calories. You don’t need to go on for dieting but try to cut off fatty food from your diet. You are also fond of sweets and it might become difficult for you to give them all at a go. Try to intake sweets only in a limited quantity. Exercises, especially for your waistline are a must for you.

Gemini: You are the lucky species who tend to lead a healthy life with sound health. You have a nervous, busy temperament and always involved with work that requires more mental strain than actual physical labour. The nervous energy of the Gemini helps them accomplish a lot of things in life. Your mental strain can make you feel exhausted. You normally lead a healthy life but don’t make this as an excuse of not taking any physical exercise. If you see someone going through files and business reports while commuting by train or car, chances are that this person is Gemini-born. Your own lifestyle can irritate you sometimes. You can ruin your health by worrying a lot over small things. A little exercise and rest can keep all the disease away from you. Your nervous system is a point of concern and it may require medical attention. You immediately rush to the doctor even for minor ailments. You can believe that the medical pills can make you feel good and it isn’t necessary to rush to the doctor every time. Most of your health problems will go down by taking adequate rest. Don’t miss the excitement after your busy day and take complete rest on the bed.

You are a party animal and are able enough of managing all the party arrangements in a single day. You love to enjoy with yourself and your favourite past time is eating. Due to your occupation you get around so much that you have sampled a lot of different cuisine. You always have the latest news in context with the food. You continue with your drinking habits in spite of knowing that it can damage your nervous system. Women born under this sign are always nibbling at something or the other. You love to have spicy food and so suffer from indigestion problems. Regular exercise, regular meals and rest, will keep you healthy and fit. Have a light breakfast in order to stay energetic throughout the day. You also need to learn the sessions of relaxation.

Cancer: People with this sun sign are generally active and strong. Here are a few tips if you are subjected to cancer. You contradict your own habits at different times. On one day you are energetic while on the nest day you are quiet and a lot withdrawn from the worldly activities. You are an experienced cook and are fond of eating. Dieting has now become a habit of yours and after much eating for a few days; you go on for a diet to reduce your weight. You are very conscious of your weight and figure and so take all the necessary steps to remain fit and healthy. You always include rice as a part of your diet but this is bad and deteriorates your health. You don’t believe in small doses of drink and when you come up to drinking then you drink like a fish in the water. It has been observed that most Cancerians keep in poor health during childhood, becoming strong and healthy, as they grow older. Your body parts that are prone to diseases include the chest and stomach. Due to your over eating habits you will degrade your body by the time you reach the age of 40. An unhappy love affair is usually followed by an increase in weight. Swimming is a good exercise for you. You will also be able to stay in shape by meditating. Your ruling planet is the Moon and so you might suffer from regular phases of depression. Worrying can be the chief cause of all your problems. Due to your fondness in dairy products, you are able enough of digesting a lot of milk and cheese. Fresh fruits are your weakness. Try to avoid bananas or dry fruit in your diet. Your basic interest lies in a good night’s sleep. Try avoiding liquid diet in order to shrink your stomach. Fresh fruits are your weakness but them in more quantity so as to make them your strength.

Leo:  The lions are aggressive, energetic, and sometimes high-strung. A healthy life lead by you keeps you slim trim. Don’t eat extra as being overweight can create problems for you. Leo always rules the spinal column, dorsal vertebrae and the aorta, and this sign generally influences the bones in our body. You are a disciplined man with a proper schedule for all the things of your day to day life. You have an inborn immunity to various diseases. In your eating habits it has been noticed that you are more impressed by the company and surroundings than with the food itself. Yu love to go with your colleagues on lunch and also on dinner. You are also very fond of soups. Your body mechanism allows you in digesting all the food very fast. You need to eat a lot of water and that too especially during summers. This will help your skin glowing and also help in good digestion. Make it a habit of drinking at least 7 to 10 glasses per day. You eat in a limited quantity which restricts you from going fat. You have the power of burning food into energy and hence you must never skip your meals and take regular nutritious diet. You eat well when you are with good friends and also in good surroundings. Try to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in your house as it will then keep you away from all kinds of worries. You have the strength and stamina of an athlete. In contrast to Leo males, you have a great appetite and you really like to indulge yourself. Avoid smoking and drinking as much as you can or it can affect your health. Milk products are good for breakfast while in lunch you must take only a limited diet. Eat healthy so that your blood pressure remains normal which in turn keeps you healthy and fit.

Virgo: After the Cancerians, the Virgoans are the healthiest of the lot. They maintain their good health by being extra cautious in their eating habits. You have also got in depth knowledge of diet and so people can surely discuss with you the topic of dieting in depth. You can also go for a career in hotel management or catering. Other than this profession, people from other professions will have keen interest in cooking and partying. It is believed that if a Virgoan is looking after food arrangement you can be assured not only of a good supply of eatables, but of a healthy diet. Food means nutrition to you. Most of you are vegetarians because you know that non-vegetarian food can damage your digestion system in the long run. Try to balance your diet with milk products and nutritious food. What is important to you is simple food, rich in protein. You may be prone to go on crash diet sometime.

Though you normally lead a balanced life but you occasionally over-indulge yourself in food and hence have to suffer the consequences. The only case when you fall sick is due to over eating. Stomach and the nervous system are your weak points. Over reacting in situations can often cause hypertension. Those who have Virgo afflicted in their birth chart are short-tempered, irritable and discontented. You must have a lot of exercise more so if you are living in an urban environment. Do take time from your work to go on holidays as it will make you feel relaxed. Women born under this sign lead a very active life. Virgoans even when suffering from minor illness likes to exaggerate their troubles. In taking more amounts of proteins and calcium can have adverse affect on your health. Avoid frequent late night dinners and try involving proteins in your dinner.

Libra: You love all the good things that come your way. You hardly take a balanced diet and so your health moderately remains good. You believe yourself as a strong and energetic person but you are actually of a very delicate constitution with low resistance power to infectious diseases. This sign also rules the lower abdomen, and the sexual organs in the case of females. Female Librans could suffer from gynaecium complaints due to an irregular menstrual cycle. You are a sensitive person and by not keeping your emotions under control, you can actually welcome some health problems. You surely have got some good cookbooks in your library.

You have diverse tastes and hence love to go to restaurants that have a lot of choices. You might also go to a friend who cooks a variety of wishes. You take enough time for yourself in order to enjoy food and drinks. You must have ample time to sit and savour your food. Those with a busy work schedule would rather skip meal than have it in a hurry. Many of the Librans love to live on fresh fruits and as a result they have a fresh glowing skin. Heavy intakes of milk products keep then active always. You do not only like to eat well cooked food but also to serve you that food in the best way possible. You always want a sweet dish to be there in your menu. You might also suffer from tooth problems due to excessive intake of sweets. You do take physical exercises in your schedule but you avoid taking complete rest and sleep. Try to lead a balanced life. Excess in anything is bad. This cannot be truer than in your case. You even go to extremes in your likes and dislikes. It has been noticed that you eat good and also stay happier when in love.

Scorpio: You are very active and generally remain healthy also. Scorpians are very weight conscious and are rarely fat. Females under this sun sign are slim and energetic. Some of your internal health problem may be the reason if you are gaining weight suddenly. Men with this sun sign have a heavy built and follow a strict physical discipline. You relish sweets and drinks but on the same side keep yourself restricted from them to a normal amount. You burn up your body fat fast because of you slog a lot but still don’t eat much and that is the reason of your slim waistline. Women with this sun sign are proud of their flat stomach. You can engage yourself in such a delightful pastime, as eating pastries, having ill effects on your health. It has been noticed that Scorpio-women are fonder of eating than males born under this sign.

It is important for you to keep your nature cool and calm because taking tensions can develop diseases in you. It has been noticed that in times of emergency you not only manage to keep your cool but continue to eat and sleep as per your regular schedule. You don’t like yourself when you are sick and so if you are stuck in a prolonged illness then that may cause an emotional havoc with you. Scorpions are said to stay healthy by the extreme will power. You are capable enough of linking your body and soul. As long you remain happy from your soul, you will also be able to show your smile to the world. At work, you might have to suffer on health front because of some tensions. Eggs and other milk products make a good proportion of your diet and hence you must try including them in your meals. A protein rich dinner and nutritious breakfast will fill you with all the energy required to perform daily activities.

Sagittarius: People under this sun sign have good bodies though they may not be in well proportion. You love to eat because of which you keep on with your small diets in regular intervals. You don’t have a fixed time of having your diet. You have a tendency of putting on weight in areas such as buttocks and hips. Your bright personality makes you feel extremely healthy. It is very likely that the nature of your work requires more of mental activity than physical labour, but that should not stop you from taking physical exercise. It’s not always good to have medicines in all minor or major ailments. You must consult a doctor before taking many medicines. Medicines without the consultation from a doctor can affect your health. You have been inclined to exotic dishes, something like the Mughal prince’s favourite dish. It’s good for your health to have fruit extracts in the morning as well as in the evening. There are absolutely no problems in having food but do remember to take them in moderate quantity. Females under this sun sign must keep a watch on their weight after the age of 18 or you will find yourself overweight after some time. Being conscious towards your body posture can make you lead towards a thin waistline while ignoring it can make you gain fat and expand your waist. You must learn to eat different things and also develop a habit of eating less. You might feel a bit hungry but it will eventually lead you towards a perfect healthy body. Set regular meal timings for you and stick to them. Plan your meals in such a way that they include proper nutrition. Going out for long walks will be very good for your health. You will remain in the peak form of your health by devoting some time towards it.

Capricorn: You have an earthy appetite and a discriminating taste. You have a practical mind and so you like to take care of your health. Quite a few of you are likely to suffer from indigestion, or other abdominal complaint. A common injury in the lives of Capricorns is dislocation of the patella bone. Pain in the wrist and in the back can also disturb you. Saturn planet is the ruler of this sun sign and thus it can cause you some troubles like cold and nervous tensions. Constant worries due to work or family can disturb your digestive system. You try your level best to take all your meals in proper time. Those of you who are used to having bed-tea are not content with just two cups. Not only that, you like to munch quite a few biscuits while sipping endless cups of tea. After reaching your office, you are likely to eat something along with coffee. Though you do not do much physical labour, the nature of your work could leave you exhausted by lunchtime. After the hard work, you then again get an excuse for having snacks with tea in the evening.

You must organize your eating habits or you will make yourself land in a lot troubles. You must learn the importance of exercise in your life. You are a sensuous eater and anything, which looks attractive, or smells delicious, will excite your hunger. You might need to face problems after a certain age if you do not continue with your exercises. Jogging or brisk walking can keep you in good shape. It generally has been observed that the Capricornians live a long life, free from serious health problems. Avoiding much of spicy food from your diet is the key to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Aquarius: Aquarians are overall tall and thin. The presence of planets in your sun sign at the time of your date of birth can make a lot of difference in your physical appearance. You have less interest in eating as compared to the people with other sun signs. If you love to have fruits then you can go for apples, peaches, and pineapples. An Aquarian does not easily puts up weight because of their consciousness over food but once they gain weight, they almost forget to lose it. You are prone to diseases such as toothache or ear troubles. You easily get depressed due to tensions on your side. You have to watch your blood pressure. Have a blood count done frequently. You can be rigid and unreasonable when it comes to health care. It appears you do not care much about your health. When you are ill, someone must be there to force you for taking medicine. You are an early riser who wants to have bed tea but try replacing it with fresh fruits and a glass of juice.

You do not like formal dinners and rather want to hang up with your casual friends. The best way to make you eat your meals properly is to serve you food in courses. Make sure that the quantity is in a limited amount. You have disciplined eating habits due to which you will never fall sick. You must start on with some regular exercises so as to remain fit.

Pisces: This is the last sign in our list but surely not the last one on the health chart. You like to spend time with someone who himself is fond of eating. You skip your meals quite often but it can hamper your health and rather than skipping complete meals you can take your meals in a small amount. You are not the type who eats to live but the one who lives to eat. Someone must plan an elaborate menu for you. The more the effort put to making a dish, the more you enjoy eating it. You are always on the lookout for a good eating establishment and drive out to one during weekends or holidays. Pisceans are also well known for their ability to search out new restaurants. It might also be a dull routine for you to visit the restaurants daily. Your sun sign is the water sign which makes you fond of drinks. It can also make you prone to gastric problems. You are easily susceptible to diseases in ankles and feet. Rather than going for fashion, you go for feasibility and comfort. You are an emotional type of person who gets hurt very easily and this can affect your health also. It is preferable for you to stay cool headed and avoid all the tensions. Getting up early in the morning will also give you enough time to enjoy your bath. Pisceans can spend hours under the shower. This actually relieves you from all the tension. Skipping your lunch won’t be a problem if you opt for juice and some fruits in the lunch. Pisceans love fine wines and appreciate them better if served with a good meal. You want a variety of dishes to be kept in front and then it doesn’t matter if you eat all of them or none. Going out for a light and slow walk along the road side will help in easy digestion of the food and hence will keep you fit.

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