Feng Shui Tips for Successful Marriage

A marital relationship has never been so easy to maintain without any difficulties. It has always been a challenging task to adjust with your partner to maintain a healthy relationship with a lot of love, care and understanding. The effort to make the marriage successful should be undertaken by the spouses. Every relationship requires enough inner strength and ability to progress smoothly and so is a marital relationship. You need to be prompt enough to solve any difficulties coming in the way of a better relationship. Dealing with the problems or difference in opinions can be done in a matured way by keeping your cool. You need to be mentally stable and you have to understand the situation well to find a solution to the problems. It becomes a bit tough to get things right if you get involved in any kind of arguments with your partner regularly.

The ancient knowledge of Feng Shui helps you maintain positive energy around you so that you can deal with any adverse situation arising in your marital life. You may follow the following Feng Shui tips to enjoy a better life with your partner.

  • Your bedroom must have windows for the continuous flow of positive energy into your room. It affects your mental condition to a great extent.
  • The furniture, ornamental flowers and other assets present in the room must be placed properly.
  • Avoid decorating the room with stones in an irregular shape as it might have negative impact on you.
  • Your bedroom should be properly shaped as irregular shaped bedrooms are believed to be unlucky for newly wed couples. You should avoid triangular shaped bedrooms in particular.
  • You need to know the proper placement of the aquarium in your house as misplacing it might have negative effects on your life and marital relationship as well.
  • The bedroom for the newlyweds should not have too many corners as corners are not believed to be very lucky in Feng Shui.
  • The bed in the bedroom should not be placed between two pillars or under the windows. Avoid placing the bed in front of the toilet, dressing table or mirror as it may cause severe health issues.
  • The ceiling of your bedroom should not be in the shape of a polyhedral.
  • Do not use dark colors to design the walls of the bedroom. Dark wallpapers should also be avoided.
  • Hang “mascot eight treasures” anywhere in your living room as it brings luck and happiness to your house.
  • There should not be columns or pillars in the living room as these bring negative impact to your life.

These tips may help you retain your peace and happiness and fight the problems arising in your marital life. Take every care not to get involved in any kind of spat with your partner.

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