Fengshui and Doors and Windows

In Fengshui, the windows of your house are the eyes of your home. The doors are the “mouths”. Windows allow you to look out, and breathe in Chi, or vital energy. Windows also let in the welcome warmth and sunshine – the Yang Chi. If you have a room that has too much yin and is dark, foreboding, and depressing, install an extra window if possible, or make an existing window opening larger. If renovations to your windows are not possible, you can paint the room sunlight yellow or hang a mirror opposite a window to “create” another window. Other enlivening elements include bright colours, lights, crystals, flowers and plants. Wherever possible have two windows that open in each room. From a practical point of view, this creates cross ventilation and a more even distribution of light and Chi.

Making sure that your window coverings, plants or ornaments screen the inside of your house is also important as privacy is vital to a sense of wellbeing. If there are pointy rooftops, corners or building etc facing the house then it is best to place a plant, vase or statue on your windowsill to help prevent the negative Chi from entering your house. The very best cure is an octagonal Bagua Mirror which will bounce the negative energy away from your home. Having a good view is also even better Feng Shui as it not only serves to increase the value of a property but bring about Sheng Chi. Planting some colourful flowers, creeping vines, or shrubbery along a blank wall outside of your windows helps in reducing the negativity produced by a blank wall. Installing window boxes and filling them with cheery flowers also helps. Decorating your house with pretty curtains and resorting to other smart decorating details can detract even the gloomiest outlook.

If windows are the eyes of your house then doors on the other hand are the mouths of your home. There is generally a suggested ratio of eyes to mouth. Moving objects such as flags, whirligigs etc, sounds (chimes) and color such as a fresh coat of paint or colourful flowers can easily attract people and chi toward a door. Shiny objects also possess the ability to catch the eye of guests too. A fountain outside the door is the ultimate. Notably a red door also is of great use as homes with red doors get broken into much less often than homes without red doors. Also, checking on all doors for squeaks,and stickiness helps in garnering positive energy around. Lastly, anything that does not ­work in your home represents your life as not working hence it is advisable to let go of such things and let all the positive energy be installed inside your house.

The shape, placement, Feng Shui location and overall energy of doors and windows in any given floor plan are all very important for a good Feng Shui flow of energy. The relationship between doors and windows defines the flow of energy, because the function of doors and windows defines the flow of energy, because the function of doors and windows is to channel light and energy. The first big mistake is to avoid the direct alignment of the front door and back door or a big tall window. The principles of FengShui dictate that a space for keeping and nourishing the incoming energy should always be made and the alignment of the front door and the back door hinders in the same.

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