Golden Ingots

According to the tradition rules of Feng Shui, golden ingots are considered to be the most auspicious way to attract wealth. They are considered as the potent symbols to attain wealth. Apart from this the shape of the golden ingots is oriental in nature that looks truly beautiful. The Chinese tradition the people truly put faith in having this piece of ingots in their homes, shops or business premises as it can assist in achieving status and wealth. The Feng Shui items are perfect and a must in house, shops or business premises so that one can attain wealth, prosperity and good fortunes in their life. Having this item creates abundance and easy life. 

Significance of Golden Ingots

  • Having Feng Shui in homes, shops or business premises is considered to be the luck thing
  • The Feng Shui Golden Ingots have the ability to destroy negative vibes that put tracks for incoming wealth in your life
  • The oriental nature of the golden ingots helps your life to create balance, success and harmony in all endeavors
  • The beauty of the Golden Ingots create peaceful and blissful ambience so that incoming of wealth in your life becomes easy
  • One needs to put deep faith so that they can achieve good status and wealth in the society
  • According to the Chinese tradition, placing money and gold items to display is considered to be lucky in the shops, business or home premises

Where to place

  • Place Golden Ingots in a secure and safe place so that they can shower good blessings on you.


Do try to keep your Ingots clean and shiny. Do not let any dust accumulate on it.

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