Fengshui in your Car

A vehicle has become a necessity for the modern living these days. It is one important aspect of our life that we cannot afford to do without. “A luxury Car” is a dream for most and people do every bit to take care of it. But how often, any of us has ever thought of applying the fengshui rules to this gadget of our living. The car that you buy creates an overall impression to others and also impacts your own energy.

Some people spend an important part of the day in their car and hence it is often considered as their second home. Thus, it would be right to say that balancing the energies inside the car holds significance. These energies are developed, nourished or harnessed by the elements inside the car. We need to manage the positive and negative qualities of the elements so as to create positive energy. If these energies are negative by any means, it does not only affect your.

The first rule that Fengshui suggests is to keep your car clutter free and for that you need to regularly clean it. Clutter inside your car might be invisible to others but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect you. Clutter in any form creates negative energy and can harm you adversely.

While purchasing a car, the colour of the car plays an important role. Some people simply go with their favourite colour, while others mull over colour choices by considering factors such as climate, type of vehicle use, or the most practical choice, going with what is least likely to show dirt. Fengshui also suggests to look for auspicious colors for you based on your Kua Number and Bagua frame.

The air inside the car should be kept fresh as outside pollutants can create negative impact on your car. If you are a less time user then it is not a major issue but if you use it frequently then cleaning the air is very important. You can open the window if the weather outside allows you to do so and in other cases you can even use an air purifier for your car. Different oils are available now days that are capable enough of keeping the air fresh.

It is very bad from feng shui perspective to cover your rear view mirror with images as it distracts your attention while driving. Windows of the car are considered to give you the view of your path and hence it is always better to keep them clean so that the visibility is always good. Also remember to maintain your car very well and that too regularly. You need to check the electric system of the car. The air conditioning system is of utmost importance during summers. It is the respiratory system of the car and it always good to keep it effective. The doors of the car should not create any noise and must open freely without any struggle.

Water is considered to be the best element for the car and so it is always good if it flowing smoothly. There should always be a bottle of water in the car as you never know who goes thirsty. The water is also said to absorb all the negative energy from the car.

Hanging crystals in your car is said to bring in positive energy. Crystals can also help to break up and disperse stagnant energy. Remember to keep your crystals clean. This is also a great idea however do not hang a crystal larger than 10mm from your rear view mirror. Anything larger looks like a big disco ball hanging there, swaying back and forth causing the drivers around you to go blind when the sun hits it.

It is even preferable to place fluffy cushions or blankets in your car to help balance the hard, yang energy of the road with a calming, comforting energy of the car. It should be noted that a blanket is a necessity if your dogs travel with you or for emergency situations if you live in a colder climate.

You can use music to set the mood to relax on a long drive. Remember loud, aggressive music encourages aggressive driving and so avoid it. If you have a personal connection with your car then you can even give it a sweet name. Parking your car is also a technique. The car should be parked by facing it away from home rather than facing it into the house. The car actually creates a sense of negative energy that is better to be avoided all the time.

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