Fengshui and Electronics

In recent times, electronic devices have been unavoidable in our lives. Many of us are such obsessed with our electronic devices that we do not want to be without our favorite device for an hour even. We need those devices in our everyday life as these modern devices are quite essential for our daily work. According to Feng Shui, electronic devices emit energies that might counter the positive energies present in your living rooms or bedrooms. It is very important to place these electronic devices in their exact locations so that they could hamper you the minimum.

You should always try to keep the electronic devices out of your bedrooms as bedroom is a place for relaxing and resting. If negative energy surrounds you in your bedroom, you would not be able to reenergize yourself even after having an adequate amount of rest. If you are using an electronic alarm, better to avoid it and use wind-up clock.

Placing a computer in your bedroom is strictly avoidable as it disturbs you while taking rest and it also emits a good amount of negative energy. If you do not have an extra room to place your computer and you are bound to place it in your bedroom, you can cover it with clothes during night time and avoid using it during your resting hours. If you have to place your computer in your bedroom, place it in such a way that the monitor does not face the bed. You can use flat monitors instead of older CRT style of monitors as it would have less mirror-like effect on the room you stay in.

Keeping television in your bedroom is not a good idea either. If you have placed your television in the bedroom, make sure you switch it off when you go to sleep. It would help you complete your rest without any disturbances. Televisions also create disruptive energy and may hamper your health if used randomly. Do not watch violent shows before going to the bed as it may have negative impact on your mind.

You should avoid placing electronic devices in your living room or family room if you use these rooms for relaxing activities such as reading or conversing with family members. You can always have the electronic devices in your gaming room or you can design an entertainment room for the same. Try to make other rooms free of electronic devices so that you can reap the benefits of the FengShui tips.

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