Fruits Astrology

You won’t realize this fact but actually the fruit you eat, reflects your personality. It tells about your inner soul and also about your outer self. Here are some of the fruits based on your personality. Choose the fruit that suits your personality in the best possible way.

Apple: This is a very common fruit among the crowd but if this is your favourite one then you probably are a bit extravagant and an outspoken person. Though you are not the best organizer but you are surely a good team leader and love to take things a step further from where they are. In tough and difficult situations, you have the ability of taking quick decisions. Travelling is your passion and you enjoy doing it for most of the time. You gain a charming personality whenever you are with your partner. Moving on in life with full enthusiasm is the demand in today’s era and this is what you do.

Cherry: Life is not so sweet for you if cherry is your favourite fruit. Ups and downs have now become a part of your life, especially in the professional front. You just settle down with small chunks of money when you can make lump sums in certain situations. You have a great imaginative power and your creative nature makes you popular among the group. You find it difficult in expressing your feelings to your partner but you are always a sincere and a loyal partner. You have made an atmosphere like heaven at your home and you love being surrounded by your family members and also by your partner.

Mango: Your favourite fruit mango makes you a tough man to be handled by others. You are fixed at your thinking and so it becomes very difficult for anyone to influence you. Your likes and dislikes are a bit different from others and you go at extremes in handling any situation. In the end of the situation, you always get good results. You love to accept mental challenges and are always up to them. You have a strong personality around the society but with your partner, you are a small kitten listening properly to your partner. You gather all the strong will necessary from elsewhere to accommodate the love of your life.

Banana: The fruit banana gives you a soft and gentle personality. You are a bit sympathetic and warm by nature. A bit timid by nature and also a bit low in self-confidence, you often feel low because of your personality. People often take advantage of your sweet nature. You respect your partner in all ways possible whether physically or mentally. You have made your relationship a very successful one because of your personality.

Peach: You enjoy the fruit peach and also the juice of life. You are very frank in the crowd and so are also good at making friends. This frankness adds up to your charm. You have set high values for your friendship and other relationships. The tendency of forgiving and forgetting quickly helps you regain all your relations. The ambitious power in you helps you go much further in life. You are the ideal lover and very passionate about your love. You like to keep your relationships a bit personal and do not to show off in the public.

Papaya: You haven’t made fear as your weakness and so you are truly fearless and take whatever comes to your way. Before doing anything in life, you first give it a thought, note down the pros and cons and then go ahead. Your good sense of humour makes you remembered by almost everyone you meet in your daily life. You are a go-getter in your professional life, and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. You are fond of exploring new things in your life and like to meet new people. This makes a large social network of yours. People with opposite sex get attracted to your charming and frank personality. You simply love the things happening in your life.

Orange: If this is your favourite fruit, then you tend to have an enduring patience and willpower. You are a perfectionist and take time to complete things but once you do it, no one can do it better. The hard work you put in also helps you a lot. You are a bit shy by nature but are also very reliable and trustworthy among your friends. You are not with your partner just for a fling but you love them from the bottom of your heart. You don’t want to get into a conflict and try avoiding it at all costs.

Pear: You initiate a particular task with full enthusiasm but the enthusiasm level drops slowly as you move ahead and this makes a bit difficult for you in finishing the desired task. Don’t just work for a task but also look for the result you were expecting from it. You enjoy putting up your knowledge in group discussions as it gives you mental stimulation. You tend to be a restless and high-strung person, and are easily excitable. You make friends easily but it then becomes very difficult for you in maintaining it. You need to care for your friends without any selfish reason.

Pineapple: If your favourite fruit is pineapple, then you have quick decision making power and you act on your decisions quicker. If you look a career change as an advantage then you immediately go for it and don’t wait much. Your exceptional organizing skills make you stand out of the crowd. You are honest and sincere in all your dealings. It becomes a bit tough for you to make friends initially but once you make them, you keep them for lifetime. Your partner is often impressed with your sterling qualities but disappointed in your ability to show affection.

Black Grapes: This fruit makes you a polite person by your speech. A good thing about you is that your anger cools down at the same speed with which it gets flared up. Beauty in all forms attracts you, whether they are people or any beautiful object. Your warm nature makes you popular among your friends. You like to enjoy every bit of your life, right from getting up to doing your work or enjoying with friends. You keep your partner always in a happy mood either by giving them rare surprises or by taking them to small outings.

Custard Apple: You are a bit conservative type of person who does not like to mix with the crowd very easily. You even become sensitive over small things. You are very thoughtful in nature and so you never hurry in anything you do. You take your time in whatever you do and do it to the perfection. You are good in working with numbers and are also very ambitious. Finding fault in others have become your hobby now. While looking for a partner, you’ll prefer the knowledge and inner self rather than going for beauty. Demonstrating affection for others is not an easy task for you as you are quite shy.

Coconut: All the coconut lovers are very serious, thoughtful, and reflective. You enjoy every company you are in. You tend to be a bit stubborn at times that make you move a bit far from your friends. You ensure that you are right on top of any given scenario, especially at work and your alertness makes you do so. Beauty is not everything for you and you simply want a person with brain. Thought the combination of beauty with brain is the best for anyone but still you prefer brain over beauty.

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