Fuk Luk Sau

Fuk Luk Sau, also known as Fu Lu Shou, represent the three most important Feng Shui Gods of health, wealth and happiness. Since, they are not actually Gods, but symbols of divine star constellations equipped with divine powers; they are not worshipped, but only installed as auspicious

They respectively represent for the much sought-after attributes of prosperity, power, and longevity.
stands for happiness, especially family happiness and love, indicating good fortune, blessings and happiness. Fuk is represented as an old man wearing a red-colored dressing gown, holding ingot and Ru Yi, which is a Chinese scepter. This star constellation determines the aspects of wealth, affluence, good luck, and success in life.

The “Luk” stands for the aspects of authority in life. Holding a gold ingot or wealth symbol, Luk is known as a wealth god. He symbolizes power, authority and wealth. In Chinese traditions, Luk is also portrayed with a heavenly scroll in his hand. In some portrayals, he is shown with a child in his hand. 

The “Sau” stands for long life and healthiness. In Taoism, life is everything, without which, nothing is left. So the longevity is overwhelmingly valued. He is represented as an old man with a convex forehead, long white beard, and white hairs, holding a bottle full of nectar in his hand, which conveys about his powers of conferring long life. He helps one in overcoming the negative attributes of greediness, selfishness, and negative thinking. 

In Feng Shui Fuk stands in the middle, Luk stands on the right side of Fuk, and Sau stands on the left side of Fuk. However, you might not necessarily found them in the same way in all sculptures.

Where to place

Commonly referred to as the Gods of Blessings, Prosperity and Longevity, Fu Lu Shou are placed at living room, dining room, reception area, wealth corners, lobbies, dining table, reception table, or any table placed in the living room of your house, or in your office or workplace. You may also place them at the back side of your car, as doing so will ensure safety while travelling. However, do not place them in kitchen, bedroom, or toilet area, as that is considered to be inauspicious.
Ensure to place them at a height of at least 3 feet above from the ground. It is also believed that if you prominently keep the Fuk Luk Sau in a main room of your home, such as the living or dining room, they will bring unity to your family and endless good fortune to the residents of the house. 
The placing of especially energized, Fuk Luk Sau is also very effective in a office, but it must be placed behind your work desk or working area. 
Together, Fuk, Luk and Sau are a very strong power attracting a combination of wealth, health and prosperity.


Do try to keep your Fuk Luk Sau clean and shiny. Do not let any dust accumulate on it.

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