The word Gemstones generally bring the image of beautiful colourful stones in our mind. Some people use the gemstones as ornaments while others use it with planetary implications.

A gemstone is basically a rock or mineral that can be used for jewellery purposes. A natural gemstone is something that is acquired naturally from the earth through mining. On the other hand, the gemstones that are manufactured by individuals in the laboratories are called synthetic gemstones and they cost less. There are various kinds of gemstones available in the market and some of them are discussed below.

Premium-Red Coral-5.25 ratti: This stone should be decorated on the ring finger on a Tuesday morning. The following mantra should be recited before wearing the ring- “Om kraam kreem kraum sah bhaumaya namah”. In case of positioning it with respect to your stars, you must consult an astrologer before wearing it.

Popular-Pearl-5.25 ratti: This gemstone helps you in controlling your mood swings and also brings you good luck. It should be worn on the little finger and the following mantra should be recited before wearing it-“Om shraam shreem shraum sah chandramasay namah”.

Popular-Zircon-3.25 ratti: This stone shines like a diamond. It is also said to enhance your beauty. It is widely used as jewellery as it is also used as a ring stone. It gives added popularity in social circles and appreciation by members of the opposite sex. It also improves your prestige among the society. It can be worn in the middle finger on a Friday morning and the following mantra should be recited before wearing it-“Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namah”.

Popular-Yellow Saphire-3.25 ratti: This gem acts like a mental tonic and also confers dignity. You often get innovative after wearing this to also learn the art of controlling your anger. It can be worn on the index finger and the following mantra must be recited before wearing it- “Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Brihasptaye Namah”.

Each natural stone takes millions of years to form in the earth’s crust. Either they appear on the surface of the earth after a certain period of time or they are obtained through mining. Their value is also determined on the basis of rarity and durability. One can choose from a wide variety of colours and textures. But before buying any stone you must verify its authenticity, as it is difficult to differentiate the precious and semi-precious gemstone with a naked eye.

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